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Botox and Dysport: how to choose which is better?

Modern cosmetology offers its patients a choice of many highly effective methods for eliminating wrinkles. The leading positions in this direction are occupied by various drugs based on botulinum toxin. Let’s talk about which is better, Botox or Dysport, because these two tools are among the most effective. If you know what the difference is, then the choice between these two drugs will become as clear as possible to you.

Is the composition of the drugs different?

The main difference between the two products, of course, is their composition. The effectiveness and duration of action, two main characteristics in injection plastic, depend on it.

So, Dysport from a French company called Ipsen consists of three components: an active agent of botulinum toxin type A and auxiliary components (plasma albumin and lactose). At first glance, the composition of Botox is about the same, but its ingredients are:

  • botulinum toxin type A;
  • human plasma albumin;
  • sodium chloride.
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The first of these components is the main one. Compared to Dysport, in Botox its concentration is approximately 2.5 times higher.

Botox and Dysport

Amount needed

When choosing what is best for you, it is extremely important to consider the information above. The American drug is more concentrated, therefore, to solve the problem it requires much less. The number of injections of both products differs slightly. The thing is that during one injection, a larger amount of Dysport is injected into the muscle or under the skin.

In addition, the last of these agents has a smaller molecular size, which means that active particles spread to more extensive areas. To summarize, we can say that one unit of Botox requires 4 times the French drug.

About security

Both drugs are based on botulinum toxin – a substance that, in large quantities and when used improperly, can provoke very unpleasant consequences for humans. Many people mistakenly consider Allergan products from the United States more dangerous due to increased concentration, but such allegations are not true. Reviews often contain information that Dysport provokes much more side effects and is generally perceived by the body harder. This is explained by the following reasons:

  • a European remedy is introduced into the body in larger quantities;
  • the composition has smaller, active particles, due to which it acts less locally, that is, it can slightly spread and affect neighboring muscles, which is also undesirable.

How long is the result saved?

When deciding what to prefer, Dysport or Botox, many women think about whether there is a difference in the duration of the result between the use of these drugs. In the first case, a positive reaction occurs already on the third day: the composition is actively distributed under the skin and blocks the work of nerve impulses in the muscles, it should be remembered that smaller molecules not only begin to act quickly, but also quickly decompose and excrete.

It is generally accepted that Dysport is valid for about 4 months, after which injections will need to be repeated. Please note that cosmetologists often leave feedback that injections of this drug should not be given more than twice a year. Botox copes with the task of eliminating wrinkles for 6-8 months. The final figure in both cases is determined by the individual characteristics of the human body.

The result after applying Botox

The result after applying Botox

Result after applying Dysport

Result after applying Dysport

Summing up

To summarize, in order to concretize the existing differences between the two tools. Perhaps this information will help you choose what is best specifically for you, Dysport or Botox. To begin with, we formulate the data stated above:

  • Botox has a more concentrated composition;
  • Botox is introduced in small quantities through a minimum number of injections;
  • Dysport spreads faster in the body and affects more extensive areas, so it begins to act faster, but just as quickly excreted from the body;
  • the French composition provokes more side effects;
  • the final cost of drug-based procedures is about the same.

Common features

Of course, popular drugs have quite a few similar characteristics. Among them were noted medical and cosmetic indications, the general principle of injections, the main active component and a list of contraindications. It includes: any diseases in the active stage (temporary and chronic), inflammatory processes on the skin, the focus of which falls on the site of the alleged injection, pregnancy and lactation.

When choosing which drug is best for you, do not forget to consult a beautician who you plan to have the procedure done on. Perhaps, with a personal consultation, he will be able to choose the right type of product suitable for you. Various reviews of those who have already gone through injections and can evaluate their negative and positive sides will also provide additional help.

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