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Summer diet

Summer is the time for outdoor activities and hard work on oneself. The peak of popularity of “weight loss” techniques for men and women. Today about the most effective diets for rapid body shaping in the beach season. It will take only the right products and a little time. For everyone who wants to look worthy in the “sea foam” – three options for the Summer diet.

Principles of diet

Losing weight in the hot season is easiest. At high temperatures, the metabolism of the human body changes, the daily energy requirement decreases (approximately by 5%). In addition, the body constantly loses moisture and is aimed at replenishing this deficiency. Therefore, in summer you feel thirsty and often lose your appetite.

Experts advise not to completely eat the heat, because with the onset of evening coolness, the lack of food, as a rule, is filled with surplus. In order not to pounce on food before bedtime, you need to arrange frequent and short snacks. This builds the entire diet for the summer diet: eat often and little.

Only seasonal components are selected as products for the technique: ripe fruits, fresh vegetables and greens, and berries. All that is needed is plant food that bears the maximum benefit. Therefore, the diet is only suitable for the summer period. In the cold season there is practically no benefit from greenhouse products.

Due to lack of appetite in the summer, it is easiest to spend fasting days. This is a useful event for the body as a whole and for the figure. To arrange fasting for unloading is not necessary. Instead, the summer method provides for a number of mono-diets: each day in the list corresponds to one ingredient.

The portion size is not dictated. One selected product can have your fill. Drinking regimen will depend solely on the needs of the body. To replenish the balance it is recommended to use mineral water, it is possible with gas. In the hot season, along with the excreted moisture, beneficial salts are washed out from the body. A sign of their lack is apathy, nausea, rarely vomiting, and seizures (similar to sunstroke). If this happens, you need to drink plenty of natural mineral water.

It is recommended to exclude from the products everything that is not written in the menu. Strict adherence to recommendations will give better results. From drinks, nutritionists advise excluding coffee, which puts an additional burden on the cardiovascular system. It is easy to replace it with green tea, it tones up and invigorates in the morning as well, and also helps speed up the breakdown of fats.

You will also have to give up sweet carbonated drinks, beer, alcoholic and low alcohol cocktails, store kvass. Such drinks instantly quench your thirst, but subsequently cause an even greater desire to drink. In addition, such components of the menu nullify all efforts in losing weight.

Three options for the summer diet are now popular: 5 days, 7 and 10 days. Happy fans of these techniques have already managed to leave feedback on the positive results. Consider all the options to choose the best.

Diet on 10 days

Those who have already used this technique leave admiring odes in her honor. According to reviews on such a diet, it takes 1 a kilogram per day. That is just a decade, you can reset to 10 kg. It should be noted that the results may vary. Weight loss will depend on the characteristics of the organism, metabolism and initial weight.

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Part of the lost kilograms falls on water, that is, it can quickly return. But, when you urgently need to bring yourself in perfect look – no one cares what went there: water or not water. Vacation is not eternal, but you need to look beautiful by next Monday. To achieve this, the upcoming menu for 10 days must be written or printed to clearly follow simple instructions.

The whole diet consists of a sequence of mono-diets. Each day corresponds to one product. In addition to this ingredient, you can use allowed liquids: unsweetened stewed fruit, juices, fruit drinks, mineral waters, teas. If refusing coffee is not possible, you need to drink it without milk and sugar. In addition to plant foods, there are dairy and meat products on the menu, which will provide a completely balanced diet.

Day No. 1 – Egg. At the beginning of the course, the body will have to be filled with useful protein, any eggs are suitable: chicken, goose, quail, etc. They can be boiled soft-boiled or hard boiled, make steam omelettes, cook poached. Fried eggs are excluded. Those who manage to drink them raw will get the most benefit from them.

Day №2 – fish. The next day will also be filled with protein. This sequence will provide muscle and skin tone. At this stage, you have to cook fish dishes: on the grill, in foil, boiled, steamed. Only meatless varieties of fish are suitable: hake, flounder, cod, pollock, zander, carp, pike, etc.

Day No. 3 – curd. On this day, you need to eat only low-fat cottage cheese with honey. In the summer, it is important to carefully read the composition and expiration dates of the fermented milk product. Also monitor the integrity of the packaging to avoid poisoning, which in the hot season “flourishes.” You can cook calcinated cottage cheese at home from a special pharmacy mix and milk.

Day №4 – meat. It is recommended to use chicken or rabbit meat, these species contain the optimal amount of animal fat, saturate and promote weight loss. The fillet must be cleaned of skin, it is allowed to cook it in water or steamed. For taste, you can add natural spices, but without salt.

Day No. 5 – potato. On this day, supposed to eat jacket potatoes. Due to the calorie content and high starch content, it is better to limit its amount. For one meal, two medium potatoes are recommended, with 4-5 receptions per day. If desired, this component can be replaced with any other of this from the list: vegetables, lean meat, fish or cottage cheese.

Day №6 – meat. At this stage, it is recommended to replace chicken with beef – a first-class source of dietary protein. The meat should be without streaks. It is recommended to boil with spices and eat in small portions throughout the day. However, if you replace this component with rabbit fillet, vegetables or cottage cheese, the results of weight loss do not change.

Day №7 – vegetable. At this stage, it is necessary to fill the body with useful fiber. It is recommended to eat vegetables raw, make salads (you can season with lemon juice), cooked on the grill or a double boiler. But most of all the benefits to the body are fresh ingredients. Best suited: celery, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers.

Day No. 8 – fruit. Unsweetened varieties and species are suitable. These include: green apples, oranges, pear, grapefruit. You can eat them in small portions and alternate among themselves, and salads without dressing will do.

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Day №9 – kefir. For weight loss, of course, the low-fat option is better. But, if on kefir day there is hunger, it is better to take a drink with high fat content. This will help reduce hunger and survive the day without disruption. You can replace it with natural yogurt without additives (Greek or white yogurt).

Day No.10 – unloading. The final stage is very important for the final correction of the figure. This day is supposed to only drink, it is recommended to use a decoction of rose hips. If drinking unloading is difficult to tolerate, it is better to add a few cucumbers or celery, they have a minimal calorie content and quickly saturate.

After the entire decade, you need to gradually return to the usual menu. If at some stage there is a strong malaise, it is better to introduce vegetables into the diet and continue the course on a more balanced diet. True, in this case, the results may be slightly lower than promised, but health is no less important than the figure.

Diet on 7 days

The course for the week is designed for the same rapid mass loss. Reviews of this variant of the diet promise results in minus kg 5-7. The diet is the same as in the previous method, but the diet consists mainly of vegetable food, which is generously summer. In between meals, you should quench your thirst with unsweetened drinks and plain water. You can eat in any convenient mode, the main thing is not to bring hunger.

Menu by day of the week

On the first day, rely any vegetables. It is recommended to choose one type of vegetables and use them as monodiets.

The second day is fruit. You need to choose one favorite option. For example, apples or grapefruits. It is not recommended to use grapes and bananas, as they contain a lot of sugar and do not contribute to weight loss.

The third is berries. They can be combined with each other, not necessarily there is only one variety. Any varieties and types of the season are suitable.

The fourth day – dairy products. It is allowed to eat cottage cheese and low-fat kefir. A day you need to eat about 750 g of cottage cheese and 1,5 liter of kefir.

Fifth – will again consist of a favorite type of vegetable. It is better to choose options with a lot of fiber: carrots, celery, cabbage.

The sixth day will be held on berry mixes, smoothies and cocktails.

The seventh day you need to spend on drinking unloading. Freshly squeezed juices from vegetables and greens, fruits are suitable for this. You can cook in the morning a large portion of berry fruit juice or compote and drink it throughout the day.

The effectiveness of this technique can overshadow even the previous version, since the menu here is less caloric. Even vegetarians can use this option, so there are no animal products in the diet. It is important to monitor your own well-being: excessive fruit acid can cause stomach pain. If this happens, you can replace the fruit and berry days with vegetables.

Diet on 5 days

The diet for incomplete week differs from the previous versions of the diet. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be present here. In addition, the menu is more balanced for each day. Using this technique, you can quickly correct the abdomen and upper thighs. On average, the entire course takes 2,5-4 kg.

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Menu 5-day diet:

  1. Breakfast will consist of slow carbohydrates. Every morning you need to eat 100 g porridge: rice, buckwheat, oatmeal. Rice and buckwheat should be soaked in water for 12 hours. Add 100 g of any vegetables and a cup of green tea to the food.
  2. At lunch, be sure to eat portions of vegetable soup. Best suited cool summer soups: okroshka, cabbage soup, beetroot soup, cold gazpacho.
  3. At high tea there is a glass of berries or a portion of cottage cheese with fruit.
  4. Dinners should be light, consist of fresh or cooked vegetables. Suitable salads, stews, baked dishes without oil and salt. One serving – 200

This version of the diet on 5 days refers to more “healthy” in terms of diet, because it contains more wholesome ingredients in the daily menu. For snacks, you can use vegetable food, low-fat dairy products, some nuts. Summer five days is perfect for a small correction of normal weight. Optionally, you can extend the course for 10 days.

Cons and contraindications to diet

Contraindications for such methods are few, but they definitely need to pay attention to avoid unpleasant incidents. It is dangerous for people with diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, enteritis, ulcers, colitis) to restrict the menu on their own, for which a doctor’s consultation is necessary. Those who have an increased acidity of the stomach to stick to the diet on fruit is dangerous due to the high content of fruit acid.

Pregnant women and lactating mothers should refrain from a reduced diet. Elderly people, children and adolescents (up to 18 years) are also contraindicated inadequate nutrition. Also, such methods are categorically not suitable for pancreatitis, hypertension, diabetes and problems with blood circulation.

The main disadvantage of the diet is heavy addiction. In the ten-day and weekly version, they note the difficulty in switching to mono-diets. The first two days are quite difficult to get used to the monotonous menu. By the end of the course, an increased feeling of hunger is noted. In order not to gain as rapidly lost weight, you need to control the amount of food and after the diet.

It will be difficult to play sports during any summer technique. Energy will not be enough for heavy physical exertion. If the work is associated with such loads, it is recommended to add complex carbohydrates (buckwheat, brown rice, barley) to the menu.

Conclusions about the diet

Despite some drawbacks of the considered techniques, there are still more positive aspects in them. The first and main reason to choose the summer diet is its effectiveness. With comparative ease of compliance, the kilos leave quickly and easily. Slimming occurs in a natural way, since all foods are low in calories. At the same time, the menu is designed so as to fill the body with useful components and not to torment it with hunger.

The absence of rigid frames and microscopic portions is another advantage of this technique. You can eat your fill and not test your stomach for endurance. Vegetables that prevail in the diet quickly and permanently saturate, so you can lose weight with a constant feeling of satiety.

Fiber, which is found in large quantities in plant foods helps to improve the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, losing weight note improvement in health, skin and hair condition. It is very easy to observe because of the natural lack of appetite from the heat. Thus, the summer diet can be easily used to improve the overall appearance and well-being.

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