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Mesotherapy drugs: what are and how are they different?

Mesotherapy is a cosmetology procedure designed to rejuvenate, heal and eliminate aesthetic defects of the skin of the face, head and body. It is carried out by means of special compositions introduced by ultra-thin needles into the surface and middle layers of the dermis. Mesotherapy drugs are selected depending on the type of problem, they may contain one or many components of plant, animal or synthetic origin. It should be remembered that the effectiveness of the procedure depends on them, which means that maximum attention should be paid to the choice of funds.

General classification of drugs

Currently, the cosmetology industry uses hundreds of different drugs for mesotherapy. Thanks to such a variety, not only an ordinary layman, but also a novice specialist can get confused in the presented assortment. Classify cocktails for mesotherapy as follows:

  • By injection zones (face, scalp and body).
  • By the number of components in the product (cocktails from several ingredients or concentrates from one).
  • By the type of components that make up the product (vitamins, minerals, extracts, hormones and others).
  • By the method of exposure to the components (main or auxiliary).

It should also be noted that there are formulations that are used only for injection, or for use in conjunction with a mesoscooter.

Choosing a cocktail for face mesotherapy

The most popular cosmetic procedure is facial mesotherapy. It is carried out for the following purposes.


The purpose of this kind of injection is to eliminate small wrinkles and reduce deep wrinkles, improve complexion, and even out skin structure. As a rule, for this, nutritional compositions based on vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and minerals are used. These can be concentrates (products containing only one component) or cocktails for mesotherapy with 2-3 ingredients that do not overload the skin (for example, AcHyal, HYALREPAIR).

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For patients with severe problems, it is recommended to use complex preparations containing many elements with a high concentration (for example, DMAE).

face mesotherapy


Preparations for face mesotherapy are also available for the general improvement of the skin and the elimination of its specific defects. For example, the HYALREPAIR 06 and 10 series of drugs are used to treat acne, reduce inflammation and increase local immunity, and XFor any inquiries, We’re here to answer you.ADN Gel It is used to combat scars from mechanical damage and acne. With regard to the fight against age spots, it is recommended to give preference to formulations containing ascorbic acid, they perfectly brighten the skin and increase local immunity.

Choosing a cocktail for head mesotherapy

Mesotherapy of the scalp in the vast majority of cases is carried out in order to prevent hair loss, accelerate their growth, as well as treat dermatological diseases (dandruff, seborrhea). Among the indications for the procedure are also the prevention of the early appearance of gray hair, the fight against split ends, dullness and brittle hair.

hair mesotherapy

Popular products in this category are products such as Hairloss, Keractive, Meso Hair System. Cocktails for hair mesotherapy must contain B vitamins, plant extracts, amino acids and a number of trace elements (zinc, copper and others). Together, they help stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, and minimize inflammatory processes.

It should be noted that with complete baldness, funds of this kind cannot radically correct the situation.

Choosing a cocktail for body mesotherapy

Mesotherapy of the body is carried out, as a rule, to combat cellulite, as well as to reduce local accumulation of body fat. In addition, the indications for its use are stretch marks and reduced skin tone, ptosis of individual areas. Procedures of this kind are not carried out for global figure correction; they are contraindicated in patients with overweight.

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body mesotherapy

The introduction of the compounds is carried out by injection or mesoscooter. The second solution for body mesotherapy is also very popular. The thing is that problem areas (buttocks, hips, abdomen, chest, arm areas from the shoulder to the elbow) are vast in size and require significant time expenditures for spot treatment. The use of a roller with needles simplifies the introduction of cosmetic products with minimal loss of their effectiveness.

Reviews of cosmetologists about products for caring for the skin of the body are quite contradictory, each specialist has his own specific preferences. Often a positive assessment is given to such formulations as:

  • Alcaphyt.
  • Skinasil Lipokat.
  • Skinasil Lipokof.
  • Skinasil Slim Body.
  • Cellucare and others.


As a rule, such mesotherapy preparations contain plant and synthetic extracts that promote fat burning, as well as a complex of ingredients (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid) that restore skin elasticity and tone. Due to such a balanced composition, several problems can be solved at once during exposure.

The main components of mesococtails

In order to better understand the principle of the positive effect of the mesotherapy procedure on the human body, we will understand the composition of the means used to carry it out. As a rule, these include:

  • Natural plant extracts. They belong to the category of the safest components, sparing, but pronounced action. Represented by such components: extracts of chamomile, aloe, biloba. They are used to break down fats, nourish the skin, relieve inflammation, and treat dermatological diseases.
  • Vitamins (A, B, C, E and others). Saturate and nourish the skin, improve its color, increase local immunity, slow down age-related changes and can stimulate hair growth. Used for all types of mesotherapy.
  • Animal products. Any anti-aging mesococktail necessarily contains animal products, in particular collagen and elastin. Such components help increase skin elasticity, prevent age-related changes and eliminate wrinkles. They are also needed to fight scars.
  • Synthetic products. Also often included in cocktails for mesotherapy of the face and body. The most famous substance in this category is hyaluronic acid. It is used to restore water balance, increase skin elasticity and rejuvenation. It is necessary to combat cellulite, the formation of a lifting effect.
  • Minerals Chemicals used to solve a large number of problems. Represented by such components as selenium, zinc, silicon and other elements. They are used for all types of mesotherapy and have the widest possible spectrum of action.
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The principle of action of drugs

Preparations for mesotherapy of the face, body and other problem areas can be divided according to the principle of action of substances. This classification is most often used by professional and cosmetologists and implies the division of products used into two groups:

  • The main substances. They act directly on the problem and contribute to its elimination (for example, the breakdown of fats, the launch of cell regeneration).
  • Excipients. They are added to a healing or rejuvenating cocktail to form an additional positive effect (for example, improving metabolism or blood circulation).


Injection procedures have a lot of contraindications, but they are associated not only with the use of specific drugs, but also with the process of violation of the integrity of the skin. Therapeutic or anti-aging mesococktail, as a rule, is not used during pregnancy and during lactation, with pathologies of the circulatory and nervous systems, diabetes mellitus, intolerance to the components that make up its composition.

Mesotherapy preparations may include components such as: minerals, vitamins, plant extracts, animal substances. They are used for cosmetic procedures for the care of the skin of the face, body or scalp. The immediate indications for their use is the need for rejuvenation, elimination of skin defects, the fight against cellulite, stretch marks, body fat.

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