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MezoBotox – Botox-based mesotherapy

Botox injections are one of the most popular methods to combat the pronounced signs of aging. Unfortunately, the tool is recommended for use not for everyone and not in every case. There are quite a number of serious limitations. In such situations, it is recommended to pay attention to the alternative procedure, which is called MezoBotox.

Features and differences

First of all, the most popular misconception should be dispelled: MezoBotox is not a drug, it is a unique, new and very effective methodology for introducing Botox. The name of the procedure consists of two cosmetology terms: mesotherapy (injection technique) and Botox (injectable drug).

The injection principle itself distinguishes this method from classical technology: the composition is not injected into the muscle, but directly under the skin, to a minimum depth. Once in the upper layers of the dermis (2 / 3mm), the drug gradually spreads at an insignificant distance and acts on the small muscles according to the standard scheme, that is, it blocks nerve impulses, thereby paralyzing muscle contractions.

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Indications for conduction

MezoBotox is effective in removing numerous small wrinkles. How to determine if it suits you? Everything is quite simple, the technique is quite appropriate for the so-called photoaging. This is often observed even in young women on the face, neck, and in the decollete zone. A gentle injection technique allows injections to rejuvenate even the most sensitive skin (the composition is introduced near the lips, between the eyebrows).

Fine wrinkles

Contraindications to

MezoBotox is characterized by the classic list of contraindications. These primarily include: individual intolerance to the components that make up the injections, lactation and pregnancy, a viral infection, an exacerbation of a chronic disease, oncology, and a tendency to scarring. In some situations, the list of restrictions can be expanded by a specialist.

How is the procedure?

As we have already found out, the main difference between the MezoBotox method and the classical implementation technique lies directly in the injection technique. However, the most obvious discrepancies appear in a detailed description of mesotherapy based on botulism toxin.

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The first step is to defining problem areas, drawing up an accurate scheme of injections, treatment of the skin with an antiseptic (most often chlorhexidine is used for this purpose).

The next step is the injection itself. MezoBotox implies the introduction into the skin of not pure, but diluted Botox. Proportions, as a rule, are determined by the specialist depending on the problem area (maybe 1 / 5 or 1 / 10). As an auxiliary component, saline, hyaluronic acid or a special vitamin cocktail can also be used, which also has a rejuvenating and healing effect. The composition is introduced in a small amount, but repeatedly. Prior anesthesia is not required, since the injections themselves are painless.

MezoBotox provides a positive effect only after 7 – 10 days, after Botox locally spread under the skin. As for the duration of the result, it lasts from about 4 to 8 months, the exact figure is determined by the individual reaction of the body.

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A little bit about the negative reaction

MezoBotox can provoke a number of side effects, which every patient must be warned about. You should not be afraid of the body’s reaction; in most cases, injections are tolerated as easily as possible. Reviews indicate that such phenomena as:

  • local swelling;
  • slight soreness;
  • bruising, bruising, redness.

As a rule, most side effects completely pass through a maximum of 3-4 days, but in some cases they can drag on for several weeks. Be sure to seek professional advice and treatment in this case.

To reduce potential risks, be sure to observe the necessary precautions. Refuse to take drugs that thicken blood, alcohol, active physical activity, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures. It is very important to follow a diet for the first time, to limit the use of salted, smoked, everything that can hold fluid in the body and provoke swelling. For the same reason, it is recommended to limit the use of water.

Mesobotox removes fine lines

MezoBotox easily removes small wrinkles under the eyes

Main advantages of MezoBotox

For several years, MezoBotox has received positive reviews from both patients and professional surgeons. To summarize, we can name the following positive factors that determine the popularity of this procedure:

  • reduction and complete elimination of wrinkles (including when introduced under the eyes, etc.);
  • general healing of the skin, as well as giving it a more pleasant, natural color;
  • the preservation of facial expressions, the absence of the effect of immobility.

MezoBotox is the latest wrinkle removal technique designed specifically for the most delicate and vulnerable skin (ideal for insertion under the skin around the eyes and corners near the mouth). The procedure is based on Botox-based mesotherapy technology. Its main difference from the classical technique is that the composition is not introduced into the muscles, but under the skin, to a minimum distance.

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