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Which is better: ozone therapy or mesotherapy?

How to choose the right cosmetic procedure, effective and as safe as possible? It is not easy to answer this question, even very experienced cosmetologists find it difficult to do this. The opinions of experts are divided: which is better, ozone therapy or mesotherapy? Both procedures have many similar characteristics. How to make the best choice?

Comparison of indications

Any procedure is prescribed and carried out exclusively after a face-to-face consultation with a doctor. During a detailed examination, the cosmetologist identifies the patient’s existing problems and prescribes appropriate treatment. When can ozone therapy be appropriate? Direct indications for her are:

  • hair loss;
  • dandruff and seborrhea, other diseases of the scalp;
  • wrinkles;
  • ptosis;
  • dehydration of the skin;
  • excessive fat or dry dermis;
  • stretch marks and scars;
  • kuperoz;
  • cellulite;
  • the presence of excess body fat;
  • general skin fatigue (e.g. unhealthy color);
  • acne, acne and other similar manifestations.
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As you can see, the method of using active oxygen can be considered one of the most practical and universal. In addition to use in cosmetology, this technique is quite successfully implemented in various areas of classical medicine (for example, dentistry, ophthalmology and others).

Active oxygen

During ozone therapy, the skin is saturated with active oxygen

Mesotherapy also has quite a few indications. First of all, these include the presence of primary signs of aging (wrinkles, saggy skin and its reduced tone, the appearance of age spots). In addition, mesotherapy can eliminate acne and their consequences, narrow pores, normalize the internal processes of the production of necessary substances (collagen, etc.). Based on the presented data, we can conclude that this is a complex technique, which is better to use to solve skin defects of the face.

The principle of operation of both methods

First, let’s talk about how ozone therapy works. It is worth mentioning right away that ozone is toxic in large quantities, therefore it is used exclusively in small concentrations in cosmetology. When introduced under the skin or into the circulatory system, ozone triggers the following processes:

  • active supply of cells with oxygen, prevention of hypoxia;
  • stimulation of blood circulation;
  • destruction of bacteria, fungi and various viruses;
  • strengthening and expansion of blood vessels;
  • reduction and relief of inflammatory processes;
  • increased local immunity;
  • stimulation of collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc.

Ozone Therapy Procedure

Facial ozone therapy procedure

Mesotherapy, of course, also positively affects a large number of internal processes. A similar technique is carried out only with the help of injections, which consist of vitamins, beneficial minerals, extracts of natural herbs, as well as amino acids. A healthy cocktail, embedded under the skin, enters the middle layers of the dermis and leads to:

  • active cell regeneration;
  • blood circulation improvement;
  • acceleration and normalization of metabolic processes.

How does mesotherapy work?

As mentioned above, mesotherapy is carried out only through injections. Previously, the skin is treated with an antiseptic, then a special anesthetic cream is applied to it. In 10-15 minutes after this, possible unpleasant sensations will be completely minimized and the specialist can proceed to the main stage of the procedure. For 30-40 minutes, the cosmetologist carries out a large number of injections to a depth of 5 millimeters. If necessary, after the injection is completed, a light massage can be performed according to a special scheme, which allows the drug to be distributed more evenly.


Mesotherapy Procedure

How is ozone therapy going?

Ozone therapy can be carried out immediately by several methods. Which is best for you, only a doctor can decide and only in person. Abstracting from a specific situation, the following main methods of use can be distinguished.


It implies the introduction of an active oxygen-enriched composition through a dropper, intravenously. The substance spreads throughout the circulatory system throughout the body and has a general, healing effect, due to which there is a strengthening of immunity, elimination of toxins, and improvement of metabolic processes.

Enrichment with active oxygen through a dropper

Ozone therapy procedure through a dropper


It implies a healing effect for any one specific zone. The technique is carried out through numerous injections under the skin. After the main session is completed, a gentle massage is surely carried out, which contributes to an even distribution of the substance under the skin. A similar technique implies a local, but more concentrated effect.

Topical ozone therapy procedure

Topical ozone therapy procedure

What are the side effects?

Ozone therapy and mesotherapy not only provide healing and rejuvenation of the skin, in some cases, they can also provoke a number of side effects that are common to both methods. They can occur in:

  • puffiness;
  • bruising, bruising;
  • redness and rash;
  • moderate soreness.

Local use of ozone can also cause significant discomfort. The first two days, many patients fix a slight crunch when touching the skin, as well as a feeling of fullness from the inside. With a common technique, side effects are manifested in dizziness, headache, and slight malaise.

About contraindications

Ozone therapy and mesotherapy have many similar contraindications. These include: pregnancy, lactation, fever, colds, exacerbation of chronic ailments, as well as a variety of serious illnesses (oncology, etc.).

It is very important to consider the possible allergic reactions of the body. This is especially true if you have chosen mesotherapy. The composition of the cocktail for rejuvenation contains a large number of components, one of which can provoke a rash, itching or swelling.

When choosing between mesotherapy and ozone therapy, be extremely careful. Be sure to pay attention to the indications for the methods, principles of the session, as well as possible side effects. Remember, the opinion of a specialist in any case should be decisive.

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