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Botox injections on the lips – what to expect, contraindications

Beautiful, well-defined lips at the peak of fashion for several years. Thanks to the wonders of modern cosmetology, tens of thousands of women were able to change and make the shape of their lips more seductive. One of the most popular treatments is Botox Lip Correction. It is affordable and highly efficient. Unfortunately, only a few potential patients understand how the drug works and what its use can actually lead to.

Indications for the procedure

So, in what cases is it recommended to inject Botox on the lips? There are several basic prerequisites that make the procedure necessary. These include:

  • lip asymmetry or the presence of the effect of lowered corners;
  • insufficient or minimal volume, ugly form;
  • the presence of facial wrinkles in the mouth.

Using a composition based on botulinum toxin, nasolabial folds are not filled. It can be noted that the resulting volume is quite arbitrary, that is, for the most part visual. The thing is that the tool is not a filler filler, its task is to change the state of the muscles.

Operating principle

As we already found out, Botox for lips is not relevant in order to create an additional significant volume. The main objective of the product is to provide a certain tone to the muscles, which, in turn, helps to reduce wrinkles and the formation of a clearer lip contour. Botox is injected subcutaneously using the mesotherapy technique. In the superficial layers of the dermis, it extends to a small distance and affects the work of micromuscles.

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The main active ingredient of the drug is botulinum toxin type A. It has a paralyzing effect on nerve impulses, which do not allow the muscles to relax, as a result of which they stop contracting, and the skin is smoothed and becomes toned.

after Botox, tightened skin around the mouth

The main effect of the injection is toned skin around the mouth

The main stages of lip correction

Botox is injected into the lips with the utmost accuracy, incorrect identification of problem points is fraught with very negative consequences. The entire process of product introduction can be conditionally divided into several standard stages:

  • preparatory (includes consultations, determining possible contraindications, drawing up injections);
  • basic (applying anesthesia as necessary, the introduction of the composition under the skin, takes up to 30 minutes);
  • rehabilitation (implies consultations on precautionary measures, as well as their further observance within the agreed period).

Botox for lips is not directly injected into soft tissues, this is strictly prohibited, as it will lead to loss of control of the speech apparatus. Injections are injected into the skin around the mouth, at a distance of a couple of millimeters from the lips at specific points. They are carried out using the thinnest needle.

Thin needle injections

Thin needle injections

Contraindications and side effects

Using Botox for lips in some cases is strongly discouraged. The list of main contraindications is voiced by a specialist at the consultation stage. Typical limitations include:

  • pregnancy and the period of feeding the child;
  • oncology, blood diseases, diseases of internal organs on a chronic basis in the acute stage;
  • taking antibiotics and a number of special medicines that lower the effectiveness of injections;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the composition;
  • the possibility of an allergic reaction to the components of the composition;
  • inflammatory processes of the skin;
  • active stage of colds and viral diseases.

Colds - a contraindication for Botox injections

Colds – a contraindication for Botox injections

Neglect of contraindications and recommendations of the doctor after the procedure can provoke and enhance various side effects. The normal reaction of the body to Botox for the lips is moderate pain, local redness and minimal swelling. Such manifestations pass without special treatment after a few days and do not cause significant inconvenience. In rare cases, after Botox has been administered to the lips, specific reactions may occur:

  • difficulty in moving the lips;
  • amplification or asymmetry formation.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after Botox around lips No. 1
Photos before and after Botox around lips No. 2
Photos before and after Botox around lips No. 3

Photos before and after Botox around lips No. 4

Interesting Facts

Let’s talk about the most common myths and facts related to this popular American drug:

  • Botox lip augmentation is possible very conditionally, the product does not fill soft tissues, but only tightens muscles. The product is universal, can be used by both men and women, it is used to correct both one and two lips at the same time.
  • The effect of injections is not immediately apparent, but after one week, the procedure will need to be repeated once every six months.

If you learned that Botox was injected into someone’s lips, you should know that this does not mean injecting directly into soft tissues, most likely injections were made into the skin located in the immediate vicinity. Procedures of this nature are necessary with severe asymmetry of the lips and lowered corners, insufficient volume and the presence of wrinkles in the mouth. The resulting effect persists for about six months.

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