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Plasma lifting face – effective rejuvenation and elimination of imperfections

Modern techniques in cosmetology are often versatile. Facial plasmolifting belongs to this category. Its use is relevant both to rejuvenate the skin and to improve its quality, for example, for the treatment of acne.

Let’s talk about what are the basic principles of this method, what are the contraindications and consequences, what can you expect after the session ends. Perhaps detailed information and feedback on the methodology will allow you to decide on the appropriateness of such actions specifically for you.

General Method Information

Facial plasmolifting is a special therapeutic and cosmetological technique, the essence of which is reduced to the multiple administration of plasma with a high platelet content into the deeper layers of the skin. Once inside the body, blood with beneficial substances acts as a catalyst for triggering the processes of active regeneration. Skin cells are activated, their renewal and improvement of the structure begins, and after this, the visual effect of the changes that have taken place becomes noticeable.

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The effect of plasmolifting

What is useful plasmolifting face? First of all, it should be noted that only a special plasma, purified from extra components and enriched with additional platelets, is used for injection. Such a substance affects the body in a very favorable way, since it provokes:

  • enhanced collagen synthesis;
  • normalization of metabolic and regenerative processes in cells;
  • restoration of immune properties;
  • active nutrition of the dermis.

As a result, just a few days after the injections, the skin becomes fresher, its color improves, the level of elasticity increases, small wrinkles disappear, and deep wrinkles become less noticeable. Acne plasmolifting successfully helps. This positive tendency is explained by normalization of fat content and increase of immune properties, as well as accelerated cell renewal.

Facial plasmolifting procedure

How is the procedure?

To begin with, a potential patient will have to take a blood test to confirm the possibility of its use for cosmetic purposes.

If the results of the studies satisfy the beautician, the date of the procedure is assigned. On the indicated day, the client must come prepared. The prerequisites are pretty simple:

  • Do not eat food or high-calorie drinks on the day of the session.
  • Exclude alcohol, smoking, taking a separate category of medicines a few days before the procedure.
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Before starting the procedure, the doctor treats the skin with an antiseptic composition, then applies a special anesthetic cream to it. While the composition is absorbed and begins to act, a blood is drawn from a vein and the substance is placed in a special centrifuge. The device processes the substance, dividing it into fractions. For implementation, only plasma with a high platelet content will be used.

Plasma lifting face

The injections themselves are carried out according to the principle of mesotherapy in the deeper layers of the skin. The entire session lasts no more than one hour. Then you can immediately leave the office of a specialist and return to everyday, familiar life. The rehabilitation period is minimal and takes place at home.

You can learn the basic rules for recovery at a doctor’s consultation or by studying patient reviews. These rules are quite simple and include several limitations. After the procedure, it is not recommended:

  • Rub, massage your face, wash, apply decorative or cosmetics for skin care (during the day).
  • Refuse alcohol and aspirin, as well as other drugs that affect the blood condition (approximately 7-10 days).
  • To exclude the effect of high temperatures (do not go to the bathhouse, sauna, solarium for two weeks, gently blow dry your hair).

Facial plasmolifting procedure

Plasma lifting face

Contraindications and possible side effects

Plasma lifting of the face allows you to achieve positive results in a fairly short period of time, but negative consequences are also quite likely. They appear in swelling, redness and temporary pain. You should not be afraid of such manifestations, if you have complied with all contraindications, there is no harm to health. As a rule, all side effects go away after a few days. Due to the fact that the patient’s plasma is used for injection without any foreign synthetic substances, the likelihood of allergies or rejection is reduced to zero.

What are the contraindications for procedures of this nature? Plasma therapy is not performed during pregnancy, lactation, diseases of the circulatory system. In addition, injections should be postponed in case of exacerbation of any chronic illness, during the common cold, fever, fever. Also, experts do not recommend making such injections if there is a tendency to scarring.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after plasmolifting of the face No. 1
Photos before and after plasmolifting of the face No. 2
Photos before and after plasmolifting of the face No. 3

Photos before and after plasmolifting of the face No. 4

Photos before and after plasmolifting face

Over the past few years, plasma therapy in cosmetology has proven itself as an effective tool to combat wrinkles, ptosis, acne and other skin defects. The technique does not cause complications and is easily tolerated, in addition, contraindications to it are minimal.

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