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Water diet

The man on 70-75% consists of water. Water is a universal solvent in which a large number of compounds are in suspension. The predominant majority of chemical reactions occur in a liquid medium, including water. That is why for the normal functioning of the body it is very important to maintain the correct water balance in it.

Diet on the water – one of the fashionable modern diets. The meaning of the water diet is to replenish the tissues and cells of the body with enough water. Its lack is vitally dangerous for humans, so a water diet is not only a good way to lose weight, but also prevent the development of terrible complications.

Basic dietary guidelines

Dietitians are convinced that overweight in many cases appears due to a pronounced shortage of water in the human body. Fat deposits are not only a strategic energy reserve in the human body, but also a source of water: fats (lipids) are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water, thus generating energy.

Normally, subcutaneous tissue adipose tissue contains 12% water. In obese people, its content in fat cells can decrease to 3-4%. Under such conditions, the lipid oxidation process is disrupted and their breakdown is inhibited. As a result, it turns out that the fat is “imprisoned” inside the cells and cannot leave them.

The primary task of the aquatic diet is to supply the fat cells with enough water to start and maintain the breakdown of lipids, as well as to restore the overall water deficiency.

What is dangerous water shortage

Thirst, dry skin and mucous membranes, constipation – these are external signs of dehydration. But they appear when the water balance in the body is already significantly disturbed. The brain suffers from dehydration first: it slows down the transmission of nerve impulses, inhibits inhibition, and disrupts cognitive processes. Other internal organs also suffer: spleen, lungs, heart, muscles, liver. Under conditions of lack of water, the viscosity of the blood rises, which threatens to thrombate blood vessels.

The less water in the body, the lower the volume of circulating blood. Reduced renal blood flow leads to a reflex decrease in urine excretion. As a result, the body accumulates the decay products of various substances, which is fraught with intoxication. The vicious circle closes: the lack of water leads to its reflex delay, and a decrease in urination leads to poisoning of the body with its own metabolites and toxins. To break this vicious circle and the water diet is called.

Weight loss rules

The basic rules for losing weight with water are:

  • in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of pure water (breakfast after that is possible only in an hour);
  • the rest of the daily water should be evenly divided into receptions throughout the day;
  • half an hour before meals drink two glasses of water without gas (it fills the stomach, reducing its free volume. As a result, the appetite decreases and overeating becomes less likely);
  • it is strictly forbidden to drink food during meals (water dilutes digestive juices, making it difficult and slowing down the digestion process);
  • after eating you can drink water no sooner than in an hour and a half;
  • if you wish to eat a “forbidden” product or dish, you need to drink a glass of water;
  • dishes should be salted minimally: salt retains fluid in the tissues, therefore, contributes to their swelling;
  • there are no restrictions on the calorie content of the diet during a diet on the water, but it is still recommended to reduce the calorie content of the diet to 1200-1500 kcal;
  • The number of meals is not regulated, but it is recommended to eat at least 5 once a day.
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Drinking water should be clean, free of sweeteners or other additives. You can’t drink cold water. It should be at room temperature. It is necessary to drink it slowly, in small sips. You can sometimes drink non-carbonated mineral water instead of ordinary clean water. But you cannot completely replace pure water with mineral water: it contains a lot of salts. Stewed fruit, teas, coffee, juices are not considered water.

Useful and harmful products

Strict restrictions of the usual diet during this diet is not. Dietitians recommend losing weight to eat healthy foods, such as:

  • lean meat (veal, rabbit, turkey, chicken);
  • sea ​​fish;
  • dairy products (kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream);
  • cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice);
  • honey;
  • nuts;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit.

Dishes are recommended to be cooked by boiling, baking, stewing, grilling or steaming. It is advisable to consume fresh vegetables. Salads can be seasoned with lemon juice and unrefined vegetable oil.

For prohibited products, the use of which should be reduced to a minimum, and, if possible, excluded from the menu, include:

  • fatty meat and poultry skin;
  • sausage;
  • smoked products;
  • pickles, marinades, sauces;
  • flour products;
  • sweets.

Alcohol during weight loss is strictly prohibited: it stimulates the appetite and increases urination.

Advantages and disadvantages

Water diet has several advantages over other diets for weight loss:

  • excessive drinking restores metabolic processes in the body, promotes fat burning and improves skin condition;
  • the energy value of the diet is sufficient to maintain a habitual way of life;
  • during a water diet, losing weight rarely feels hungry;
  • favorite foods during the diet are not prohibited;
  • diet recipes are very simple and do not take much time to prepare;
  • water diet is a diet for the lazy, because it does not provide for mandatory physical exertion.

Water weight loss also has its drawbacks. The main disadvantage is, first of all, leaching of nutrients from the body. During weight loss, diuresis increases and beneficial compounds are washed out with toxins and slags. That is why during the period of weight loss it is recommended to take tableted vitamins and minerals in order to avoid their deficiency in the body.

Before you start losing weight, all people suffering from chronic pathologies of the digestive and urinary organs, you should consult a doctor about the possibility of losing weight with water.

Sitting on a water diet is not recommended for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Tendency to swelling is a relative contraindication to losing weight with water.

Menu on 3 of the day

On various websites and online forums, there are four options for how to lose weight with a water diet: a short three-day, seven-day, ten-day, and a diet for a month.

Water loss on 3 of the day is based on a complete refusal to eat, therefore, is very hard. Carrying it is very difficult, but the results are impressive: 3 kilogram per 3 of the day. Weight reduction occurs due to an increase in the amount of urine and the removal of fluid with softened feces.

This option is contraindicated for people in the period of acute illness, as well as for those who suffer from chronic pathologies of the digestive system. In other cases, a three-day drink of clean water helps not only to normalize the weight of losing weight, but also to rejuvenate the body, remove toxins from it, improve the condition of the skin. During a complete rejection of food and other liquids, except water, the metabolism is completely rebuilt in a person losing weight.

For weight loss using a three-day water diet, it is better to choose a weekend. This is due to the fact that at this time the chemical composition of saliva changes: it becomes aggressive towards tooth enamel. To avoid damage to tooth enamel with saliva, you can not brush your teeth for three days. Plaque protects enamel from being destroyed by salivary enzymes. To get rid of losing weight from bad breath it is necessary to rinse your mouth with decoctions of herbs (peppermint, chamomile, calendula, sage).

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With a three-day diet you need a smooth exit, which takes 12 days. To get out of losing weight correctly, you must adhere to certain rules. Every morning, without getting out of bed, you should drink a glass of water, acidified with lemon juice, in order to “start” the stomach. After weight loss, you need to eat at least 7 once a day, the portion of the serving should not exceed 100 ml. Thus, the stomach gradually adapts to the food.

A sample exit menu from the 3 days option might look like this:

  • first breakfast – boiled egg, rye toast, herbal tea without sugar (possible with lemon);
  • second breakfast – 2 small fruit;
  • dinner – boiled breast of low-fat poultry (100 g), salad of seasonal vegetables, rye toast;
  • afternoon snack – 2 peach or apple;
  • the second afternoon snack – boiled breast of a low-fat bird (100 g), vegetable stew;
  • dinner – cottage cheese with berries, seasoned with unsweetened yogurt (50 g);
  • before bedtime – a cup of tea with honey.

You can replace bird’s breast with lean beef, rabbit meat, or fish.

Menu for the week

The weekly water week option is lax. His strength to withstand many losing weight. To lose weight with the option on 7 days should be in the summer or early autumn, as the basis of the diet menu, except for water, is seasonal vegetables and fruits.

A strictly regulated menu for this variant has not been developed by nutritionists, but there is an approximate ration from which you can develop an individual menu:

First day:

  • the first breakfast – boiled soft egg, rye toast, hard cheese;
  • lunch – pear, 2 plum;
  • dinner – 150 of boiled veal, vegetable salad, rye toast;
  • snack – peach and apple;
  • second afternoon snack – 150 g steamed fish, baked vegetables (pepper and eggplant);
  • Dinner – a glass of yogurt, 100 of curd with fruit.

Second day:

  • first breakfast – a glass of kefir, black bread and butter;
  • second breakfast – nectarine, apple;
  • lunch – 150 of boiled breast of low-fat poultry, vegetable salad, rye toast;
  • afternoon snack – 2 slices of watermelon;
  • the second afternoon snack – 150 g boiled seafood, 150 g stew of baked vegetables;
  • dinner – boiled egg, whole-grain toast with hard cheese, savory herbal decoction.

The third day:

  • first breakfast – oatmeal on the water with berries (150 g), unsweetened herbal decoction;
  • second breakfast – 4 plum;
  • dinner – 250 ml of chicken broth (without skin), rye toast;
  • afternoon snack – 2 pears;
  • second afternoon snack – fish in the oven (150 g), 2 tomatoes;
  • dinner – cottage cheese with fruits or berries (100 g), a glass of warm tea with honey.

From the fourth to the sixth day, the menus of the first three days are repeated. The seventh day is better to make unloading. An excellent option for unloading would be fasting with plenty of drink. For a week of staying on a water diet, according to its followers, you can part with 6-7 kg of weight.

Menu on 10 days

Ten-day water loss is the most gentle for the body losing weight. The diet of the aquatic diet on 10 days is radically different from other options. When losing weight, you need to strictly follow the menu developed by nutritionists.

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During the first and third day you need to drink 2 liters of water for 8 times. Eat these days is impossible.

On the second and fifth day for 4 intake, you should drink a liter of milk (not more than 2,6% fat), and one hour before bedtime, eat a green apple.

The fourth dietary day is salad: from 0,5 kg of cabbage and 0,2 kg of carrots, you need to make a salad. You can’t salt it, you only need to refuel with a tablespoon of sunflower oil and lemon juice. Salad must be divided into three equal parts and eat at regular intervals. Drink 2 l of water throughout the day.

The diet of the sixth, eighth and tenth day looks like this:

  • breakfast – a cup of unsweetened tea, soft-boiled egg;
  • the second breakfast – 250 ml of vegetable broth;
  • lunch – 100 g of veal (boiled or baked), 2 tablespoons of green peas;
  • snack – an apple;
  • dinner – an apple.

The ration of the seventh and ninth day consists of a liter of low-fat kefir and 100 of curd. These products must be divided into three times. Half an hour before bedtime, you are allowed to drink a cup of warm herbal decoction.

By following this menu, you can lose 5-8 kg. How much extra pounds will take depends on the strength of the will of the losing weight and the strict observance of the diet. There should not be any snacks, and if you want to eat very much, you need to drink 250 ml of water. According to doctors, this option of losing weight is one of the most successful, since the body losing weight during the diet is saturated with protein, calcium and water.

Diet for a month

The optimal daily volume of water that should be drunk while losing weight on this diet depends on the weight of the person. It must be calculated by the formula: multiply the weight in kg by 40. The result is a number, which means how much water (in ml) a person with such a weight should drink. Drinking this amount of water should be daily for a month, after which the volume should be reduced to 1 liters for every 30 kg of weight. A month later, abundant drinking mode can be repeated.

Prior to losing weight, it is advisable to spend a fasting day. To do this, kefir or vegetable unloading day. These products stimulate intestinal motility well, preparing it for a diet.

The duration of the water diet should be 4 weeks. During this time, the body manages to rebuild on an economical diet, the metabolism is normalized, and stool and urination are restored.

Reviews that have lost weight with the help of water claim that in a week on a water diet you can lose weight on 3 kg, and for the whole time of weight loss, respectively, on 12 kg. Such results for a non-strict diet are very uncharacteristic, but real.

With all the benefits of a diet on water, increasing its duration longer than 4 weeks is not worth it: it is unbalanced in terms of the content of substances necessary for the human body. Re-slimming with its help, nutritionists allow no earlier than a month after the previous one.

Water diet is a good way to lose weight, rejuvenate the body and cleanse it from toxins and toxins. Anyone who wants to lose weight and cleanse can choose their own dietary option. If during the year periodically repeat weight loss using a water diet, you can maintain a constant weight and bring the metabolic processes in the body to normal. The seasonal frequency of losing weight with water is optimal: once in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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