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Botox Alcohol and Injection Compatibility

Women who have undergone injection plastic surgery at least once know firsthand its benefits. Financial accessibility, the absence of the need for a long rehabilitation period, a minimum of side effects and high efficiency, this is what millions of women are valued for. Unfortunately, many people forget about the need to observe elementary precautionary rules, which leads to very sad and deplorable consequences. Let’s talk about how Botox and alcohol combine..

What is Botox and how does it work?

Most people do not think about exactly how the injection implant “works”; the final result is important to them. But if they were concerned about this issue, it is likely that anti-aging measures would be postponed or completely canceled.

As for Botox, inherently it represents botulism neurotoxin type A, only already cleansed and weakened. In Russian, this is an ordinary type of poison that has a direct effect on the muscles in our body. Despite such a dangerous definition, for more than 20 years in a row the product has been one of the most sought-after in the global beauty industry. First of all, the drug is used to eliminate facial wrinkles, both very small and very deep. The injection is carried out directly into the muscle, which then stops contracting. Due to this, wrinkles are smoothed out and no longer appear.

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To assess the effect of Botox on the body, it will be quite enough information that when ingested through the esophagus, it stimulates fatal consequences, paralysis of internal organs and death. Side effects of intramuscular injection include bruising, swelling and uneven distribution of the composition.

Botox administration procedure

The harm of alcohol

In modern society, probably everyone knows what alcohol abuse is fraught with. Alcohol-containing products are inherently also poison, simply weaker and kill the human body gradually. The properties of alcohol also include:

  • dilation of blood vessels;
  • increased blood flow.

The interaction of two poisons

First of all, it is categorically not recommended to carry out such experiments and find out the possible consequences of mixing two poisons. The thing is that the reaction of the body can be unpredictable. You can provoke both serious health problems and get off with a slight disappointment from the lack of an injection effect.

By the way, the most common is the second option. Alcohol after Botox provokes premature breakdown of the drug. Vessels under the influence of strong drinks expand significantly, blood begins to circulate in them much faster than in a calm state of the body. The increased blood movement can provoke a “washout” of Botox, which reduces or completely negates its effectiveness.

Unpleasant consequences can be prevented if you refuse to drink alcohol. Observe the ban should be at least 14 days. At the same time, it is forbidden to visit tanning salons, saunas, engage in active sports, bend over and massage your face.

Preparing for the procedure

Possible risks and consequences can be reduced by observing certain precautions on the eve of the injection. So, 48 hours before the procedure, certain restrictions should be observed:

  • refuse to take alcohol;
  • minimize physical activity;
  • if possible, do not bend or lie face down;
  • do not use new drugs, especially antibiotics.

Reduce potential risks with Botox

Reduce potential risks with Botox

Possible consequences of drinking alcohol

Let’s summarize, what can the combination of Botox and alcohol in the human body lead to in the same period? So, beauticians say that such carelessness can turn into:

  • neutralization of the effect;
  • asymmetry of the result (you simply can become the owner of a skewed face);
  • increased action (muscles completely harden and stop moving, of course, for a while, but this is also very unpleasant);
  • local, superficial manifestations (bruises, swelling, redness);
  • shortening the duration of the implant (instead of the promised six months, two to three months)

The combination of alcohol and Botox leads to the most unpleasant consequences. This common truth will be informed not only by cosmetologists, but also by the patients themselves who have suffered because of their carelessness. Your maximum abstinence from alcoholic beverages will be no more than two weeks, however, subject to this limitation, you will protect your health and beauty.

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