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Cheek modeling with contouring

Nine out of ten beautiful ladies are dissatisfied with their appearance, there is always something that needs to be fixed or redone. Contouring of the cheekbones and cheeks is a great opportunity to change your face, giving the features the necessary volume and expressiveness. A universal procedure is suitable for almost every patient, is easily tolerated and does not require special rehabilitation. It is carried out by injection, so that the risk of injuries and damage to the skin is minimal, and the healing of the problem area lasts no more than a week.

Indications for use

Contour plasty of cheekbones and cheeks is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetology. Indications for its implementation is the weak severity of the designated area of ​​the face. A similar problem is faced by young girls and women in age, it worries men. Injections are truly universal and are suitable for absolutely everyone. They help fill the deficit of soft tissues, get rid of saggy skin, partially change the oval of the face.

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The main stages of the procedure

Manipulations do not require prior preparation. It is not recommended to combine contouring with other aggressive cosmetic procedures. Also, a week before the session, it is recommended to abandon blood-thinning products and medicines.

The procedure itself lasts no more than an hour. The cheekbones area is cleaned of surface contaminants and treated with an antiseptic. The next stage is the exposure of local anesthesia, and only then a series of injections.

Marking before contouring procedure

Marking before contouring procedure

Fillers are contained in sterile disposable syringes of various volumes. Small doses of several injections are introduced. Then the specialist conducts acupressure, causing the substance to be evenly distributed under the skin.

Compositions for modeling

The change in the volume and shape of the cheekbones is carried out using special preparations called fillers in cosmetology. At their core, they are liquid aggregates that simultaneously perform two functions, physical replenishment of the volume, and the launch of regeneration processes. The exact principle of action is determined by the composition used.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers

The most popular and largest group. Submitted by fillers: Surgiderm 30 XP, Juvederm voluma, Restylane SubQ etc. Hyaluronic acid in them is of synthetic or animal origin, combines well with the patient’s body, eventually completely decomposes and does not accumulate. It improves skin hydration, attracts water molecules, which fill the voids, indirectly improves collagen synthesis. For contour plastics, fillers with an increased concentration of HA are used, thus prolonging the result is achieved.


The preparation is based on polylactic acid of non-animal origin. Safe biodegradable substance that forms a gradual, but pronounced result for up to 2 years. The principle of action is based on the active production of natural collagen and elastin, which make up for the lack of volume, simultaneously giving the skin elasticity and density.

Preparation for contour plastic surgery Sculptra


A professional drug that is actively used in medicine to fill the lack of soft tissues. It is made on the basis of calcium hydroxyapatite. The substance is identical to that contained in human bone. Provides a visible result immediately, provoking neocollagenesis in parallel, according to the results of which the achieved effect is stored for up to 3 years.

The preparation for contour plastic Radiesz


A cosmetologist will warn you about possible contraindications during a preliminary consultation, if you missed this stage, remember that contour plastic surgery is not performed when:

  • intolerance to the components that make up fillers;
  • pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding;
  • oncological diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • reduced immunity;
  • exacerbation of any chronic pathology.

Among other things, in the area of ​​the cheekbones there should not be open wounds, abscesses, numerous nevi, manifestations of skin diseases. With increased sensitivity of the skin, the feasibility of contouring is also called into question, since scars may form as a result of injections.


Correction of the cheekbones by fillers belongs to the category of minimally invasive procedures. This term means minimal trauma and prompt recovery of the problem area after the intervention.

Recovery after contour correction of cheekbones

Rehabilitation takes no more than 2 weeks, special care and manipulation during this period is not required. It is enough to treat the injection site three times a day with an antiseptic, other actions are determined by the presence or absence of side effects.

Beauticians always recommend that their patients comply with certain restrictions. So, for 2 weeks you should not visit the gym, solarium, sauna and pool. It is not recommended for a long time to stay in the sun without protective cosmetics, to drink alcohol.

Side effects and complications

In 9 of 10 patients, pronounced side effects that cause discomfort are noted after the procedure. Fortunately, such phenomena are short-lived and rarely last longer than 2 – 4 days. They appear in edema, bruising and redness of the skin. Often patients feel pain, discomfort, itching. In rare cases, a rash appears on the skin indicating an allergy.

If bacteria enter the injection site, inflammation can begin, which is why it is so important to conduct regular antiseptic treatments. With bruises, cold compresses are recommended, with edema – a decrease in water intake. Allergic manifestations are necessarily stopped by antihistamines.

If side effects persist for more than a week, a second consultation and examination is required. You need to be careful about your health, this will help you prevent the development of serious complications, such as fibrosis.

Before and after photos

Before and After Photos No. 1
Before and After Photos No. 2
Before and After Photos No. 3
Before and After Photos No. 4
Before and After Photos No. 5

Contour plasty of the cheekbones is a modeling of the face by injection of liquid preparations. The procedure allows you to change the shape of the problem area, as well as get rid of age-related changes, giving the skin density and elasticity. The effect of this procedure lasts from 6 months to 3 years, depending on the type of filler used.

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