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Watermelon diet

Watermelon diet is a seasonal method of losing weight, which is among the tough mono-diets, because during its compliance they eat only striped berry. At the same time, the size of the portion depends on the weight and is calculated on the basis of the ratio: 1kg pulp per 10kg body weight.

It is advisable to practice the watermelon diet during the period of natural ripening of the berry – in late August – early September. At other times of the year, the risk of buying an “Astrakhan” grown on nitrate increases 5 times. As a result, if you need to lose extra pounds in winter, summer or spring, it is recommended to use the Japanese diet or the Maggi technique instead of berry food.

The principle of losing weight on watermelons is to remove excess fluid from the body. To prevent dehydration, drink herbal tea and purified water in the amount of 1,5l throughout the day. It is better to refrain from taking alcoholic and carbonated drinks.

The duration of the berry weight loss technique depends solely on the amount of extra pounds. The optimal solution is a watermelon diet for a week. For this period go to 7kg. If it is necessary to eliminate 3-4kg, it is advisable to reduce it to 3-5 days, 10kg – increase to 10-14 days.

Consider in detail how to lose weight, whether the watermelon diet is effective and how much kg you can lose.

The composition of the watermelon

The birthplace of the striped berry is South Africa, where today it grows in the wild. Since ancient Egypt, people cultivated this culture and often left it in the tomb of the pharaoh to feed the lord in the afterlife. In addition, references to watermelons are found in medical prescriptions, because the Arabs are convinced that this berry cleanses the body and helps to “take out” diseases from it.

Due to the characteristic “sugar” taste and nutritional value, “Astrakhan” is very popular today. And the low calorie content of the product (25kkal / 100) makes it a favorite ingredient for weight loss. Today the network presents photos of women before and after the passage of the watermelon technique, which testify to the effectiveness of the berry diet.

The composition and value of the “striped” product

  1. Water – 90%. The high fluid content in the berry causes an intense diuretic, choleretic effect. For this reason, watermelons are considered the best ingredient for express diets and fasting days. In addition, the “Astrakhan” accelerates metabolic processes, cleans the kidneys from stones, the digestive tract from toxins, improves intestinal motility.
  2. Sugar – 12%. These include: sucrose, fructose, glucose.
  3. Minerals – potassium, calcium, sodium, iron. In 250. watermelon contains the daily intake of magnesium, which is especially important for people who suffer from hypertension. This trace element is involved in the absorption of calcium, sodium and potassium. In addition, it is an excellent antidepressant, prevents the formation of stones, helps muscles and nerves to function, and prevents the deposition of salts in the body.
    Magnesium deficiency leads to nervous disorders, the appearance of chronic fatigue, a feeling of weakness, headaches, muscle cramps, restless sleep.
    The watermelon diet of 15 days will help to eliminate the lack of microelement and eliminate such unpleasant phenomena.
  4. Pectic and alkaline substances. At the same time, dietary fiber, which are part of the berries, reduce cholesterol levels. Due to this property, the watermelon diet on 4 of the day is recommended for people with cardiovascular problems.
  5. Proteins.
  6. Vitamins of group A, C, B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9).
  7. Cellulose, normalizes the digestive tract.
  8. Antioxidants (niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, ascorbic acid, carotene, lycopene). These substances protect the body from age-related damage. The high content of lycopene (25 mg per 1kg of berries) used in the treatment of male infertility is determined by the fact that the watermelon diet on 7 days is popular among the strong half of humanity who have problems in the genital area.

Due to the abundance of beneficial microelements and vitamins, striped berry is used for obesity, heart defects, gastritis, Botkin’s disease, hypertension, anemia, gout, arthritis, gall bladder diseases, atherosclerosis, nasal bleeding, psoriasis, kidney stones.

Benefit and harm

Watermelon diet allows you to lose weight and improve the body. Numerous reviews of doctors testify to the effectiveness of this program of weight loss.

Consider what is useful watermelon diet.

  1. Removes excess fluid from the body.
  2. Improves metabolism.
  3. It cleanses the body of alcoholic radicals, intestinal toxins.
  4. Does not require large financial investments.
  5. Stimulates the urinary system.
  6. It nourishes the body with microelements and vitamins.
  7. Reduces the risk of cancer cells.

Despite the fact that the benefits of this nutritional system are indisputable, consider the potential harm that it can cause the body. Given the positive feedback from people who have experienced the berry technique on themselves, the watermelon diet for weight loss allows you to lose minus kg 10 per week. However, such a diet increases the load on the urinary system of the body. Therefore, in the presence of small stones in the kidney, the feasibility of watermelon therapy should be discussed with a nephrologist.

Due to the risk of complications, it is strictly prohibited to use the berry pulp in case of disturbed outflow of urine or kidney failure.

Before starting to lose weight by this method, it is important to consider that watermelon has a high glycemic index – 75. Therefore, for diabetics, when a “striped” product is introduced into the diet, it is important to control the dynamics of changes in blood glucose levels.

Perhaps the main drawback of the seasonal weight loss technique is the inability to provide the body with the required nutrients: fats and proteins. In addition, the watermelon diet, according to Malysheva, contributes to an intensive release of insulin, which lowers sugar levels, and, as a result, leads to an increase in appetite. Therefore, this weight loss program often requires considerable patience and a reserve of willpower.

Types of watermelon diet

After exclusion of risk factors (contraindications) proceed to a seasonal diet. First of all, determine an acceptable version of weight loss, depending on excess weight.


Duration varies from 5 days to 14 days. Rigid watermelon weight loss method eliminates the need for preliminary preparation of the organism for the berry diet. Therefore, it can be practiced immediately after a preliminary examination of the digestive tract and heart.

The daily diet consists of watermelons and drinking water. At the same time, the use of other products is strictly prohibited.

As an exception, it is allowed to add a bran to the menu for dinner once per 3 of the day.

The frequency of meals is 4-5 times, while the portion size depends on the weight of the person losing weight. The most effective watermelon diet involves eating 1 kg of berries per 10 kg of a user’s body weight. With strict observance of this program for 5-7 days, you can lose weight on 3-5 kg, in two weeks – on 7-10 kg.

Special attention should be paid to getting out of this nutritional system, since abrupt change of low-calorie “striped” diet to the usual one increases the risk of gaining weight loss.

Therefore, at the end of the watermelon diet is recommended to introduce products gradually – no more than two per day. In the first days it is preferable to focus on fermented milk products, then on steamed vegetables, mashed soups, light cereals (pumpkin, barley, corn, lentils, rice).


Designed such a watermelon diet for 10 days. In addition to juicy berries, the daily menu consists of rye bread, cereals, fruits, vegetables. Unlike a rigid nutrition system, a lightweight diet is based on a two-time intake of an “Astrakhan” – in the morning and afternoon. Due to this, the urinary system actively functions throughout the day, which contributes to the intensive excretion of metabolic products. Toward evening, there is a slowdown in digestive processes, and the body goes into rest mode.

The positive side of the lightweight scheme is the lack of hunger.

Proper watermelon diet, diet for every day.

  • breakfast – watermelon – 2-3 slices; honey – 1.h .;
  • Lunch – a crouton with bran – 1pcs., watermelon – 2,3 slices;
  • dinner – pumpkin porridge with stewed vegetables (zucchini, carrots, broccoli) or casserole with apples.

Lightweight ration allows you to throw 5-6 kg for 10 days.

To consolidate the result, after the completion of the procedure, follow the low-fat protein-carbohydrate nutrition scheme:

  • breakfast – boiled turkey breast, bran-1pc toast, salad of non-food vegetables (radish + white cabbage + cucumbers + onions), seasoned with lemon juice;
  • lunch – lentil puree, steam omelette, mix of nuts + garlic + boiled beets;
  • At noon – watermelon;
  • for dinner – cottage cheese casserole.
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In addition to the above dishes, it is allowed to eat cereals, fish, lactic acid products, vegetables, fruits, seafood, legumes in moderation. At the same time, due to the high calorie content, it is not recommended to abuse raisins, bananas, dates, grapes.


This type of diet is gentle and least effective, since it is only for breakfast to consume watermelon.

Consider the preliminary menu of free berry methods for each day.

  • breakfast – watermelon – 600, honey – 1 tsp;
  • lunch – baked vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, squash, sweet peppers) or vegetable soup;
  • dinner – oatmeal with apple or steamed pumpkin with unleavened bread.

Due to the one-time intake of watermelon per day, such a program, unlike other methods of losing weight, guarantees a slow decrease in body weight (2-4kg for 14 days).

Numerous reviews of thinner people testify to more stable results than with respect to the rigid type diet. Therefore, a free diet is advisable to use, if necessary, a stable and systematic weight loss.

Sparing watermelon diet for a month allows you to gradually, painlessly cleanse the body of toxins, as well as to compensate for the deficiency of magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamins A, B, C.

This program is well taken as the basis of the daily diet in the season of fruit bearing berries.

The main condition of the watermelon diet, in particular, light and free, is the use of 1,5-2l of water during the day. Carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages and shop juices are prohibited.


In addition to the considered methods of weight loss, there are combined versions of a watermelon diet. The principle of which is based on the alternate use of juicy berries and permitted products during the day. The effectiveness of combined watermelon diets depends on the accuracy of compliance with the diet, duration, characteristics of the organism.

Consider in detail the description of the combined berry methods of weight loss, their pros and cons, duration, menu.

Watermelon buckwheat diet

Cereal-berry weight loss program is an ideal option for a balanced daily diet.

Therefore, nutritionists recommend using it for people with anemia, gastrointestinal diseases, heart, blood vessels. Due to the low sugar content in buckwheat (up to 2,5%), this technique can be practiced to combat obesity for diabetics.

In the classic version, the duration of the watermelon – cereal diet is 5 -7 days, and the largest weight loss is 4 kg. This method, in addition to the presence in the diet of juicy berries and buckwheat, allows the consumption of boiled meat or vegetable salad in moderation (100g / day).

Menu on 5 days

  • breakfast – boiled turkey fillet – 100g, lean buckwheat porridge – 200g .;
  • lunch – fresh vegetable salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach), dressed with low-fat sour cream – 150, lean buckwheat – 200;
  • dinner – watermelon – 500-700g.

The last meal in the evening is 4,5 hours before bedtime.

Watermelon kefir diet

This method of weight loss is very simple in execution, it involves the alternation of methods of berries (300-400g) and fermented milk product (200ml) every 3 h. Kefir, like watermelon, has a pronounced diuretic effect, regulates the speed of digestion. Because of this, he is a reliable assistant for obesity.

The fat content of a sour-milk drink should be 0% – 1%, and the amount of consumption per day – 1l. In the classic version, the watermelon-kefir diet is designed for 3 days. During this period, weight loss by 1-3 kg occurs, intestinal microflora is restored, the liver and kidneys work, and immunity is strengthened.

Kefir-watermelon diet on 1 day is a great option for weekly unloading of the body.

People who have hypersecretion of gastric juice to practice this weight loss program is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, the intake of fermented milk drink in large quantities (1l / day) for several days can cause an exacerbation of gastritis and inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

Cucumber-watermelon diet

These products are very similar in composition – they both consist of water in 90%, contain many useful substances (copper, molybdenum, iron, iodine, zinc, manganese, folic acid, fluorine, cobalt, potassium, calcium, niacin, pectins, ash , magnesium, sodium, vitamins A, B, C, E), which affect the rate of metabolic processes.

Cucumbers and watermelons cleanse the skin, normalize the work of the intestines, restore water-salt balance, prevent the appearance of joint diseases, improve digestion, reduce cholesterol levels, eliminate toxins. The first, in turn, intensively removes excess fluid from the body, which contributes to the accumulation of extra pounds. Low calorie (15kkal / 100g) and fast digestibility have made it a favorite product among women to combat obesity.

Cucumber – watermelon diet for weight loss 14 days involves daily consumption of 1kg of green vegetables and 1kg of pulp of the berry throughout the day, plenty of water. In addition, it is allowed to eat rye bread – 1 slice and drink kefir – 200ml for the night.

Given the poor diet, during this period it is necessary to avoid strong physical exertion in the gym, take vitamin complexes, rest more (sleep at least 8 per day), stay longer on the street.

Many lose weight are interested in the question of how much you can lose weight on such a watermelon diet?

Compliance with the berry-vegetable diet during the 14 days leads to an intensive decrease in body weight to 15 kg.

Contraindications methods are: renal failure, peptic ulcer, gastritis with hypersecretion of the stomach.

Watermelon Apple Diet

Fruit and berry weight loss program is most popular in the autumn season. As a rule, its duration is 5 days, and weight loss – 3 – 4kg.

During the period of weight loss should be consumed daily 0,8-1kg apples and 1-1,5 kg of watermelon, depending on body weight. Preferably the fruit is fresh, but they can be baked, provided there is no filling in them.

Given the fact that apple juice is the strongest irritant to the stomach, fruit and berry methods cannot be practiced in the presence of gastritis and ulcers.

Watermelon Protein Diet

The duration of this program is 14 days, weight loss is 10kg. This diet involves the alternate use of watermelon pulp and protein products.

Protein – watermelon diet 2 of the week – a nutrition system that consists of two popular methods of losing weight. Its essence lies in the intensive saturation of the body with proteins that burn fat, and also actively remove toxins and decay products, thanks to the choleretic effect of watermelon.

For two weeks, breakfast, lunch and dinner – “protein”, and breaks between meals – “watermelon”. Moreover, the amount of berry during a snack is 400-500g. At this time, the following foods should prevail in the diet: eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled chicken, steam fish, kefir 0%, low-fat cheese (up to 9%), meatballs from turkey, casserole, seafood.

Contraindications berry-protein diet are: cholelithiasis, kidney failure, gastrointestinal diseases, allergies to protein products, gout, hypertension, pyelonephritis.

Watermelon and melon diet

Due to the wide demand for this power supply scheme, we will consider in detail this weight loss method.

Watermelon and melon diet

Berry diet – one of the most “sugar” weight loss programs. Daily use of watermelon and melon during the week reduces body weight by 4 kg.

The benefits and harm of pumpkin culture

Melon, like watermelon, belongs to the category of low-calorie foods, in 100g. The fruit contains only 33 kcal. Due to the content of sodium, chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, iron, vitamins A, C, PP, B1, B2, it is recommended to be used for anemia, atherosclerosis, exhaustion, digestive disorders, diseases of the bladder, liver problems, kidney stones .

Melon improves blood circulation, soothes the nervous system, normalizes the heart, reduces cholesterol, breaks down fats, increases hemoglobin, strengthens the immune system. In combination with watermelon, it helps to clean, remove toxins, reduce their toxicity.

To saturate the body with macro, microelements, and at the same time lose weight, it is important to eat berries every 3h. The main thing is not to drink anything. 1h after a snack, you can drink unsweetened green tea (one cup) or a glass of water.

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Due to the high amount of sugars in the berries (18%), the watermelon-melon diet for weight loss is contraindicated in diabetic patients.

How much do you lose?

If you regularly use the plants of the pumpkin family, you can reset 3-4kg per week. The recommended duration of the watermelon-melon diet is 9 days.

The basis of the berry method is based on the principle of alternation of three rations.

Let us consider in detail what you can eat with a watermelon diet of this type.

Ration number 1

  • breakfast – toast – 2p., low-fat cottage cheese – 60g., melon – 200g .;
  • lunch – boiled fish – 150, berry and vegetable salad – 200. (melon – 150g., green salad leaves – 3pc, low-calorie cheese 9% -50g.), seasoned with lemon juice -1h.l .;
  • afternoon tea – watermelon – 400 .;
  • dinner – melon – 1 slice, porridge from unpolished rice – 150g., carrot-apple salad – 100g.

Ration number 2

  • breakfast – boiled egg – 1pcs, watermelon – 150, unsweetened green tea – 1 cup;
  • lunch – melon – 400g., salad from stewed vegetables (carrots, zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes) – 100g., ice water – 150ml;
  • afternoon snack – cottage cheese 0% – 200ml .;
  • dinner – boiled chicken breast or turkey fillet – 100г., watermelon – 400г., toasts – 2pcs.

Ration number 3

  • breakfast – watermelon – 400., low-fat yogurt – 150 ml .;
  • lunch – chicken fillet – 100, melon – 400, porridge from unpolished rice – 150;
  • afternoon tea – green tea – 1 cup, loaf with bran – 1pcs .;
  • dinner – salad (cucumber + spinach + radish + sweet pepper) – 150g., boiled potatoes – 1pc., watermelon or melon – 400g.

During the entire weight loss phase, it is important to drink a day of 1 a cup of herbal or green tea and 1,5 of purified water.

Currently, in addition to the above methods, a watermelon-vegetable diet for a week with daily weight loss 0,5kg, a watermelon-cottage cheese diet for express weight loss on 3 days to eliminate 1,5kg, a watermelon-tomato diet on 5 days for eliminating 3kg, a watermelon-tomato diet on 5 days to eliminate 3 kg, Gastrointestinal tract. Each food system has strengths and weaknesses, contraindications, as well as a list of permitted and prohibited ingredients.

However, despite the advantages of the above weight loss schemes, today the watermelon-melon diet is one of the fastest seasonal intensive weight loss programs.

Diet during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special physiological state of the body, in which it is especially important to intensively saturate the body with vitamins and minerals for the full development of the baby. That is why, in the autumn season, expectant mothers are shown a watermelon diet, which allows to fully compensate for the deficiency of useful nutrients. In addition, this nutrition system helps cleanse the intestines from accumulated toxins and excess fluid.

The essence of the diet is to use the pulp of watermelon during the day, in the amount of not more than 5 kg / day, at the same time, it is important for a pregnant woman to monitor their well-being.

In the absence of an adverse reaction of the body, the technique can be continued.

Due to the intense diuretic effect of the berries, the watermelon diet during pregnancy is designed only for 5 days. At the same time, the future menus’ daily menu can be supplemented with 200 g curd, 150 g rice porridge, as well as a moderate amount of rye bread (2-3 slice).

At the end of the diet, to reduce stress on the body, it is important to get out of the watermelon diet.

To do this, you need 10 days to adhere to the following menu:

  • breakfast – oatmeal porridge – 200g., hard cheese 9% – 100g .;
  • lunch – boiled poultry or fish fillet – 200g., salad of cucumbers, cabbage, carrots – 150g., hard cheese 9% – 50g .;
  • dinner – watermelon – 400

For pregnant women, the greatest danger of a watermelon diet is in a high concentration of nitrates, which are often found in unripe berries. These carcinogens are harmful not only to the health of the expectant mother, but also for the developing baby.

To determine the content of nitrates in watermelon, you can use a special device – nitratometr. In the absence of this equipment, expectant mothers should pay special attention to the process of choosing a striped berry.

Recommendations, compliance with which will allow to protect the mother and child from poisoning by nitrates.

  1. Preference should be given to ripe fruits, which make a ringing sound when tapped.
  2. Purchase of fruits should be carried out in the checked outlets which are removed from the road.
  3. Before use, watermelon should be thoroughly washed with a brush and soapy water from bacteria that have accumulated on its surface.
  4. The highest concentration of nitrates is in the skin of the berries. That is why, to reduce the risk of intoxication of the body, expectant mothers it is advisable not to eat 2-3, see the pulp around the peel of the fruit.
  5. Store sliced ​​watermelon need no more than a day.
  6. To check the quality of the berries, it is necessary to place a slice of it in water for 15 minutes. A change in the color of the liquid often indicates a high content of nitrates in the product. Eating such a fetus to a pregnant woman is strictly prohibited.

Watermelon diet at the height of the season (end of August – September) is the safest way to cleanse the body of the expectant mother.

However, despite the benefits of the “Astrakhan”, the berry diet has certain contraindications. Among them are: the last trimester of pregnancy (due to possible edema), the presence of kidney stones, diseases of the digestive tract, as well as a high level of glucose in the blood.

Watermelon Diet and Diabetes

Regardless of the type of diabetes, people with metabolic disorders and insufficient glucose uptake are forced to follow a special diet. The dietary intake almost completely excludes the use of sugar, spicy, spicy and fatty foods, bakery, confectionery. However, for the full functioning of the body, brain tissue needs carbohydrates.

The best source of natural sugar is watermelon pulp. This berry contains the most useful type of monosaccharides – fructose. For the assimilation of such carbohydrates, often, does not require the development of significant doses of insulin.

Watermelon diet for diabetes type 1-type allowed for use, subject to the daily calculation of bread units. The daily human ration should be foods with a low glycemic index. 150 The watermelon flesh makes up the 1 bread unit. However, the diabetic’s ability to process various sugars directly depends on the severity of the pathology.

With a disease of the 1 type, without complications, the body can absorb about 40, the fructose. This amount of carbohydrate is often present in 1 kg of mature watermelon. That is why it is permissible for diabetics to consume no more than 700 of ripe berries per day, after having distributed the product to 3-4 intake.

With a mild form of the 2 type, the permissible rate of berry consumption is 250 – 300 g per day, since diabetes II does not require the systematic administration of insulin. Subject to the watermelon diet, it is enough to count the bread units that, during the day, enter the body. It is possible to increase the rate of consumption of berries provided that products that contain the same amount of monosaccharides are discarded.

In most cases, diabetes contributes to the deterioration of blood circulation.

The effectiveness of the watermelon diet is to thin the blood, as well as stimulate the production of red blood cells, these processes causes a high iron content in the berry. In addition, the pulp of the fetus compensates for the deficiency of potassium, which is actively excreted from the body in case of disturbed metabolic processes in the pancreas.

Useful tips for diabetics

  1. Watermelon, with a low calorie content, has a high glycemic index. As a rule, the use of this berry causes an increase in blood glucose. As a result, this diet can adversely affect the health status of people with 2 type diabetes.
  2. The use of watermelon, in the presence of this disease, implies the exclusion from the daily diet of foods containing significant amounts of carbohydrates.
  3. Berry should be entered in the menu in small portions. At the same time, it is important to control the dynamics of changes in the level of glucose in the blood.
  4. A prolonged watermelon diet is contraindicated for persons with impaired glucose uptake processes.
  5. The amount of pulp consumed is important to increase gradually. For example, the first day is 50, the second is 100, the third is 250. In case of deterioration of well-being, it is necessary to stop the berry nutrition system.
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Before using a watermelon diet, it is important to consult with your doctor first.

Diet for urolithiasis

The success of the treatment of urolithiasis is directly dependent on proper nutrition. The most effective program for cleaning the kidneys of oxalate and urate stones is the watermelon diet with black bread. This technique allows you to smoothly soften the urinary salts into soluble compounds, which in consequence will be eliminated from the body in a natural way.

Watermelon diet for urolithiasis involves the daily consumption of 2,5 kg of fruit pulp and two or three slices of rye bread. At the same time, it is important to drink at least 2 l of non-carbonated water per day. The duration of this program is often 7 – 10 days.

During the cleansing of the body, it is recommended to take warm baths that contribute to a better outflow of salts from the biliary tract. The most intensive withdrawal of ballast compounds occurs in the evening (from 17 to 21 h), during the period of the greatest activity of the urogenital meridian.

Watermelon diet to cleanse the body significantly reduces the size of tumors in the organs, and also contributes to their complete elimination. At the end of this program, you must follow a sparing diet for 10 days. For breakfast and lunch, in addition to eating berries, you can eat unsweetened porridge 150 g (oat, rice, buckwheat), lean meat 100 g (rabbit, turkey, chicken), fish 100. (hake, cod, pollock), vegetable salads 200 g, as well as low-fat cheese 9% – 150 g. However, dinner should consist exclusively of pulp of watermelon 200 g.

A supportive diet will improve the result, further reducing weight by another 1-3kg.

When starting treatment for urolithiasis, it is important to remember that its therapy carries the potential risk of complications.

Active cleaning of the excretory system contributes to the formation of a large amount of urine, which can push large stones into the ureter and lead to renal colic, which is often eliminated on the operating table.

The presence of phosphate stones in the kidney is the main contraindication of the watermelon diet.

Completion of “watermelon therapy”

As a rule, when completing the berry technique, a dilemma arises before losing weight: “How to get out of the watermelon diet correctly so as not to gain weight?”. Perhaps this issue is the key to every system of weight loss, since the effect depends on the correctness of its completion.

Competent way out of the watermelon diet helps to stabilize the weight and save the result.

After the completion of the berry nutrition system, it is recommended to switch to a protein-carbohydrate diet, lasting 10 days.

The following menu brings the most consistent results:

  • breakfast – pulp of watermelon 300 g .;
  • Lunch – a slice of cheese (50) or low-fat yogurt, rye toast;
  • dinner – boiled chicken fillet 80 g., vegetable soup or broccoli salad;
  • Afternoon tea – the pulp of watermelon 300 g. and dried slice of rye bread;
  • dinner – vegetable salad;
  • for the night – the flesh of the watermelon (1 kg of berries per 30 kg of human body weight).

The watermelon nutrition program provides for daily consumption of non-carbonated water in an amount of at least 2 l.

The portion of food eaten during the exit from the diet should be reduced 1,5 times. At the same time, spicy, salty or pastry dishes should be excluded from the daily diet.

Compliance with the diet menu for 10 days after the course of treatment, will additionally get rid of 2-3kg overweight and stabilize the result.

Frequently asked Questions

  1. How much can you lose on a watermelon diet?
    Weight loss is directly dependent on the duration, the type of the berry method of losing weight and the severity of its compliance. Under all conditions, on average, 3-5kg “go away” for 3-4 days, 5-6kg for a week, 14-7kg for 8 days.
  2. Is there a watermelon diet that allows the simultaneous use of juicy berries and fruit during the period of weight loss?
    Yes. The most popular are watermelon-apple and watermelon-melon techniques.
  3. How to diversify the berry diet?
    During the watermelon diet, the most popular dessert, which refreshes, promotes weight loss, saturates the body with useful minerals, fibers, vitamins, is a sorbent.
    Consider a recipe for a low-calorie treat.

The first step is to prepare the following ingredients:

  • watermelon – 1pcs .;
  • mint – several branches;
  • honey – 2-3.L .;
  • lemon – 1pcs;
  • crushed ice – 200g.

The sequence of cooking berry dessert:

  • wash, cut the watermelon and remove bones from it.
  • put the pulp in the blender bowl, add lemon juice, honey, crushed ice, mint.
  • grind ingredients until smooth.
  • put in ice cream maker, leave on 2hour.

When serving to the table, put the sorbent in a bowl, garnish with mint, sprinkle with lemon juice.

  1. What a dangerous watermelon diet?
    Considering the opinion of nutritionists, the seasonal slimming method poses a potential threat to human health, since the “Astrakhanian” contains only 0,1g. fat and 0,6g. proteins in 100g pulp, that the crane is not enough for the full absorption of important vitamins and the restoration of bones, muscles, tendons. In addition, the berry diet has a significant burden on the kidneys, urinary system, as it contributes to the intensive elimination of unwanted fluid from the body.
  2. How to get out of a watermelon diet so that old taste habits do not return again?
    After the course of losing weight, the transition from the berry diet to the usual should be smooth. Instead of sugar, it is better to use sweeteners and honey, high-carbohydrate foods – protein with a low percentage of fat, store juices – homemade freshly squeezed. In addition, daily allowable vegetables and fruits should be included in the diet. These include: cucumbers, broccoli, peas, spinach, onions, turnips, pumpkin, Brussels sprouts, radishes, apples, pears, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, tangerines.
  3. Watermelon diet with kidney stones – good or bad?
    Harmful habits, malnutrition, hypodynamia, climatic conditions, trauma, metabolic disorders, chemical composition of blood, water-salt balance are the main causes of formations in the hollow organ.
    If timely measures are not taken to eliminate kidney stones, urosepsis, renal failure, calculous pyelonephritis, and hydronephrosis, which are dangerous to human life, can gradually develop. To minimize the likelihood of these diseases, you should immediately begin to cleanse the body.
    One of the most effective methods is the watermelon diet for the kidneys, which has a strong choleretic effect, which stimulates its filtering and excretory functions. The principle of the program is based on the daily use of juicy berries (1-3 kg) and rye brown bread (2-3 slices) for 7 days. In addition, the watermelon diet helps with pyelonephritis.
  4. How to store cut “Astrakhan”?
    In a refrigerator. At the same time, in order to avoid the proliferation of bacteria on its surface, the berry must first wrap the food film.
  5. How long can you sit on a watermelon diet?
    No more than 14 days, however, in the case of compliance with a light diet, the duration can be increased up to a month.
  6. Not losing weight on a watermelon diet what to do?
    Continue the technique. After the transition from the usual diet to low-calorie, an adaptation of the organism occurs, which takes place within two days. As a rule, after this period, the process of weight loss resumes.
  7. Is there a watermelon diet for psoriasis?
    Currently Stepanova N.I. developed a method of getting rid of this ailment, designed for 28 days, which is based on the daily use of the pulp of watermelon and low-fat cottage cheese. In addition, once every 10 days it is allowed to eat 0,5h. honey, yellow tomatoes – 2pcs., cucumbers – 2pcs.

So, watermelon diet is a seasonal system of weight loss, which allows you to quickly and painlessly deal with extra pounds.

Despite the fact that it is easily tolerated and highly effective, the berry diet can dramatically worsen the health of losing weight. Before proceeding to the “striped” method of losing weight, it is necessary to determine the level of sugar in the blood, since the “Astrakhan” contributes to its increase. That is why in case of exceeding the maximum permissible indicator – with glycemia, it is strictly forbidden to practice watermelon mono-diet, since it can lead to damage to the insulin apparatus of the pancreas.

If you need a minimum weight adjustment (1-1,5kg), the best option is a watermelon diet on the 2 of the day, to eliminate 6-10kg – its duration should be increased to one to two weeks.

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