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Vegan diet

Vegetarianism in Europe has been very popular since 1860. The grounds for it were purely aesthetic. Already at that time, people began to refuse food of animal origin and not only. Tough exploitation of animals and killing for the sake of wool and skin have been condemned by vegetarians. Over time, milk and eggs began to enter their diet, which before that had also been banned. Opponents of animal violence later introduced even natural furs into their wardrobes. Dietary culture was divided into two camps: old and new.

Dietitian Donald Watson in 1944 took the vegetarian system back to the starting direction. He popularized not only a strict vegetative ration, but also a lifestyle corresponding to it. This ideology has been called veganism and is significantly different from vegetarianism.

Nowadays, this current is widely used for healing, losing weight or, as a matter of principle ideology.

The essence of the vegan diet

Such a food system, unlike vegetarianism, completely excludes what is obtained from animals. Not only meat and fish are banned, but also dairy products, any eggs, fish roe, etc. This is motivated by the fact that the extraction of these products violates the natural life cycle of animals.

As a diet for losing weight, this diet can be observed from one week to a month. The main guideline should serve as well-being and results. If on 20 day the weight does not move any more and the extra kilos do not go away, after another week the indicators are unlikely to change. Such a way to lose unwanted pounds is quite effective in the first two weeks. If you stick to the prescribed menu, you can lose 3-5 kg in seven days.

Positive results depend not only on effort, but also on the original, which the future vegan has accumulated. In this case, the rule works: the more you score, the more you throw off. Thus, a person with a third or fourth degree of obesity may be “not counted” up to 8-10 kg. People with minor weight problems lose up to 5 kg in one week and a few pounds the next.

To consolidate the achieved weights, it is recommended to extend such a regime for at least another five days. Then there will be a gradual exit and return to the usual diet. Some who have tried a similar system, leave it as a permanent menu and lifestyle.

It is worth noting that, from a medical point of view, vegetarianism is much more beneficial for a permanent nutrition system. The fact is that the human body, as a biological mass, does not quite agree with the aesthetic views of vegans. He (the body) needs animal fats and similar foods. Therefore, when it comes to lifestyle, it is better to choose a more gentle option. Although, the rejection of a fur coat and leather boots is only a plus in karma.

For reliable and safe weight loss, veganism is more suitable, of course. This diet is very low-calorie and contributes to the efficient burning of stored fat. You do not have to constantly deal with the feeling of hunger. Fresh vegetables and fruits can be eaten, without significant losses for the figure, as much as you want.

If you need to quickly lose a few pounds (as a rule, this happens before a holiday or competition), you can resort to a strict vegan diet. This option provides five meals a day, according to 250 g for one meal. It should be noted that it is desirable to use this course for no more than a week and only in extreme cases. Weight loss will be 5-7 kg. However, this is due to stress applied to the body.

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The most common branch of this diet is to use only plant foods to fully saturate. It is also forbidden to use convenience foods, fast food and any sweets. Coffee for a vegan is also taboo. You can eat three to five times a day. Last appointment two hours before bedtime. Since all the prescribed ingredients are digested and absorbed much faster than the usual food. Such a diet can be observed longer than a strict one. It is more gentle for the stomach and easier to tolerate. Often they turn to him for healing and cleansing the body.

It is more convenient and cheaper to resort to a vegan menu from mid-spring to late autumn.

Vegan menu for the week

Pre-prepared and painted menu significantly reduces the chances of failures. It is best to write or print a future ration on a sheet of paper for at least a week. So it will be possible to buy the necessary products in advance, and pick up recipes.

At first glance, it might seem that observing this regime will have to give up everything that is really tasty. In truth, few will say that celery tastes better than a juicy steak. And if he says – he is clearly lying. However, the world of plant foods is much wider and brighter if you look at it closely. What is one soya worth! It can replace both meat and fish with the right spices. Tofu cheese, by the way, is also made from it. No one forbade mushrooms either. In addition, there is still a lot of grain for all kinds of cereals.

The first day:

  • breakfast – a plate of oatmeal on the water with raisins, tea (you can green or black);
  • lunch – fruit salad or one large fruit;
  • lunch – vegetable soup, diet bread;
  • dinner – a salad of greens, one orange, cucumber and soy sauce.

Second day:

  • breakfast – bread with homemade pasta made from tofu and greens, tea;
  • lunch – vegetable salad;
  • lunch – cream soup of any vegetables;
  • dinner – baked potato in foil, cucumber or other fresh vegetable.

Day Three:

  • breakfast – fruit salad, tea;
  • Lunch – half a cup of nuts or seeds;
  • lunch – a portion of buckwheat with stewed soy and tomato;
  • dinner – vegetable stew, some diet loaves.

Day four:

  • breakfast – a portion of oatmeal on the water, tea;
  • lunch – one baked apple;
  • lunch – soup with vegetables and herbs;
  • dinner – a mix of fresh lettuce, tofu and orange.

Day five:

  • breakfast – barley porridge with dried fruit pieces, tea;
  • lunch – one large fruit or a handful of berries;
  • lunch – stewed beans or lentils in tomato juice, a couple of bread rolls;
  • dinner – baked eggplant with tofu and celery.

Day Six:

  • breakfast – mashed boiled pumpkin with raisins and walnuts;
  • Lunch – smoothies made from berries and fruits;
  • lunch – boiled rice with corn and green beans;
  • Dinner – a plate of vinaigrette, a glass of acidic juice.

Day Seven:

  • breakfast – a salad of cabbage and carrots with herbs, tea;
  • lunch – a handful of nuts, a glass of juice;
  • dinner – millet porridge with stewed mushrooms;
  • dinner – salad of greens and tofu (can be replaced with boiled soy), non-sour juice.
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Choosing fruits during a vegan diet is best to abandon high-calorie bananas and grapes. It is recommended to give preference to those vegetables, berries and fruits that grow in the native region.

It is necessary to drink plenty of purified water. Liquid helps to better cleanse the body and effective weight loss.

In addition, if you drink a glass of water at approximately equal intervals of time (1,5-2 h), the feeling of hunger is dulled.

Vegan borsch recipe

This version of the common dish is no less tasty than its traditional prototype. Special spice is added to it by herbs and spices, and it is just as satisfying. In general, the use of liquid food every day is a prerequisite for proper digestion and metabolism. This applies to the period of the diet, and to the usual diet.

For borscht need:

  • potatoes – 5-6 pcs;
  • beets – 1 pcs;
  • cabbage – 200 g (quarter head);
  • one medium carrot;
  • onions – 1 pcs;
  • Bulgarian pepper – 1;
  • tomato paste or a few tomatoes;
  • Garlic – 2 cloves;
  • sorrel – a small bunch;
  • basil – 2-3 sprigs;
  • leaf of laurel;
  • spice.

Before starting the main cooking, it is recommended to prepare beets and fry. To do this, onions, carrots and beets need to be peeled and cut (can be rubbed on a coarse grater). In a deep frying pan, fry beets in vegetable oil for 10-15 minutes to a soft state over medium heat. In a separate container, make onion-carrot fry and season it with tomato. If fresh tomatoes are used, they also need to be chopped and fried.

2-2,5 liter of water is poured into the pan. Chopped potatoes and fried beets are sent for cooking immediately. Next, chopped pepper, bay leaf and roast. Everything is cooked for 10 minutes under the lid.

Shredded cabbage is added 8-10 minutes before the end of cooking. Together with it are chopped sorrel (you can frozen) and basil. Borsch is seasoned with hot and allspice and salt, cooked for another 3-5 minutes.

After that, hold the finished dish under the lid for some time to make it infused.

Pros and cons of vegan diet

The diet for vegans has a lot of positive aspects for well-being and appearance. But, like many other types of diets, this one is not deprived of the opposite side and minuses. To accurately decide whether to go to such a diet, you should consider the pros and cons.

The advantages of veganism include:

  1. Comparative cheapness. Even if the diet falls for the winter period or it has become a part of life: cereals are cheaper than meat at any time of the year. Vegetables and fruits can be in the form of home canned. In addition, there are dried fruits, frozen with their own hands or purchased products of plant origin.
  2. Slim figure. Due to the low calorie intake of food, most of the vaginas are thin and overweight do not suffer. Reviews of those who resorted to such a diet exclusively for weight loss – only confirm this.
  3. Cleansing the body. Cereals and vegetables contribute to the removal of harmful substances and toxins from the organs. First of all, it has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract. A proper digestion helps to cleanse the skin and well-being.
  4. General recovery. If you resort to such a diet 2 once a year (for a week or two), you can significantly reduce the risk of stroke and problems with the gastrointestinal tract in the future.
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Among the minuses of the vegan diet:

  1. Lack of protein. Allowed foods have a ton of healthy ingredients, including protein. But, the fact is that this protein is not at all what is in meat. For the same reason, such a diet is prohibited and dangerous for children. Their forming organism needs the entire periodic table, fats and especially proteins for the structure of organs and tissues. In addition, even vegetable protein, following a vegan diet, is not enough.
  2. Vitamin deficiency. It would seem that it is plant food that saturates with minerals and trace elements. So it is, but with some correction. For example, B vitamins, amino acids, iron and calcium are found mainly in dairy products. Having abandoned them, the vegan deprives itself of most of these beneficial elements. Such a shortage in poor condition of hair and nails, sometimes a decrease in immunity, is affected.
  3. Hormonal disbalance. First of all it concerns women. When animal fats are abandoned, their menstrual cycle is often disturbed, the endocrine system deteriorates, and hormone production decreases.

Men also need to be alert. Testosterone mutates into female estrogen in general for any reason. Including with hard diets. The result may be reduced potency.

The main recommendation for the correct gastronomic regime will be to check and consult a doctor. People with problems of kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract and heart is better not to risk health for the sake of a thin waist. Pregnant women, abandoning any component of the regular menu, risk the health and development of the child. Also, during lactation, you should not resort to this method.

Most of the disadvantages of this food system can be avoided if you drink complex formulations of vitamins. And as a lifestyle, it is still better to choose vegetarianism.

Should I choose veganism

Today, there are a lot of recommendations and methods for losing excess weight in the Internet space. You can choose a diet for every taste and “color”. Leading positions among them are those that are based on simple, affordable and low-calorie foods.

Veganism allows you to get rid of annoying roundness without much effort and financial cost. By the way, about the efforts: those who are set for a long-term and more effective result are recommended to go in for sports. At first, it is better to choose light fitness, fast walking, yoga or simple exercises in the morning. Later, when the body adapts, you can increase the load and work out in the gym.

Most of those losing weight, besides their bodies, are also busy with work. And in the workplace, hardly anyone can cook their stew or bake an apple. Therefore, it is easier to cook for the future and more. Braised, baked or boiled foods will stand in the refrigerator of the 2-3 of the day. The main thing is not to hope that among the street fast food there is something useful and low-calorie. If possible, it is better to carry a fresh apple or other fruit with you, in case you are hungry. The same goes for water. A thermos bottle will be your best bet on a diet. So, homemade compote, uzvar or plain water with lemon will always be at hand.

Veganism corresponds to the main principles of the modern diet: simplicity, accessibility, efficiency. Therefore, if there are no contraindications, and the extra weight “is no longer needed,” this power system will be an excellent helper in the fight for beauty.

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