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Juvederm and Surgiderm are eternal rivals in the field of injection cosmetology

How to choose the best product for wrinkle correction and facial contour modeling? There are many popular products, each of which has certain advantages. Today we’ll talk about which is better, Juvederm or Surgiderm, because these fillers are very popular among professional cosmetologists and women around the world.

These correctors have a similar composition and principle of action, so it is quite difficult to make a choice in favor of one of the tools. We’ll try to determine what their differences are, perhaps this information will help you make a choice.

Common Features: Product Destinations

Indeed, there are a lot of similar characteristics for these products, which is probably why it is difficult to choose one of them even for professionals in their field. First of all, it should be noted that they are designed and manufactured by the same companies. The original creator is the French company Corneal, the official dealer is the American concert Allergan.

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And Juvederm, and Surgiderm are a line of cosmetic products, including a number of fillers. Depending on the type, their tasks include:

  • moisturizing the skin;
  • elimination of wrinkles, folds and roughnesses of the epidermis;
  • face contouring;
  • buildup of additional volume of soft tissues (including lip plastic).

The auxiliary advantages of correctors are the general improvement of the skin condition, giving it a healthier, more even color, radiance and softness.

Common features: contraindications and side effects

The list of similar characteristics can be supplemented with such categories as contraindications, side effects, precautions and principles of the introduction of funds.

In general terms, it is necessary to mention that any injection is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, in the presence of autoimmune, as well as any exacerbated chronic diseases, a tendency to scarring and the presence of inflammatory processes in the area intended for injection.

pregnancy and lactation

One contraindication is pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects may vary slightly due to the composition of the corrector, but for the most part they are manifested in the formation of bruises and swelling, as well as the presence of small seals under the skin.

Sensors for creating the effect of sensual lips

So, let’s move on from similarities to differences. Let’s try to compare the individual funds from Juvederm and Sujid and choose which is better?

It’s best to start with products designed for specific tasks. Juvederm Ultra Smile is specially designed to correct the volume and shape of the lips. Similar tasks are pursued by the filler Surgiderm lips (Surglips).

The fundamental differences between the two products are in their composition. So, the first corrector includes lidocaine, a powerful pain reliever. Its presence determines:

  • improved composition administration;
  • quick action of anesthesia.

Beauticians often argue that lidocaine, which is part of the filler initially, works much better and helps prevent the occurrence of such side effects as significant skin edema.

injections around the mouth

Facial contour modeling

In the case of Surgiderm, before the injection, the skin is treated with a special cream, the action of which helps to reduce discomfort. Many believe that such anesthesia is less severe, however, in fact, few patients experience any unpleasant sensations during the introduction of the implant.

The price of these two composition is also different. The cost of a filler from Juvederm is about 10 – 12 thousand rubles per 0.55 ml, a similar product from Surgiderm will already cost 15 thousand, but for a larger amount (1 ml). By the way, do not forget that you will have to pay for the services of a specialist and additional anesthesia (if necessary) in the clinic. On average, the total cost of the procedures can be approximately the same.

Wrinkle Corrector

Juvederm Ultra 2 will help you cope with the first small wrinkles and folds. The main purpose of the product is to reduce the natural signs of aging, saturate the epidermis with moisture, giving the skin the proper tone, softness and elasticity. Filler of this category is the easiest, it is introduced into the upper layers of the dermis, mainly in the forehead, lips, as well as in the outer corners of the eyes. The composition of the product is considered classic, it includes: hyaluronic acid, phosphate buffer and lidocaine. As for the price, then 0.55 ml of a product costs about 12 – 13 thousand rubles.

Yuviderm Ultra

Surgiderm 18 is also considered to be the mildest drug. The corrector is introduced only into the surface layers of the skin, and the purpose of its use is to reduce the first wrinkles and folds, skin irregularities. The differences are all in the same composition and cost. Anesthesia is performed using a cream or an additional injection. These auxiliary manipulations can provoke an increase in side effects (in particular, bruises). The cost of this corrector is much less than the product from Juvederm: 1 ml of the composition costs 12 thousand.

Surgiderm 18

Power Fillers

From light cosmetic products, let’s move on to special products. So, the most powerful tool from Juvederm is Ultra 4. It differs from other aggregates by the most viscous gel structure, which is introduced into the deep layers of the dermis, and then easily and evenly spreads into them. The corrector is used to eliminate sagging skin, giving the face a clearer contour, reduce deep wrinkles and wrinkles, and build up additional volume to certain areas of the face. Filler also does not require additional anesthesia, as it contains lidocaine.

Surgiderm 30 XP – the implant contains hyaluronic acid and phosphate buffer, the symbiosis of which helps:

  • improve the contour of the face, give it a clearer, tighter line;
  • to model a new shape and volume of lips, to raise their corners;
  • eliminate small and deep wrinkles, as well as folds in the forehead, mouth, eyes;
  • restore the missing volume of soft tissues.

Filler has a rather long action (up to one year, in some cases and longer), however, for its introduction you will also need to use additional anesthesia.

Choosing which is better, Juvederm or Surgiderm, is not easy. First of all, you need to focus on the state of your health, because many people have an allergy to pain medications. When comparing products by cost, do not forget that the prices quoted apply only to the correctors themselves, you still have to pay for the work of a cosmetologist and additional manipulations according to the price list. Summing up, we can say that your choice, first of all, should be based on the advice of a professional, and he, after a full-time examination, will be able to determine what is right for you.

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