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Dysport and Xeomin: which is better to choose?

Everyone dreams that the signs of aging are not visible to others. All world cosmetic brands are chasing this dream, offering their developments, innovations and procedures. The progress of anti-age cosmetology gave us “injections of youth”, but the choice of the drug turned into a real problem. Which is better: Dysport or Xeomin, not every cosmetologist can say, not to mention the client. But, guided by arguments and common sense, you can determine what is right for you.

Twin brothers?

In fact, the differences between the drugs are invisible to the inexperienced eye. A person who does not have professional knowledge will think that Dysport and Xeomin are identical, as they contain botulinum toxin and have similar mechanisms of action. On this their similarity ends.

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Important differences are characteristic of Xeomin, which is an invention of recent years. Deciding which is better is difficult, because Xeomin and Dysport are not inferior to each other in the number of advantages.

Xeomin and Dysport – the essence, advantages and disadvantages

Xeomin, developed by the German company Merz Aesthetics, has been distributed in Russian cosmetology clinics since 2008 of the year. The so-called new generation botulinum toxin has become an alternative to the same Botox and its French counterpart, but not a replacement. Not because he is worse, but because he is completely different.

The composition of Dysport and Botox includes a blood protein – hemaglutinin, in addition to type A botulinum toxin. Pure botulinum toxin without impurities is used in the production of Xeomin. Scientists sought to clean it not in order to reduce the cost of the drug, but in the hope of avoiding possible complications after injections. Hemaglutinin, like any protein foreign to the blood, causes the production of antibodies in the immune system. This is a normal reaction, but for the client it is fraught with unpleasant external manifestations.

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From this it follows that Xeomin is safer compared to Dysport: it is not addictive, allergic, has a low molecular weight, which allows the drug to cling only to the cells of the affected area. Moreover, its cost is much higher, almost the same as that of Botox.

The behavior of drugs under the skin

What is the time interval after injections to wait for the action of drugs? Around 2 of the day, botulinum toxin is needed to “drown out” nerve impulses and make the facial muscles motionless. This applies to both Xeomin and Dysport. But unlike the French counterpart, Xeomin acts softer, keeping facial expressions natural, vibrant. The stone face effect is absent, but the corrective effect is less pronounced.

In this case, it is hard to say which is better, because there are clients who want to get rid of facial wrinkles without harming facial expressions, and those who prefer more aggressive measures. The determining factor will not be the personal preferences of the client, but the opinion of the cosmetologist.

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The preparations have different compositions and different molecular weights.

The degree of drug penetration in the facial muscle tissue is also different: it is less pronounced in Xeomin, and much higher in Dysport. This is due to different molecular weights and determines the different effects of the drugs. The risk of penetration into neighboring tissues is excluded in the case of Xeomin. The action of Dysport and Botox can spread beyond the boundaries of the corrected area. But the property appears to such an insignificant degree that it is often ignored.

The amount of the drug in units

For Dysport, this amount “takes off” to 60-120 units to eliminate horizontal forehead wrinkles. Xeomin for correction of the same complexity will need only 10-20 UNITS.

At the same time, 1ED Dysport is cheaper, and the price of Xeomin is slightly different from the price of Botox. Those. the cost of injections will be about the same. In addition, the action of the drug “Merz” lasts for 3-6 months, as for Dysport. Over time, the result lasts more time, but this is not important. The main thing is that even the decisive indicator for the drugs is identical.

1 table. Comparison of Dysport and Xeomin

Name of the drug Manufacturer The minimum number of units for correction When the effect comes Result duration
Dysport Beaufour Ipsen Ltd, France 20 3-4 days Up to 6 months
Xeomin Merz Aesthetics, Germany 5 2-3 days Up to 6 months

It is difficult to compare drugs that are largely similar to each other, but in each of them the advantages are achieved in different ways. One thing is for sure: both Dysport and Xeomin are equally needed in cosmetology. In the case of the unambiguous prevalence of one of them, the other would not be in demand. There is no tendency to increase or decrease the demand for drugs, therefore their value is equivalent.

It is impossible to say which of the injectable drugs is better, because they are parallel, and the effect of injections is achieved in different ways. Therefore, the right to choose belongs to a cosmetologist who, based on the appearance, age and health status of the client, will be able to determine what will be more effective in a particular situation.

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