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Therapeutic Diet №12

The central nervous system controls the work and the relationship of all systems and organs in the human body. Violations in her work cause physical and mental pathology and require mandatory intervention by medicine. Part of this therapy consists of a diet. A Soviet gastroenterologist explained the relationship between nutrition and the development of diseases of the nervous system. Composed by him, the technique was called table number 12 and is designed to minimize the load on the central nervous system.


Clinical nutrition is used for neurosis, neurasthenia, hysteria, catalepsy, eclampsia. Vegetative-vascular dystonia and epilepsy are also caused by disturbances in the nervous system, therefore, diet No. 12 is also applied to them.

With the help of the correction menu, stressful conditions that are especially common among other types of mental instability are treated. This also includes phobias, obsessions and actions, sleep disorders.

The correction of the menu is necessary for the patient, regardless of the severity of the disease: from usual insomnia to epilepsy. Recommendations table 12 can be used by healthy people for the prevention of nervous disorders, insomnia, mood swings.

The essence of therapeutic nutrition

Manuel Pevzner identified a number of products that excite the central nervous system and complicate the position of the patient. Spicy, too salty or sour foods irritate the nervous system, which is already disturbed in patients. The exclusion of these and some other dishes supports the work of the bone and brain, nerve endings. Symptoms of the disease are smoothed, attacks are reduced, the progression of the disease is reduced or stops.

The patient is supposed to eat in small parts, but often. Total per day should be at least 5 meals. The technique proposes to arrange heavy breakfasts, less dense lunches and light dinners. If, before the 12 table was assigned, the patient’s nutrition was very different from the general rules of the methodology, the menu should be adjusted gradually. Sharp transition to a diet can cause additional stress.

From the diet you need to exclude aggressive drinks: coffee, strong green tea, energy, sweet soda. Especially dangerous for disorders of the nervous system is the use of alcohol. Alcohol neutralizes the beneficial effects of diet and medication. It is highly advisable to get rid of nicotine addiction, if any.

The chemical composition of the patient’s nutrition should be balanced. It is recommended to eat 300 g of slow carbohydrates (beans, cereals), 70-80 g of vegetable and animal protein (vegetables, meat, eggs), healthy fats up to 70 a day, especially carefully when cooking food. The amount of salt also needs to be reduced, the recommended rate per day is 6.

Heat treatment should be avoided frying in large quantities of oil. You can bake, boil, steam or in a slow cooker. Food and drinks should preferably be consumed warm, too hot or cold is undesirable for the central nervous system and stomach.

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In addition to nutrition, the patient should drink enough purified water. It is better not to use ordinary sparkling water; periodically it is useful to use water enriched with useful minerals. Caloric intake per day should be no more than 2500 kcal.

Disruption of appetite – a frequent occurrence of failures in the nervous system, the patient may refuse to eat or, conversely, overeat. It is important to ensure that the diet is moderate and balanced. Too little or too much food can interfere with general therapy.

List of products for diet

In order to maintain health in case of neurosis or other disorders, Pevzner recommended adding more fortified foods to the menu. The central nervous system needs all the micro and macro elements, most vitamins. Deficiency of one or more components can be the root cause of the disease.

First of all, the 12 diet excludes products that irritate the central nervous system or do not have any benefit. For the twelfth table are prohibited:

  • hot spices and seasonings;
  • mustard, horseradish, tabasco, hot ketchup;
  • fresh pastries, puff pastry;
  • fried eggs and hard boiled;
  • sweet and sour cheeses and drinks: feta cheese, yogurt;
  • garlic and onions, radishes, radishes, cucumbers;
  • spinach, sorrel, basil;
  • cocoa, black coffee, alcohol, strong tea, sweet soda;
  • salted fish, caviar;
  • chocolate and products with it;
  • canned food, smoked meat;
  • marinades, pickles, fermented foods.

Before buying products, it is advisable to study their composition well, especially sausages, dairy products, desserts.

When building a menu you need to use:

  1. Meat and fish – they need to choose low-fat species. Suitable: rabbit, turkey, chicken, pure fillet of veal and beef, horse meat, hare. From seafood you can use low-fat fish and shellfish: hake, pollock, carp, eel, mussels, shrimp, crucian carp, gobies and others. You can only cook meat and fish dishes in a gentle way: boiling, baking, steamed.
  2. Bread – Yesterday’s Baking Only. Any grades are suitable: white, rye, bran, oat. If possible, it is best to cook salt-free pastries. Yesterday’s pies, unprofitable buns and cookies, biscuits, drying, dry biscuit are allowed.
  3. Dairy products – you need to choose with low fat content. It is recommended to introduce more cottage cheese and kefir into the diet, dishes with them. You can use natural yogurt without dyes and flavors, whole milk, hard cheeses, low-fat sour cream.
  4. Vegetables – except prohibited. Familiar onions can be replaced with leek.
  5. Chicken and quail eggs are allowed in limited quantities. A day relies no more than 2 pieces of chicken or 4 – quail. You can cook soft-boiled, steamed omelets, add to dishes.
  6. Vegetable and butter – should be consumed sparingly. You can use sunflower, olive, sesame, linseed and other types. Butter is allowed only in melted form.
  7. Fruits and berries – it is advisable to choose according to season and place of origin. It is necessary to apply not too acidic varieties: blueberries, pears, apples, gooseberries, etc.
  8. Healthy drinks – coffee should be replaced with less aggressive ones. Teas are suitable: linden, rose hip, sea buckthorn, chamomile. Special herbs are allowed to normalize nervous activity, they can be purchased at the pharmacy. In addition, you can cook compotes, fruit drinks, freshly squeezed juices.
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For epilepsy, vegetative dystonia, bouts of catalepsy and other serious diseases, there is an individual list of the predominant products. Based on the deficiency in the patient’s body of certain components, the doctor can make a list of ingredients that will prevail in the menu.

Proper nutrition for the nervous system

Having a list of products for the table number 12, you can plan the diet of the patient, it is better to make a menu in advance for a week or a few days in advance. As already mentioned, it is important to ensure that food is enough, but without overeating. Breakfast should be the most dense, and dinner should be light. Between the main methods rely small snacks, which are best suited nuts, dairy drinks, vegetables.

Diet Option # 1

Breakfast: wheat cereal with stewed meatballs, vegetable salad, lime decoction.

Snack: biscuits, a glass of milk.

Lunch: cabbage soup with potatoes and tomato paste, bread.

Snack: natural yogurt with fresh blueberries.

Supper: braised green beans, a slice of hard cheese, chamomile broth.

Diet Option # 2

Breakfast: mashed potatoes, steam cutlet, vinaigrette, weak tea with milk.

Snack: tomato juice without salt.

Lunch: soup with rice and chicken, a little sour cream, dried bread.

Snack: drying (100 g) with milk.

Dinner: stewed cabbage rolls in tomato juice, lime tea.

Diet Option # 3

Breakfast: biscuits with pasta from cottage cheese and avocado, a portion of bulgur with mushrooms.

Snack: weak white tea, a handful of dried apricots.

Lunch: white fish ear, rye toast from yesterday’s pastries.

Snack: currant compote, a handful of cashews.

Dinner: stewed chickpeas with a rabbit, rosehip tea.

Diet Option No. 4 – for Children

Breakfast: boiled egg, sweet buckwheat porridge with milk.

Snack: compote with dry oatmeal cookies.

Lunch: thick soup with cauliflower and leek, sour cream.

Snack: salad with unsalted cow cheese, nuts and tomatoes.

Dinner: steamed potato zrazy, compote.

If the diet is used for preventive purposes, you can increase or decrease its calorie content, periodically use prohibited foods. If the diet is prescribed as part of therapy, compliance with all nutritional rules are required.

Additional measures for disorders of the nervous system

The overall health of a person depends on how stable the psycho-emotional system is. It is better to prevent disorders and pathologies in advance, so as not to resort to medical treatment.

The table №12 is applied in case of sleep disturbances, anxiety, feelings of fear, decrease in the ability to work. These conditions can be signs of a deficiency of useful components that a modern person quickly loses.

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Patients with diagnosed diseases and just for prevention definitely need fiber. It can be obtained from fruits, cereals, cereals. It effectively cleanses the body of harmful substances and toxins, the withdrawal of these components improves well-being and appearance, which has a beneficial effect on the human condition. A clean and healthy body is easier to fight with any disease.

For the same purpose, you should regularly drink clean water. It also cleans the blood vessels and cells from waste products, removes excess fluid. You can not drink water with food (and other drinks, too), drink for an hour before bedtime.

If the disease is accompanied by muscle cramps, tic, other involuntary movements, it is recommended to consume more phosphorus. It is found in dairy products, liver, legumes, tongue, brain.

With neurasthenia, increased irritability, nervousness, unjustified attacks of aggression, you need to eat food with magnesium. It normalizes blood pressure and pulse, positively affects the work of the heart muscle. To fill its deficit, you need to enter lentils, beans, chickpeas, buckwheat, nuts, bran into the menu. The cause of the same irritability and seizures can be a calcium deficiency. In addition to dairy products, they are rich in beets, almonds, cabbage, and beans.

To improve brain activity, clarity of mind, memory, it is recommended to introduce food that is rich in iron into the diet. It can be obtained from white cabbage, turnips, seafood, buckwheat, beef. To better absorb iron, you need to add vitamin C to the menu. In addition to citrus fruits, there are a lot of it in berries: strawberries, rosehips, black currants.

After suffering stress, you need to consume more vitamin E. This component supports the work of the brain and spinal cord, peripheral nervous system, and prevents mood swings. It can be found in sprouted wheat, peas, beans, lentils, eggs, nuts.

In light neuroses, hysteria and other functional disorders of the central nervous system, walks in the fresh air are mandatory. With frequent stresses, short-term nervous ticks, aggression, it is recommended to add reading positive books (“Wine from Dandelions” by Ray Bradbury, “Pollyanna” Eleanor Porter, “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson and others).

Conclusion about diet

Diet table number 12 was composed in the twentieth century. Modern psychotherapists and neurologists still use it. It is easy to comply with it, because it does not contain a large list of restrictions, and in contrast to prohibited products, there are still a lot of useful and recommended ones.

With the help of simple nutrition, patients recover their nervous system faster and shorten the period of drug therapy. As a preventive measure, such a diet is recommended for people with hard work, parents of young children (except nursing mothers), after moving and changing jobs, during difficult life situations.

If you notice serious changes in your behavior, mental well-being – do not rely only on diet. Seek advice from a psychoanalyst or psychiatrist.

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