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Unloading diet

Discharge diets are designed to facilitate the functioning of body systems or its individual organs. Such options have a positive effect on the normalization of metabolism, as well as contribute to the removal of toxins, other accumulated recycled elements. Weight loss in this case is a “side effect”, and not the predominant factor.

Conditional classification

Modern dietetics offers several variations of nutritional schedules based on various healthy nutrients. The most popular solution is protein adaptation, where cottage cheese, meat, fish are taken as the basis.

Those who prefer fruits or preparing to lose weight in the summer, it is preferable to take up the carbohydrate reading. Here fruit and rice-fruit offers prevail.

Despite the stereotypes that fat for slimmers is the first enemy, there are fat programs. They include the use of cream and sour cream. Those who doubt the effectiveness of such unusual systems may prefer drinking regimes. Here, various teas, juices, and decoctions without sugar are at the forefront.

Separately, there are options for people suffering from a lack of any useful trace elements. Especially there are many recipes for those suffering from a lack of magnesium, potassium.

In addition to the classical division, doctors compiled a sort according to the prevailing products. It is this format of classification that became the precursor of vegetarian food as a medical purpose. During such regimes, only food of plant origin is allowed.

On an identical basis, a milk unloading diet was created. It provides milk, kefir, cottage cheese. In total, there are about a dozen different branches based on the presented sorting. But their common property is called inferiority in terms of energy value. The chemical composition of the absorbed dishes is very scarce. From this came the fair assertion that it is better to use such radical methods for no more than a week with long breaks between calls.

Experts do insist that it is better to set aside modified mono-diets aside without any need, using a more diverse table. And even more so to begin to adhere to them without prior consultation with your doctor is not worth it.

Obvious benefits against non-obvious harm

The most significant positive quality of any discharge is the disposal of excess liquid. Along with it, slags, as well as toxins, gradually poisoning the body, preventing normal metabolism to go, go away.

Among other positive aspects, there are:

  • removal of puffiness;
  • decrease in the volume of the stomach;
  • normalization of the digestive system.

Before becoming a supporter of any way to bring yourself to the optimal volume, you should undergo a clinical examination. Even outwardly healthy people can be sick because of the incorrect functioning of certain groups of organs. The list of contraindications includes:

  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • infectious diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • gastritis;
  • ulcer;
  • unstable functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Some beginners believe that it is possible to start a new regimen at any time, but this goes against medical recommendations. First, experts advise to reduce the number of calories consumed. This will trigger an accelerated fat burning.

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Any fasting day, regardless of which product the emphasis is on, has several general limitations:

  • the exclusion of sugar, salt;
  • refusal of artificial spices, purchased gas stations, sauces;
  • drinking at least two liters of purified water per day;
  • crushing food in minimal portions with the ability to eat often.

Most eating habits require at least a partial rejection of carbohydrates.

Mandatory Requirements

Unloading nutritionists call short-term programs, the essence of which is to reduce the consumption of the usual rate of calories. Instead of harmful dishes, low-fat counterparts, natural ingredients that have beneficial properties are welcome.

To push the body to begin to get rid of the accumulated over the years “fat”, you need to create a natural way of energy deficit. It is he who will become the catalyst for the launch of the mechanism of losing extra pounds.

Some lovers of spicy, fast food, spicy seasonings are very affected because of the inability to add the usual additives to the table. Such sufferers will come to the aid of lemon juice and herbs (greens). This will get rid of the monotony, filling the dinner with new taste sensations.

Beginners lose weight often wonder why you need to eat fractionally when losing weight, believing that such a regime means “a lot.” But it is he who contributes to maintaining the feeling of at least relative satiety, which saves from the temptation to break loose.

Brief information

The most popular versions are 3 day and week schedules. The first variation is suitable for those who have slightly recovered after a series of holidays, where abundant feasts have become the main attribute.

There is no need to rely on something more than the loss of three kilograms, but that is usually enough to bring to the former volumes. The simplified three-day methodology is as follows:

  1. First day. Buckwheat groats become a best friend. To preserve most of its beneficial properties, it is better not to boil porridge, and soak in the evening with boiling water. In dry form, the allowable daily allowance should not exceed 250 grams.
  2. Second day. Give yourself a pound of chicken low-fat fillet. It is cooked or baked according to personal preferences without unnecessary seasonings. A few cucumbers and a couple of lettuce will help to brighten up the company.
  3. The third day. Nothing but kefir with a fat content less than 1% is allowed. In general, the “eat” day will have 1,5 l of this drink. To supplement the shaky water balance should be clean water.

So that on the second day the menu did not look too dull, experienced slimming men did something like the optimal layout, providing:

  • breakfast with two fresh cucumbers and 100 of boiled chicken fillet;
  • lunch with 100 g of baked chicken fillet;
  • lunch with 100 of boiled chicken in fresh salad leaves;
  • snack with 100 g remaining baked fillet;
  • dinner with the remains of boiled meat and cucumber salad (no more than two cucumbers), greens.

Because of its severity, the three-day system is in weak demand, because its productivity is not particularly high. Looks much better diet for a week. She is able to please an extended list of permissible ingredients, which at least do not make me sad. It is much easier to lose weight, if it allows not only lean meat, but also vinaigrette, vegetarian borscht, black bread, sour-milk dainties.

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Seven-day winning combination

Different consultants offer their own proven methods of reduction to the desired figure in 7 days. But most of them agree that the method is based on seven different mono diets, which alternate according to a clear lineup. It is strictly prohibited to change it or modify it at our discretion.

We’ll have to forget about the harmful sugar, no less harmful salt, alcoholic beverages. Even a minimal relief threatens to cross out all previously achieved positive developments.

Despite the fact that the sequence cannot be juggled, it is allowed to rearrange the dishes within one day between themselves. It is much more important to ensure that products from different daily groups do not overlap, and also to refuse from overeating.

Starting a diet is determined by the preference for liquid foods like broths. The attention is focused on dairy, fermented milk products. Approximate table looks like this:

  • in the morning a glass of kefir with unsweetened tea;
  • lunch with a glass of unsalted chicken broth;
  • instead of an afternoon snack, a glass of real yogurt made at home;
  • dinner with a glass of skimmed milk.

Shop yogurts with an almost infinite shelf life here are superfluous. They contain an extreme amount of harmful additives that aggravate the picture of the state of health, negating any efforts of the experimenter.

The second day was given under the auspices of vegetables. Raw vegetables, herbs, salads with vegetable oil are featured here. If finances allow, it is better to choose an olive analogue instead of refined sunflower.

Morning begins with a couple of tomatoes. The day continues with a cucumber salad with cabbage, greens, dressed with oil. For dinner, salad is also served, only bell pepper is added instead of cabbage.

The third day is somewhat similar to the first, as drinks appear here. Everyday should start with a milkshake, unsweetened tea. Continue with low-fat milk, chicken broth in the amount of not more than one cup. Evening snack provides nonfat kefir, and at night it is allowed to “eat” milk with minimal fat content.

Thursday implies fruit rhapsody. Fruits are designed to fill the slightly tired body with vitamins, missing minerals. Can do this:

  • a pair of medium-sized oranges;
  • grapefruit, previously purified from white veins leaving a bitter aftertaste;
  • apples;
  • kiwi.

An excellent vitamin bomb can be an exotic salad with an equal content of oranges, kiwi, apples.

Friday will delight all those who are already hungry, as nourishing protein foods will rule the ball. After the rise, eat two boiled eggs, and the snack will delight 200 g boiled fish. It can be replaced with steamed fish fillets, or a slow cooker with the appropriate mode.

At noon, 150 g boiled chicken with 100 g cooked peas are served. An afternoon snack will make 100 g cottage cheese happy with a minimum fat content. Before going to bed, you can enjoy low-fat cheese, but not more than 100.

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The penultimate day is distinguished by severity, because again it is only allowed to drink a glass five times a day:

  • kefir without fat, unsweetened tea;
  • grapefruit juice;
  • chicken broth;
  • milkshake;
  • skimmed milk.

The final stage is aimed at preparing the body to return to the usual schedule. Only now you can mix a few categories. For example, in the morning you can drink a couple of boiled eggs with unsweetened tea, and at work before dinner and after it you can eat your favorite fruit without conscience.

Lunch welcome rice or buckwheat soup. The final meal will be marked by vegetable salad, filled with vegetable oil.

Sloths dedicated

Mono-diets are considered the most brutal way of dealing with extra pounds. Due to the lack of diversity, even volitional people often give up what they started midway, which leads to an undesirable yo-yo effect (return of the lost).

If it is immediately clear to the patient that he has not enough patience to follow the advice all week, it is better to abandon the method immediately. Instead, you can try your luck with a simplified counterpart, involving a breakdown into three equal stages.

Each level is based on the use of products that belong to a particular group. The main advantage of the simplified program is the ability to eat without restrictions on portions, quantity. Since each segment takes little time, getting tired of the menu is quite problematic.

But the rejection of salt, sugar, other additives that improve the taste, still remains in force. As a rule, use two liters of purified water.

The first two days are yogurt. The drink is prepared at home, seized with low-fat cottage cheese. The next stage is already three days old, where buckwheat is the monopolist. The final step allows eating vegetables (potatoes are excluded), as well as all fruits except bananas.

Yield without consequences

After the unloading marathon comes to an end, do not immediately jump on previously unacceptable food. It is better to continue to stick to the main power algorithm further.

Breakfast will be more useful if you start it with tea without sugar, low-fat yogurt. Porridge, boiled in water without adding broth, “chicken cubes”, Smaltsa – the best guardian of slender forms. Lunch should remain hearty, so you should not give up meat. Add steamed vegetables to it. After a while, you can add calories, getting to your usual mark.

In conclusion, it must be recalled that this kind of unloading for the body is the cleansing effect in the first place, and then the coveted weight loss. Without sports loads, any mono-diet turns into slag cleaning, and if it is followed closely by its principles, it is a threat to health.

Therefore, choosing the appropriate option, be sure to consider the individual characteristics of the body, the presence of chronic diseases, the recommendations of the attending physician.

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