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Therapeutic Diet №15

The fifteenth diet is a balanced, healthy, full-fledged diet. Diet refers to a number of therapeutic nutritional systems developed by the Soviet scientist Manuel Pevzner. With the help of simple rules and requirements, this technique speeds up recovery after diseases, enhances immunity in adults and children, and normalizes weight. Periodically, it is recommended even to healthy people for the prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and heart.

Application of the treatment program

Diet №15, or table 15, compiled by Pevsner for patients during the period of rehabilitation and recovery. In addition to this technique, the scientist has made fourteen other, more stringent diets. Each of them is designed to maintain the health of the patient affected by a particular disease. Table 15 is used before the transition to normal food, after strict restrictions in food.

In resorts, hospitals and resorts to people who do not require a special menu, this diet is shown. A balanced and nutritious diet compensates for the lack of useful components, relieves stress from the digestive system and the cardiovascular system.

The 15 diet is used for the prevention of various diseases. Proper diet strengthens and improves immunity, increases resistance to viruses and fungi, so the body is better opposed to disease-causing organisms.

Calorie intake is common, so a treatment table can be prescribed to people who are prone to overeating and weight gain. Due to this technique, a smooth reduction in mass occurs without loss of useful components and starvation.

In addition, the diet number 15 is assigned after the stresses, during the period of depression, neurosis. The list of recommended products contains names that do not irritate the central nervous system and strengthen the nervous system due to magnesium, folic acid, thiamine.

Rules of the treatment program

The principles of the treatment program are designed to restore the patient after illness and surgery. The purpose of the diet is to reanimate a depleted organism and replenish the supply of necessary nutritional components. The diet of this technique consists of natural foods rich in fiber, vitamins, healthy salts, amino acids.

First of all, you need to balance nutrition. Up to 400 g of slow carbohydrates, 90 g of lipids and 100 g of proteins are supposed to be consumed per day. If the diet is used against the background of excess weight, slightly reduce the amount of fats (lipids) and carbohydrates. Calorie intake should be approximately 2500 kcal.

Dietary ration needs to be structured so that the 4-5 meals are served per day. Breakfast and lunch should be the most nutritious and nutritious, you should eat up to 35% of the daily allowance for lunch, and leave only 15% for dinner. The last meal should occur no later than 2 hours before bedtime. It is recommended that the average volume of dishes, the optimum rate of one meal should fit in two palms.

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The usual amount of salt should be reduced to 15 g per day, it is advisable to salt the food not during cooking, but already prepared dishes. Of spices, it is recommended to give preference to not very sharp so as not to excite the nervous system. Shop sauces and synthetic seasonings must be discarded.

To cleanse the body of excess salts, stagnant fluids, free radicals, toxins, you need to drink enough water. The average rate contains 1,5 liters per day. If the diet is used after diseases of the kidneys or the cardiovascular system, the doctor should establish the rate of salt and water.

To quench your thirst, you can only use clean water. Of carbonated drinks allowed the periodic use of mineral waters with minerals. Packaged juices, sweet soda, energy should be excluded.

It is important to eat only fresh food. It is best if the food is cooked before the meal. Heating of food is allowed only once, even if it was in the refrigerator.

To strengthen the immune system, you can accompany the diet by taking vitamin complexes, brewer’s yeast, herbal decoctions. Apply nutritional supplements preferably only after approval by a physician.

Products for diet

The organization of the diet should include only natural ingredients. It is necessary to abandon all synthetic food, flavors, dyes, fast food. Be sure to once or twice a day you need to eat vegetable dishes, fruits, herbs, berries. Meat and fish products need to choose low-fat species and varieties, they need to use without skin, fascia, tendons.

Recommend to include in food:

  1. Chopped, oat, rye bread. White bread can be used, but in small quantities. It is better to use yesterday’s pastries, dry biscuits, biscuits, gingerbread cookies, dried bread, toasts.
  2. Low-fat meat and offal. Recommended rabbit, turkey, chicken, pure beef and veal fillet. Offal can be used two to three times a week.
  3. Low-fat fish and seafood. All types of mollusks, river and sea fish are suitable. It is important to carefully choose these products and avoid spoiled ingredients, fish from polluted reservoirs, canned food with damaged packaging.
  4. Vegetables and greens. They can be eaten raw in the form of salads or cuts, heat treated. Greens should be used fresh, with dense leaves.
  5. Fruits and berries. They are recommended to eat before lunch, and in the afternoon leave vegetables and protein foods. It is better to choose sweet and sour varieties and types: pears, grapes, apples, raspberries, currants. Berries and fruits can be eaten whole or prepared from them drinks and desserts.
  6. Porridge and pasta. All kinds of cereals are allowed. Pasta and legumes can be added to the diet up to 3 once a week.
  7. Dairy products. It is better to choose low-fat products, without flavors and dyes. You can use cottage cheese, hard mild cheese, sour-milk drinks. The amount of whole milk needs to be reduced, no more than a glass is allowed to drink per day, you can add it to dishes or drinks.
  8. Vegetable oils. Any kind of cold-pressed oils is suitable: linseed, olive, sunflower, sesame. To salad dressings, you can add citrus juice, apple cider vinegar. Garnishes are allowed to use a small amount of butter.
  9. Roasted nuts, seeds.
  10. Natural desserts. Only homemade sweets from the tested components are allowed: jelly, jelly, molasses, nougat, marmalade, pastries, meringues, meringues. Up to 20 g of dark chocolate is allowed. Pure sugar is limited to 2 teaspoons per day.
  11. Healthy drinks. Instead of purchased juices, you need to use homemade compote or fruit drink, it is sometimes useful to cook broths of wild rose, chamomile, linden, barberry. One serving of coffee with milk or cream is allowed, it is better to switch to caffeine-free counterparts.
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Given the wide range of products and dishes recommended by the diet, it will be easy to plan the menu. All natural ingredients have one or another benefit, therefore they are allowed to restore vitality. Excessive drinking in combination with proper nutrition will help to quickly cleanse the body and get rid of ailments.

Prohibited products

The list of prohibited foods for diet No. 15 is not so long. Only harmful components, synthetic components, products that excite the central nervous system are excluded. These include: black coffee, strong green tea, greasy broths and side dishes, spicy, too salty and sour.

In order not to overload the stomach, you need to get rid of heavy animal fats: lard, fat, smoked meats, beef and mutton fat. Lean meat is best boiled or baked, steamed. Fried – must be minimized.

To eliminate toxic effects on the body, you should completely abandon purchased crackers, snacks, chips, peanuts with additives. Sweet soda, packaged juices, kvass, instant coffee are excluded.

For the duration of the diet, you need to abandon store sauces and hot spices. This includes: mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, horseradish, tabasco, turmeric, anise, etc. It is also not allowed to use trans fats, the most common of which is margarine. Avoid foods that include hazardous cooking oils and supplements.

Mandatory requirement for the diet is the rejection of alcoholic beverages. The toxic and destructive effect of alcohol can completely neutralize the beneficial effects of the diet.

Health menu

It is very important that the food is varied. A wide list of allowed products allows you to be imaginative in cooking. Recovery from illness and surgery will be faster if fortified components, plant fiber, protein are present in the diet. An example of such a menu for a week can be taken from medical sites or compiled independently.


Breakfast: pearl barley porridge with pumpkin, tea with milk.

Lunch: soup with lentils and rabbit, rye toast, compote.

Snack: a glass of ryazhenka.

Dinner: stewed Brussels sprouts, steam cutlet, linden broth.


Breakfast: semolina on milk, slices of fresh apricot, tea.

Lunch: vegetarian borsch, buckwheat with boiled mushrooms, bread.

Safe, baked pear.

Dinner: stuffed fish, mix of lettuce and cucumber, compote.


Breakfast: pancakes with honey, weak black tea.

Lunch: pea soup, bread crumbs, pilaf with meat.

Lunch: compote with dryers.

Dinner: chicken in sour cream, squash caviar, rosehip tea.


Breakfast: an omelet with tomatoes, toast from bran bread, coffee with milk.

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Lunch: broth with noodles and veal, millet porridge with dried apricots.

Snack: apple juice, unroasted nuts.

Dinner: stuffed peppers, a little sour cream, chamomile tea.


Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole with raisins, tea.

Lunch: beetroot soup, rice with vegetables, oat bread.

Snack: yogurt with fresh raspberries.

Dinner: mashed potatoes with meatballs, a salad of fresh vegetables.


Breakfast: barley porridge with apple, bread with cheese, tea.

Dinner: soup with meatballs and vegetables, stewed cabbage.

Lunch: compote, seed biscuits.

Dinner: boiled rice, fish with vegetables, fresh pear and apples.


Breakfast: soft-boiled eggs, fresh vegetable salad with greens, toast, tea.

Lunch: mushroom cream soup, steam cutlets with buckwheat, bread.

Afternoon snack: a glass of yogurt.

Dinner: veal, stewed with asparagus beans, jelly.

According to the recipe and method of preparation, dietary dishes will differ little from ordinary ones. Reviews of those who had to comply with this technique at home, noted the ease of compliance. Such a diet menu can be easily applied to all family members for the prevention of diseases and recovery.

The 15 table for children is no different from adult food. A growing body needs to consume more plant foods and dairy products. It is important to ensure that the child eats all the necessary components: fish, meat, cereal. It is not necessary to force him to eat the whole portion, a small amount is enough. If the kid does not like porridge, you can make them sweet, the meat and fish “mask” for an interesting presentation.

Diet 15g

Table 15g – hyponatrium diet. It is used for patients with hypertension in stages I and IIA. In this case, all the rules of the diet and lists of products remain the same as in No. 15, but the amount of salt (sodium chloride) decreases. Additionally, it is recommended to abandon canned food, salted cheeses, sausages, fish roe, salted fish.

All dishes are not salted during cooking, bread and other pastries should be salt-free. The optimal rate of salt for hypertension of such stages is a maximum of 7 grams. The patient receives the amount of sodium chloride in his hands and salts the food as needed.

The results of therapeutic diets

Table No. 15 is appointed for the entire recovery period if it was preceded by a disease. Useful results of the diet can be noticeable after 15 weeks of such a diet.

In the course of the diet, patients completely restore the function of the digestive system, reducing the load on the central nervous system, liver and kidneys. There is a gradual transition to normal nutrition. As a result of this positive effect, the symptoms and effects of previous diseases pass, it is easier to get up in the morning, pressure and weight stabilize.

Proper nutrition improves not only physical health. Reviews note that during such measures, memory and concentration of attention are improved, periodic depressive states pass, and working capacity improves.

Periodically, the 15 diet is recommended for everyone, including adolescents and the elderly. To avoid frequent ailments, weight problems and mood swings, it is best to stick to this type of food always.

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