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Hyaluronic Acid and Botox – a Comparison of two competitors

Going on a visit to the beautician, most patients are firmly aware of what they want to receive from the procedure and how it will go. Unfortunately, the point of view of the specialist and the client often do not coincide. In order to accept the opinion of a professional, you need to carefully approach the controversial issue and draw the right conclusions.

Let’s talk about which is better, Botox or hyaluronic acid, because these two drugs are one of the most popular in the fight against wrinkles. We will try to impartially determine which of them is considered more preferable and appropriate.

The essence of drugs

To begin with, we will try to provide basic information that will help you navigate in terms. Strictly speaking, Botox is not a substance, but the name of a procedure and drug. The composition of a popular American product includes several components, the main of which is botulinum toxin, a substance foreign to the human body.

In large quantities, it leads to very serious and unpleasant consequences. In cosmetology, botulinum toxin is used in small doses, in addition, it is subjected to preliminary purification and dilution with auxiliary substances.


The hyaluronic acid in question here is a synthetically created substance, an analog of the natural composition that is produced by our body and is responsible for saturating the skin with moisture. With age, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases sharply, due to which the skin loses its tone and wrinkles appear. The component recreated on the basis of bacteria is part of a special viscous corrector, which is used in injection plastic. Fillers, and this is what the official name of such drugs sounds like, are used for biorevitalization, mesotherapy and correction of individual areas of the face and body.

Juviderm - a popular hyaluronic acid filler

Indications for use

Perhaps this criterion is one of the main ones when choosing which is preferable, Botox or hyaluronic acid? So, the purpose of Botox in cosmetology boils down to:

  • eliminate facial wrinkles;
  • the fight against hyperhidrosis.
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Long-term application practice and positive reviews confirm that such a product is quite successfully coping with the tasks.

Hyaluronic acid fillers, of course, have a wider range of applications. Beauticians use them to combat excessive dryness of the skin, eliminate facial and age wrinkles, lift and restore the skin, and recreate the volume of missing soft tissues. This versatility makes fillers of various brands very popular in the modern beauty industry and provides numerous positive reviews.

Principles of Procedure

In fact, few patients pay attention to the technique of the session, despite the fact that this is also extremely important. Botox injections are carried out directly into the muscle, such actions are initially impossible if you have problems with muscle tone. In some cases, the drug can be administered subcutaneously, however, the principle of its action remains unchanged: the composition will affect the micromuscles.

Fillers are injected subcutaneously to a specific depth. The lower the concentration of hyaluronic acid, the easier the corrector, which means it will be used to solve surface problems. Fillers with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid are currently the most popular. Reviews on formulations with high concentration are some of the most positive. Such placeholders are used to solve the most complex problems and are characterized by a prolonged action.

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Principles of Procedure

A few words about security

Every year an increasing number of people think about the need to use the most natural and safe cosmetic products. Such a reasonable approach allows not only to obtain effective results, but also significantly reduce the risk of side effects.

First of all, it should be noted that any means pass certain scientific tests, which is already evidence of the relative protection of their health. As regards these drugs specifically, special attention should be paid to the fact that Botox is created on the basis of a toxic toxin, which in large quantities poisons the human body. Despite the fact that the drug is eliminated from the body over time, there are suggestions that poison can accumulate in the body’s cells.

Fillers in this case are much safer. They are substances that mimic the natural component of our skin, are created on the basis of bacteria and have no protein nature, due to which they almost do not cause rejection and side effects.

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About existing risks

Unfortunately, any manipulations of injection plastic to a certain extent provoke the risk of complications. Hyaluronic acid fillers can cause:

  • extensive swelling;
  • bruising, bruising, redness;
  • the occurrence of subcutaneous seals and nodules;
  • painful and uncomfortable sensations (including a feeling of fullness and fullness from the inside);
  • uneven distribution of composition, lack of effect, or vice versa, hyper results.

Such negative reactions of the body are not found at all and not always. Their occurrence is often based on individual characteristics, non-compliance with safety measures and the rules for introducing the product under the skin. Moreover, almost all side effects are usually insignificant and do not have a significant negative effect on human health. If you did not like the final result, you can always introduce a special tool that will facilitate the rapid withdrawal of hyaluronic acid.

The introduction of Botox

Botox Maintenance Procedure

As for Botox, then, of course, it often provokes unpleasant consequences. In addition to the standard reaction to a puncture of the skin, with the simultaneous administration of a significant amount of the agent, vomiting, dizziness, fever, fever, heart palpitations can be observed. In addition, specific consequences include:

  • ptosis (drooping eyelids);
  • muscle asymmetry.

Please note that drugs that neutralize the action of Botox do not exist in nature.

About contraindications

In conclusion, I would like to discuss possible contraindications to this or that procedure. They are almost identical. So, the basic contraindications are:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • fever and colds;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • inflammatory processes on the skin.

When choosing between fillers or Botox injections, trust the ultimate solution for professionals. After all, it is specialists who know all the subtleties and nuances of the preparations, and will also be able to assess the real condition of your skin. At the same time, having even minimal knowledge about cosmetic products, you can evaluate the actions of your doctor.

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