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Advantages and disadvantages of Botox

Deep facial wrinkles haunt you? It is time to deal with them with radical methods, because creams and other lotions do not give a reliable and lasting effect. Injection plastic allows you to qualitatively solve such issues in the shortest possible time. Today we have to talk about the most popular drug used for these purposes, as well as its main advantages and disadvantages. Botox: the pros and cons, here is one of the most pressing topics in the modern beauty industry.

A few words about security

So, let’s talk about the potential safety of such a procedure. It is unlikely that a rational person will want to think about rejuvenation, the achievement of which is possible only at the cost of one’s own health. This common truth is understood by both doctors and scientists, which is why in our time all the forces are devoted to scientific research and the search for new formulas.

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As for Botox, then with him everything is not so clear. The composition of the drug is quite simple and includes one main and two auxiliary components. The main component is botulinum toxin type A, a fairly powerful poison, characterized by a paralytic effect. Using it with food, you risk not only your own health, but also your life.

In cosmetology, it is used in minimal quantities, is injected into the muscle or under the skin to a minimum depth. Summing up, we can attribute this characteristic to the disadvantages of the product. This statement is based on the following information:

  • The tool may not be completely excreted from the body, but accumulate in the cells.
  • Botulism toxin is alien to humans.

Botulinum toxin tends to accumulate in cells

Botulinum toxin tends to accumulate in cells

A few words about efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most important and determining when choosing a procedure. It is immediately worth noting that Botox is considered a high-quality and powerful tool. The scope of its application involves the fight against deep facial wrinkles, in this area the product has almost no competitors. The main advantage lies in the principle of action. The drug is not a filler, it does not fill wrinkles from the inside, but simply eliminates the cause of their appearance.

Once in the muscle, the toxin blocks outbreaks of nerve impulses, thereby paralyzing the muscles. They stop contracting and, as a result, the skin is smoothed. The subcutaneous implantation technique also has a simple algorithm. The composition penetrates the skin to a small depth, locally spreads in a certain area and blocks the work of micromuscles.

As you can see, the scheme is extremely simple, but effective. Performance, of course, can be attributed to the advantages of Botox. In this case, one important reservation should be remembered, the composition is only relevant in the fight against facial wrinkles. With age-related skin changes, its use is impractical.

Result duration

The result after the Botox procedure lasts up to 12 months

The result after the Botox procedure lasts up to 12 months

It is unlikely that someone will want to give injections once a month, this is expensive for the money, and there is significant stress for the body. Introduced into the muscle or under the skin, Botox is fully eliminated from the body in about six months. In some sources you can find numbers indicating the period from 3 to 12 months.

It should be noted that this is quite possible and is determined by the individual characteristics of a person, his lifestyle and health status. Whether the duration of the result is a strong or weak side of such a procedure is up to you. On the one hand, the half-year period is quite long, on the other hand, it is inferior even to some fillers based on hyaluronic acid of high concentration.

Practicality of the procedure

The procedure can well be characterized by the following terms:

  • short-term (takes no more than 40 minutes);
  • lack of special preparatory requirements;
  • minimum recovery period.

In Europe and the USA one can find such an expression as “lunch operation”. This means that you can go to the procedure in a simple lunch break, without interruption from production and the usual daily routine. For most patients, this is very convenient, which means practicality can be attributed to the advantages of the drug.

Botox procedure takes a minimum of time

Botox injection procedure takes a minimum of time

Risks of side effects

The concept of the risk of side effects is closely associated with such a characteristic as safety, however, it still deserves highlighting in a certain section.

The risks of a negative reaction to the introduction of poison into the body are quite high, in addition, the skin in a certain way suffers from a violation of the integrity of the skin. Let’s analyze the main possible consequences of the procedure in two groups:

Caused directly by an injection, and not by the drug administered. They are normal, pass quickly and almost do not cause anxiety. These include: bruises, swelling, redness, mild soreness.

Specific are characterized by the body’s response to Botox. The response manifestations largely depend directly on the injection site. So, there are reactions: with injections in the forehead – headaches; in the neck – difficulty breathing, speech, eating; in the armpits – heart palpitations. In an effort to overcome the poison that has entered the body, the immune system activates all forces. Symptoms of the ongoing struggle are: weakness, fever, dizziness. This is extremely rare, but it can still be. So, we can conclude that the procedure for the introduction of funds can provoke serious consequences, which means that it has another significant drawback.

Now that you know how Botox is used, the pros and cons that characterize it, you can make an informed decision about the need for the procedure. Despite the abundance of significant advantages, this technique has certain drawbacks, which many cosmetologists prefer to simply remain silent. Having calculated all possible risks in advance and comparing them with potential advantages, you can get the desired result.

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