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RegenLab – a unique plasma lifting technique

To restore youthfulness and beauty to the skin is not at all easy. At some point, cosmetics simply stop working, and the first signs of aging continue to develop and progress. Cosmetology offers modern women many diverse rejuvenation techniques, including a unique Swiss plasma lifting called RegenLab. Its main features are high quality, efficiency and safety. Let’s talk about this method in more detail.

The main differences and the principle of operation of the technique

Plasma lifting RegenLab differs from other procedures of this plan in enhanced double exposure, it fills wrinkles, wrinkles and voids as soon as possible, and then stimulates the activation of internal processes, the purpose of which is to start enhanced collagen production. Thanks to this dual system, the rejuvenation performance is much higher, and the positive effect persists for at least 12 months (in some cases up to two years).

Autologous cell rejuvenation, this is the full name of the Regenlab procedure, is the introduction of autoplasma with a large number of platelets and an autogel with thrombin into problem areas. These substances are produced directly from the blood of patients, which reduces side effects, allergies and rejection.


A little more about the patented technique

Cosmetology these days can easily be attributed to the field of high technology. Due to the abundance of special terms, it is difficult for patients to navigate the procedures. That is why it is so important to consult with the surgeon in detail and read various reviews about the future session. For a better understanding, we formulate the main stages of plasmolifting:

  • safe and painless blood sampling in a patient;
  • separation of the obtained serum into fractions (only plasma rich in platelets is introduced during the injection);
  • creation of an autogel (this stage takes no more than five minutes, the blood is placed in a special centrifuge, the rotation of which leads to the formation of a unique substance);
  • the introduction of the final product through fine needles into the skin.
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What is in the box for the Regenlab procedure

When can Regenlab plasmolifting be indicated?

The list of prerequisites for autologous cell rejuvenation is quite wide. It is used not as a preventive, but as a therapeutic agent for:

  • mimic or age-related pronounced wrinkles;
  • a large number of fine wrinkles – the effect of photoaging;
  • excessive pigmentation;
  • the presence of moderate skin defects (peeling, dryness, sagging);
  • dull and unhealthy complexion;
  • scars, stretch marks;
  • acne disease;
  • loss of skin tone;
  • rosacea.

Among other things, plasmolifting is very effective as a therapeutic therapy after aggressive cosmetic surgery (for example, peels, resurfacing, etc.). The effect after the procedure develops in an increasing fashion: the skin noticeably tightens, its tone increases, wrinkles are smoothed, but the most important thing is the activation of internal processes and enhanced collagen synthesis. The last factor is responsible for skin rejuvenation. Improving local blood circulation processes contributes to the improvement of complexion, the elimination of defects and the treatment of various skin diseases.

Result after plasmolifting Regenlab

Result after plasmolifting Regenlab

Frequency of injections

Autogel injections are carried out by the course, the exact number of procedures is determined by the cosmetologist depending on the volume of the problem. Most often, the treatment cycle consists of 2-4 sessions with a break of 20 days. Repeated events, as a rule, are appointed by a specialist only after 1-2 of the year. The need for a second course is determined by many factors, including:

  • age of the patient;
  • the presence of bad habits;
  • adherence to the principles of healthy eating;
  • skin type;
  • Frequency of exposure to the sun or tanning beds
  • the quality of the cosmetics used.

Plasmolifting: contraindications and side effects

Unfortunately, plasma lifting is not available to everyone. There are certain categories of people for whom such a procedure is prohibited. These include patients suffering from blood diseases, pregnant women, persons during an exacerbation of any chronic diseases. Before the session, a face-to-face consultation is mandatory, the purpose of which is to identify the presence of possible contraindications.

As for the side effects, they are quite rare. Most often, minor bruises and swelling at the site of infection, reddish, painful marks from the injection can be observed. In very rare cases, patients report mild itching or short-term numbness of the skin.

Plasmolifting RegenLab is an advanced technique for introducing platelet-rich blood into the skin with the aim of rejuvenating and general healing. The procedure is carried out only by specialists who have undergone special training with the help of certified equipment. The positive effect occurs almost instantly, and over time it only intensifies, stimulating the natural synthesis of collagen. A second course of anti-aging procedures, as a rule, is carried out no earlier than one year later.

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Cosmetology, plastic surgery and diets
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