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Yogurt diet

A diet on yogurt is a way to lose weight quickly without compromising your health. It is perfect for those who seek to improve their body and well-being. Dairy product is selected for the method of weight loss is not accidental. It cleans the body well, is full of healthy ingredients and is nutritious. Diet happens on 3, 7 and 10 days. Any option is accompanied by a weight loss from 2 to 7 kilogram. In addition, the thinner waiting for a surge of energy, the normalization of the internal organs and glowing skin. All this is possible only with proper compliance with the recommendations.

Not all yogurts are suitable.

A drink with lacto-and bifidobacteria is not just a dairy product. The active components in it block the development of viral and fungal diseases in all organs. For the digestive system, yogurt is a real fount. It stabilizes the microflora and prevents the development of gastritis, indigestion, ulcers and others. Due to the action of live bacteria, it is recommended for dysbacteriosis, candidiasis and for the prevention of intestinal cancers.

The unique environment of this drink is not its only advantage. In addition to bacteria, it contains almost the entire group of vitamin B. These components help fight stress, normalize blood sugar and the metabolic process. Also vitamins: PP, D, A and others. Having a low calorie content, yogurt at the same time performs a lot of positive functions. Not surprisingly, it was he who became the basis for popular diets.

It should be immediately noted that this method of losing weight does not suit everyone. People with pathologies of the heart, increased acidity of the stomach, progressive gastritis – it is better not to start this method on your own. Also, if there is already an ulcer or cancer, it can be dangerous to correct it without permission.

If there are no contraindications (it is best to check with the doctor), but the extra 2-7 kg are available – you can use the diet on yogurt. As already mentioned, there are several options for this method, and everyone will be able to choose what they like. The main requirement is the use of a quality product. It can be chosen in the store, but it is best to cook yourself.

If the choice fell on an already finished product, first of all you need to pay attention to the packaging itself. For the formation of packaging manufacturers use most often polypropylene or polystyrene. The latter should be avoided, as it may react with the product and instead of a useful dessert, a dangerous substance is obtained. To check what the packaging is made of, you need to inspect its bottom. There is an icon: PP (can be taken) or PS (can not be taken). Also, there should be no damage on the packaging, puffiness and cavities.

The next item is a list of ingredients. If it is long and contains incomprehensible components, such a product must be returned to the shelf. In natural yogurt there should be milk and live bacteria, sometimes the addition of cream and whey is acceptable. It is better to choose an “empty” drink, without pieces of fruit and berries. Sugar, starch and especially preservatives in the present product should not be. The quality of yogurt should indicate the number of bacteria and cultures, this is approximately 107. Shelf life is no more than 14 days.

Of course, a suitable product for weight loss can be immediately identified among the poor quality, on the store counter. It will cost much more expensive. To save money and to be sure of the naturalness of the product, you can cook it yourself, which will be discussed a little lower.

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Yoghurt diet on 3 of the day

Short-term diet course on yogurt is designed for unloading the body, cleaning the internal organs and a small weight loss. You can reset 2-3 kg in just a couple of days. Use several types of diets: strict, yogurt, apples and a diet on fruit. Each one is slightly different in performance and menu. The more menu is limited, the more kilogram will go.

Method # 1: Strict

It is necessary to resort to this method for weight loss very carefully and only in extreme cases, since the menu here will be as austere as possible. The strict way involves consuming 750 grams of product per day and water. The prescribed amount of yogurt is divided into 5 equal servings, by 150 gr. Each serving serves as a complete meal. In between meals, you need to drink plenty of water at room temperature. All other foods and drinks are prohibited. In the morning, instead of coffee, you can drink a decoction of wild rose or chamomile.

Such yoghurt mono-diet is used no more than 1 times in 3-4 months. As the reviews show, most often they turn to it when they need to get rid of a small amount of weight. This is usually before holidays or important events. Excess weight, at the same time, leaves the upper part of the body (flanks, abdomen, chest). Therefore, for the upcoming defile in the new dress, this method is perfect. The reviews about him are nonetheless ambiguous. Some are satisfied with the guaranteed result, others find it difficult to comply with such a reduced ration.

Method No. 2: Apple Yogurt

No less drastic solution for weight loss in 3 of the day. Before using it, you need to make sure that there are no problems with the acidity of the stomach. So, as in the next three days it will be possible to eat only a little yogurt and a few apples. To transfer this menu without loss can only a healthy stomach. Weight will go on 500-1000 grams per day. All three days menu will look the same.

Daily Diet for 3 Day Diet

Food intake Dish
Breakfast 200 gr natural yogurt
Lunch One green apple
Dinner Yogurt
Afternoon snack Apple
Dinner Yogurt
Before bedtime Water with honey

After the third day it is forbidden to immediately lean on heavy food. It is better to eat some broth and steamed vegetables on the fourth day. Heavy food can return to the diet only after a week. Although it is better to refuse it altogether, then you will not have to torture yourself with diets in general. To use such a system for weight loss can be no more than 3 times a year.

Method No. 3: Fruit Yogurt

A diet on fruit and yogurt is the most loyal of all three options. The feeling of hunger on it is almost not felt, and transfer it is not difficult. This method can be considered as a diet for the lazy. The diet will be full of tasty and juicy fruits, some vegetables and a few servings of lean meat. Two days before the main diet, you need to give up fatty, fried, smoked and sweet. From drinks you can leave only: non-carbonated, non-alcoholic and non-sweet.

Day one

Breakfast: 150 gr of yogurt, one pear or 2 plum.

Lunch: a slice of melon or a glass of melon smoothie.

Lunch: fruit salad with yogurt dressing.

Dinner: 150 gr boiled chicken without skin, one cucumber, a glass of yogurt.

Day two

Breakfast: an apple, 150 gr yogurt.

Lunch: pear or melon slice.

Dinner: two kiwis, a glass of yogurt.

Dinner: salad of tomato, cabbage and greens with yogurt dressing.

Day three

Breakfast: yogurt, slice of watermelon.

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Lunch: green apple.

Lunch: fruit salad with yoghurt dressing.

Dinner: 150 gr of boiled low-fat veal, one tomato, yogurt.

For salads, it is better not to use bananas, mangoes and grapes, as they contain a lot of sugar. Tea must also be unsweetened. It is better to refuse coffee and replace it with green tea.

For 3 of the day of such a diet, approximately 2 pounds of weight go away, the metabolism improves, the GIT microflora is normalized.

Yogurt Diet for 7 days

A longer option is calculated on 7 days and the loss of 5-6 extra pounds. The menu in it is more diverse. There will be vegetables, fruits, meat and, of course, yogurt. The list of permitted drinks is also democratic: everything is possible, except for carbonated and alcoholic. Dishes are best not to salt and add hot spices.

There are a few rules in the sequence of eating food. A glass of yogurt should be drunk 30 minutes before meals. For 30 minutes before the yogurt you need to drink water. Drinking immediately after a meal and during the meal is strictly prohibited. Yogurt drink hot drinks can not. This leads to the death of most beneficial bacteria.

Diet on the day of the yogurt diet

Food intake Time dish
Breakfast 7: 00 – a glass of warm water
7: 30 – Yogurt 150
8: 00 – one boiled egg and cucumber
Lunch 10: 00 – a glass of water
10: 30 – 150 gr yogurt
11: 00 – One Green Apple
Dinner 13: 00 – a glass of water
13: 30 – Yogurt
14: 00 – seaweed and carrot salad
Afternoon snack 16: 00 – water
16: 30 – Yogurt
17: 00 – two kiwi or two plums
Dinner 18: 00 – water
18: 30 – Yogurt
19: 00 – 200 g steamed or boiled broccoli

The menu on 7 days can be made independently, the main thing is to exclude fatty foods, fried, any confectionery and flour. Porridge, too, will have to be replaced with light salads. The composition of the diet – the most classic for many diets. The painted sequence allows you to lose unnecessary kilograms without experiencing constant hunger. Reviews losing weight show that breakdowns on the yogurt diet are rare. This trend is due to the fact that thoughts about food do not pursue losing weight, as it happens on many other diets.

After a week of special nutrition, you need to return to the usual menu gradually. Although, if before the diet, the basis of the diet was heavy and high-calorie food, it is better to reconsider the habits. So, on the eighth and ninth day, you can introduce oatmeal, buckwheat on the water and rice. Red fish, durum wheat pasta and dark bread return to the tenth day. Such a scheme will allow the body to rebuild and prevent the return of lost kilograms.

Yogurt Diet for 10 days

The ten-day yoghurt diet is suitable only for those who play sports or are engaged in hard physical labor. The diet here is the same as in the previous version: water – yogurt – wholesome food. Those who lose weight by this method are eaten daily on 1100 kcal. This is enough for active exercise and weight loss. The list of authorized products remains the same:

  • natural yogurt;
  • vegetables (exclude potatoes);
  • fruits (exclude bananas and grapes);
  • berries;
  • lean meat;
  • white fish;
  • vegetable oil (at a minimum);
  • hard cheeses, low-fat cottage cheese;
  • homemade: jelly, smoothies, cocktails;
  • greens.

It is better to stick to it for no longer than one decade. You can then take a break on the 2-3 of the month and repeat the practice again.

If you combine the use of proteins and power loads, muscle mass gradually increases and forms an aesthetic relief. Such a diet is perfect for athletes, also because yogurt is rich in protein. Due to the active formation of muscles, it is difficult to predict the result of a diet. Since muscle tissue is heavier than fatty tissue, the mass can, on the contrary, become larger. But fat is still burned, and this is the task of the yogurt technique.

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Natural Yogurt Recipe

Self-cooking this product is easy. Only a few ingredients and time are needed. Yogurt can be made in a slow cooker or a special yogurt maker. If the former is still found in the kitchens of ordinary housewives, then the latter is a rarity even among those who pursue a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the recipe for homemade yogurt in a simple thermos or a jar is perfect for everyone.

To make yogurt you need:

  • milk – 1 liter;
  • dry starter – 1 packaging;
  • thermos or pot;
  • thermometer.

Milk should be boiled and left to cool slightly. At this stage, you need to monitor the rate of decline in temperature, when it reaches 38-40, you will have to act quickly. Dry sourdough should be stirred in half a glass of milk until completely dissolved. Then pour this content into the remaining milk and put everything in a thermos. The main condition is that the tank should have the same temperature, no more than 40 and no less than 38, otherwise the bacteria may die. The container should be wrapped tightly and placed in a warm place (if it is a can, it is better to the fireplace or a radiator). The starter process will last for 7-9 hours. After that, the product must be placed in the refrigerator for at least another 12 hours.

This homemade yogurt is used not only for diet, but also as a natural salad dressing, homemade dessert or beverage. For three days, it will contain all the necessary components and bacteria.

Conclusions: whether to choose a yogurt diet

Diet on yogurt is an easy way to lose, on average, 5 extra pounds. Its results depend on strict compliance, the absence of contraindications and the initial weight of losing weight. Like any other method to lose weight, this one has pros and cons.

The main disadvantage and advantage of this method at the same time is yogurt itself. If you buy it in stores, it can be costly in financial terms. If you cook it at home, it will take time. In addition, this product is not always tasty. Those who decide to try to make it on their own should be prepared for a slimy, sticky mass instead of pleasant, dense yogurt. However, as already noted, this culinary skill will be very useful even for those who do not lose weight.

A strict diet on 3 of the day is fraught with all the drawbacks of the unloading day. The feeling of hunger will not leave losing weight until the end of the course. On the last day you may experience: dizziness, blackening of the eyes, slight nausea.

But there are still more positive moments with this technique. First, the weight goes slowly and steadily. Secondly, you can choose an individual option. Do not like fasting – suitable for seven days or with fruit. You need to lose more – a strict one will do. An additional advantage of the yoghurt diet is that it is suitable even for people with lactose intolerance. During fermentation, all lactose from milk is processed, so natural yogurt is not dangerous for lacto-allergic people.

In addition to body shaping, in a short time on bifidobacteria you can get a cleansed body, good mood and a surge of strength. All the advantages of this technique occur when it is properly used.

A yogurt diet should be chosen for weight loss and improve appearance. It is universal, harmless and relatively easy to use. If you don’t like the diet on yogurt, diets will help to quickly achieve the same results: buckwheat, Malysheva or popular – Kremlin.

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