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White diet

The white diet is a low-calorie nutrition system that includes white foods. It is used both for weight loss and to keep teeth whiteness. A snow-white smile is always beautiful, but even the most healthy and white teeth can darken or take on a different shade due to external and internal negative factors. Ways and methods of teeth whitening are now mass, you can easily achieve a beautiful and radiant smile. But the main aspect in this case is the period after the cleaning. To strengthen and maintain the result, you need to follow the rules of nutrition of a special diet. It lasts about 7-10 days.

A white diet with teeth whitening helps not only not to lose a noticeable result, but also to improve the oral cavity and teeth. It doesn’t matter what way your teeth are whitened, in any case a person will have to follow a number of rules so that the result will please a long period.

Before using white foods, each person should consult a doctor in order not to harm his own body.

What can and can not

The name of the diet speaks for itself. First of all, after teeth whitening, a person is forced to abandon products that can stain tooth enamel. First of all, you have to give up tea and coffee. It is known that even green tea stains teeth and leaves plaque on the surface.

You also need to abandon chocolate products and any drinks, which include cocoa. All products that contain dyes: colored ice cream, colorful candy and drinks should be excluded from the diet. In addition, natural dyes are also able to paint the tooth enamel, so natural juices, fruits, vegetables and sauces also can not be used. You also need to abandon the acidic products that can damage the enamel. This includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also dairy products.

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Abandoning these products for a week is not a big deal, but the effect of snow-white teeth will please for a very long time.

The menu for this period should consist of white products. These are white meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, dairy products, rice, egg whites and white flour products. It is safe to eat almost all types of cereals. You can eat during a white diet with white currants, bananas, peeled apples and white cabbage.

Recommendations and expert advice

Restriction in food and drinks is important, but for the result to be 100%, you need to follow important recommendations and tips that will help to preserve the teeth whitening effect:

  • to give up smoking;
  • hygiene compliance;
  • drinking beverages through a straw;
  • features of the white diet for women;
  • prevention.

After bleaching people who smoke, it is important to abstain from this business for at least the first couple of days, and further reduce the number of cigarettes to a minimum. If willpower allows, it is better to quit smoking for the entire period of the diet.

It is equally important to follow the rules of hygiene. Habitary teeth brushing should be extended by 3-5 minutes, you need to brush your teeth after eating and having a snack. You also need to use dental floss, it is very effective in those places where you can not get a toothbrush.

If a person cannot refuse tea, coffee or juice for this period, then the enamel should be protected as much as possible from the negative impact. To do this, you can drink all the drinks through the straw.

With regard to the features of the female white diet, in this case, the beautiful half of humanity will have to give up at least 3 of the day from lipsticks, glitters and other cosmetics that contain a chemical dye.

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In addition, every six months you definitely need to visit the dentist, it is always more profitable to prevent trouble than to spend time and money on treatment.

How long to stick to a white diet when bleaching

The first 48 watches are considered the most important. During this period it is strictly prohibited to use products containing dyes. After this time, the regime can be called more gentle for the teeth and the use of coloring drinks is allowed, but through a straw. Experts recommend not to ignore the rules of nutrition for 7-14 days. This will give 100% guarantee that the teeth will not give in to staining and will not darken. If at this time the person ate or drank something that could affect the color of the enamel, then you need to immediately brush your teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet

The main plus of the white diet is that in addition to teeth whitening, you can simultaneously get rid of a couple of extra pounds. Also during the diet a person will use only natural products, which will favorably affect his well-being.

The disadvantages of the diet are almost invisible. Of course, a person must carefully select products, it will take a lot of time and patience. Another obstacle that may arise is a lack of nutrients. Eating one set of products, a person refuses some vitamins and minerals. To make sure that this will not cause harm to health, you should clarify the details and discuss the individual menu with a specialist.

In general, the white diet is a useful and effective method. Observing all the rules of nutrition and recommendations, you can save a Hollywood smile, improve your teeth and lose weight, but, of course, the main accent is whitening.

White diet for weight loss

There are many options to lose weight with the white diet, but the rule for all methods is one – the diet should not last more than one week. This time is enough to lose those extra pounds and become slimmer.

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It is necessary to include in the diet the same products that must be consumed during bleaching. You need to drink as much as possible, but it is advisable to give up sugary drinks. If without sweets it’s completely unbearable, then you can add a teaspoon of honey to clean water.

Eat at least 5 once a day. Meal times should be approximately the same. Another useful advice when following a white diet is drinking water (half a cup) at room temperature for 15 minutes before eating. This will improve the digestive system and will contribute to weight loss.

Do not forget about physical exertion, even a small 10-minute workout will help to quickly achieve the desired result.

White diet menu on rice

Breakfast: boiled rice, a slice of boiled or baked chicken.

Lunch: a milkshake or a glass of milk, white fruit.

Lunch: boiled rice, coleslaw and corn salad.

Dinner: boiled rice, fruit salad from apple and peach, seasoned with low-fat yogurt.

It is important to eat 500 grams of boiled rice per day. In this case, the bulk should be eaten for breakfast, so that before going to bed you do not burden the stomach and have time to burn calories.

Contraindications of a white diet for weight loss

First of all, such a diet is contraindicated for people with intolerance to certain products included in the menu. People with chronic diseases, children, elderly and pregnant women should also abandon the diet. When choosing a method of losing weight and menus, each person needs to consult a doctor who will take into account all the individual characteristics of the body and the taste preferences of the person.

Reviews about the white diet suggest that it really gives a positive result, the main thing is to comply with all conditions and rules. Having drawn up the white diet menu correctly, one can achieve a successful outcome both in losing weight and in teeth whitening.

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