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Precautions after biorevitalization

Injection and laser rejuvenation based on hyaluronic acid and a number of auxiliary components is one of the most popular modern cosmetic procedures. Trusting the skin of our face to professionals, we most often expect an instant positive result, and do not think at all about possible unpleasant complications that may also occur. To protect yourself from possible side effects, it is very important to know what you can not do after biorevitalization.

General information about biorevitalization

There are two main varieties of this procedure: laser (more gentle) and injection. The essence of both manipulations is to saturate the skin cells with hyaluronic acid and a number of additional useful ingredients (phosphate, etc.). The correctors used help moisturize the skin and activate the internal processes of collagen production. These processes, in turn, eliminate wrinkles and irregularities of the dermis, improve complexion and help get rid of bruises under the eyes.

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Side effects after biorevitalization

Unfortunately, a session of such rejuvenation does not always have only positive consequences, in rare cases, a number of side effects may occur. Most often they include:

  • bruises and bruises, traces of injections;
  • edema;
  • uneven distribution of the composition under the skin, the formation of tubercles and irregularities;
  • the occurrence of pain, itching, dryness.

For the most part, any such manifestations disappear on their own within a few days (maximum week). The reason for their appearance may be:

  • an individual feature of the body;
  • violation of the technique of introducing filler under the skin (specialist error);
  • failure to observe precautions after biorevitalization behavior.

dry face

Dry face may be observed after biorevitalization.

What can not be done after the procedure?

It is extremely important for each patient to remember information about what cannot be done after biorevitalization. Such restrictive measures will help you improve and consolidate the result, as well as prevent the development of various side effects.

As a rule, the first day after biorevitalization is the most difficult, this is especially true if you have an injection procedure. What can not be done for 24 hours? First of all, you should not:

  • touch the treated area with your hands, press on it, and even more so massage it;
  • use decorative or regular cosmetics for skin care.

For the next week after each session, you will not be able to do the following:

  • To visit saunas, baths, steam rooms, any other institutions with high temperature and high humidity.
  • To strain the body (any physical activity, including amateur sports, is contraindicated to you).
  • Expose the treated area of ​​the face or body to direct sunlight or extremely low temperatures.

A number of restrictions may apply to a longer period. In any case, you can discuss the specific time intervals for the precautionary measures with the specialist who is administering the injection. So, during 14 days it is not recommended to visit tanning salons and carry out certain cosmetic procedures. These include a fairly wide range of activities, ranging from peeling to plastic surgery.


Try to exclude direct sunlight in the first weeks after the procedure.

What can and should be done after biorevitalization?

In addition to observing a specific list of taboos, you will need to carefully consider the recommendations of doctors. As a rule, a specialist determines wishes based on each specific situation, however, there are universal rules.

To begin with, you will need to be careful and alert. If you notice that side effects did occur and after 3-4 days do not disappear, but intensify, be sure to contact your beautician. Full-time consultation may be required much earlier if there is a suspicion of an allergic reaction.

Remember, only a professional during a personal examination will be able to determine how normal this or that condition of your skin is.

Be sure to use cosmetics for face care prescribed by a cosmetologist. As a rule, such drugs have antiseptic and antibacterial function, their use will significantly reduce the risk of infection and infection at the injection site. The minimum period of their use, as a rule, is three days, during which time the wounds manage to heal.

It is extremely important not to violate the terms of restrictive measures after biorevitalization, especially for activities such as sports, visiting the pool, tanning beds, baths. Try to endure and not violate the prohibitions.

Compliance with a number of protective measures after biorevitalization will allow you to consolidate and save the result for the maximum possible time. In addition, following the simplest rules and tips will help you protect your own health and reduce the risk of possible complications. Be careful and follow the recommendations of the cosmetologist who carries out the procedure.

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Cosmetology, plastic surgery and diets
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