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Hyaluronic acid-based mesotherapy

With age, the skin condition of a person worsens significantly, wrinkles, age spots, dryness and other signs of aging begin to appear. The reasons for such changes can be quite a lot, one of the main ones is dehydration of the skin. Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid, a unique complex of cosmetology injections that allow you to pause time, will help to restore the precious moisture to the dermis. What is this procedure and how does it differ from the popular biorevitalization?

How does hyaluronic acid work?

Hyaluronic acid used in mesotherapy is not of an animal, but of synthetic origin. When introduced into the body, it compensates for the natural moisture deficit in the local zone, attracting large quantities of water molecules to itself. Excess fluid helps to smooth the skin, giving it the necessary elasticity, eliminating the feeling of dryness and peeling.

Due to the complete copying of the composition of hyaluronic acid, which is contained in the human body, and several degrees of purification, the synthetic version used in cosmetology does not cause rejection and allergies.

Indications for the procedure

As a rule, mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid is prescribed for:

  • the appearance of facial wrinkles;
  • the first signs of ptosis of soft tissues of the face;
  • cellulite;
  • considerable dryness of the skin and peeling;
  • decrease in elasticity and resilience;
  • dry and brittle hair.
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Also, this procedure is quite appropriate for skin burns, after intense tanning, and also as a restoration of damage caused by aggressive cosmetic effects.

Features of

Hyaluronic acid-based mesococtails are used to correct the skin of the face, neck and entire body. Drugs specifically selected for the patient, based on hyaluronic acid, are introduced into the surface layers of the dermis, to a depth of 3 millimeters. Before injections, the skin should be treated:

  • antiseptic (for the destruction of pathogenic bacteria that can get into the injection site and provoke an inflammatory process);
  • anesthetic cream (to relieve discomfort during injections, such anesthesia can be replaced by an injection).

Hyaluronic acid face mesotherapy is carried out exclusively by hand. Injections are made in large quantities, slowly and without strong pressure on the skin. This technique allows you to achieve a pronounced result, while minimizing side effects. When processing the abdomen, buttocks or hips, the use of a hardware technique is allowed. It should be noted that the effectiveness of the impact is not affected.

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During facial mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid

Reviews about the rehabilitation period are rather unanimous. Recovery of the body occurs quite quickly, usually it takes no more than five days. There are no special recommendations for this period, it is recommended to refrain from visiting tanning salons, saunas, pools. In addition, you should slightly limit physical activity and being outdoors during periods of extreme heat or frost. On the first day after injections, the patient should not use cosmetic preparations to care for the problem area.

Contraindications and side effects

Of course, even such a useful procedure can have negative aspects. So, mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and other useful components can also provoke certain side effects. In most cases, they are quite harmless and do not require treatment. Patient reviews contain information that, after injections, redness, papule formation, bruising, swelling, itching, and soreness can be observed. Much less often, inflammation of the injection site and allergic reactions can be observed.

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In most cases, unpleasant consequences are associated with the individual characteristics of the body, a violation of safety precautions during injections, as well as neglect of existing contraindications. As a rule, the restriction on mesotherapy is imposed when:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • exacerbation of diseases of internal organs (especially heart and kidneys);
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • oncology;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • SARS, influenza and other viral infections;
  • a tendency to the appearance of keloid scars in violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • individual intolerance to the constituents of the mesococktail.

These contraindications in most cases are common and are not associated with hyaluronic acid. The synthetic component does not provoke rejection and is almost completely safe for the patient.

The result after facial mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid

The result after the procedure of face mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid

The difference between biorevitalization and mesotherapy

What is the difference between mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid from the biorevitalization procedure popular in cosmetology? The latter technique involves the introduction of a component in its pure form, in a higher concentration. This method provides maximum skin hydration in a short time. Why then do I need mesotherapy? The main differences of technology:

  • The presence of additional components in the mesococktail (it can be vitamins, other acids, minerals, in a word, all that will help rejuvenate and improve the condition of the skin).
  • The use of the composition in a lower concentration, which means a less intense result (excellent for the prevention and solution of mild problems).
  • The possibility of using drugs not only for rejuvenation, but also to eliminate problems such as: weakening of hair follicles, hair loss, cellulite.

How much does mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid cost?

Of course, the exact cost of the procedure is difficult to call, because it is determined by many different components. Most often, the value of financial costs is affected by:

  • specific type of product used for treatment (manufacturer, availability of additional components);
  • the amount of composition used for injection (directly depends on the initial complexity of the situation and the size of the problem zone);
  • type of anesthesia used during the procedure (it can be an injection or cream);
  • exposure method (face mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid is most often carried out manually, when processing significant body surfaces, hardware can be used);
  • the policy of the medical center and the experience of the specialist conducting the exposure.

Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid is performed to moisturize the skin, eliminate wrinkles, strengthen hair follicles and fight cellulite. The procedure is universal in nature and can help eliminate a whole range of various problems. As a rule, injections use not only hyaluronic acid, but also a number of auxiliary components that provide a more pronounced, positive effect.

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