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Home facial cleansers: popular models and their characteristics

Facial cleansers designed specifically for home use can be an ideal solution to the problem of skin care for women who cannot visit the beautician regularly and have weekly or monthly cleansers and masks. These devices are simple and practical, but at the same time ensure the achievement of the desired results without significant effort and complications.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

The principle of operation of devices is based on the action of ultrasound that can penetrate deep into the dermis. Inaudible ear vibrations help:

  • Eliminate pollution of various nature (fat, black dots, bacteria, dead cells).
  • Optimize local processes (due to massaging, blood circulation improves and oxygen flow to cells increases).

The most popular models in this area are the following face cleansers.

Rio sonicleanse

The device belongs to the category of professional, but, due to its ease of use, it is also suitable for home use. Technical features include the following features:

  • Two power levels.
  • Power source – built-in battery, charging from the base unit.
  • The number of pulses per minute is 10 thousand.

Rio sonicleanse

A feature of the device is a built-in timer programmed to fire every 20 seconds, it is this period of time that is maximum for processing one problem zone. The principle of operation of the Rio Sonicleanse is based on the removal of impurities with the help of sent ultrasonic pulses to the surface of the skin and their removal with the built-in massage brush.

LW – 006

The device is classified as universal. Depending on the modification, it can be used not only for cleaning, but also for peeling and phonophoresis. Technical and general characteristics of the device include such features as:

  • Weight – 200 grams.
  • Ultrasound frequency – up to 38 kHz.
  • Ability to set the operating time and ultrasound strength.
  • Built-in timer.
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LW – 006

The device provides cleansing of the skin from impurities, stimulates an increased flow of oxygen to the cells, helps to trigger internal regeneration processes, additionally providing a massaging effect.

Vacuum Cleaners

The principle of operation of vacuum devices is based on creating negative pressure on the problem area. The device used literally absorbs the skin and draws out any impurities from it (sebaceous plugs, black dots, clusters of dead cells, clogging pores).

Super Wet Cleaner by Gezatone

The compact machine for deep cleaning at home. It has the following technical and practical characteristics:

  • Weight – about 200 grams.
  • Has a built-in container for collecting contaminants.
  • Battery life – up to 2 hours.
  • Power source – two 1.5 V batteries.

Super Wet Cleaner by Gezatone

It can be used to care for sensitive skin. Cleaning is carried out after applying contact gel, the duration of treatment of one area is not more than a minute, the static fixation of the device on the skin is not more than 2 seconds.

The principle of operation is standard, involves the creation of negative pressure and mechanical massage. As a result, keratinized cells and excess sebum are eliminated, blood circulation and lymph outflow are enhanced, cell recovery is accelerated. The device can be used for daily skin care, it is indicated for enlarged pores and blackheads, for the prevention of age-related changes and for tightening the skin.

Panasonic EH2513

A budget device for home use, well suited for beginners and those who do not want to bother with a lot of features.

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Panasonic EH2513

For this money, the buyer gets the opportunity to use two modes of operation, normal and wet. The latter is provided by an integrated sprayer. This mode is most preferable; moist skin contacts the nozzle more tightly and ensures its easy gliding. The principle of operation is standard: the impurities are drawn out of the pores by vacuum, the pressure on the skin has an additional massaging effect and stimulation of local processes (blood circulation, lymph flow).

Apparatus for galvanic cleaning

They imply an effect on the skin with the help of weak pulses of galvanic current. They are rarely used for cleaning, as they provide the elimination of surface contaminants, mainly intended to achieve a lifting effect.

Gezatone Beauty Lifting m910 Model

The principle of operation of the device is standard – the effect of weak galvanic currents of different polarity. For the procedure, the use of liquid non-oil solutions is mandatory. They penetrate deep into the dermis with the help of a current, enter into a chemical reaction with impurities, dissolve and turn them into soap. Gezatone Beauty Lifting (m910 model) is also used to inject drugs into the skin for treatment and rejuvenation.

Gezatone Beauty Lifting m910 Model

Using a positively charged roller provides skin cleansing, slag removal, moisturizing and increasing skin tone. A negatively charged roller is designed to administer drugs, reduce swelling, and narrow pores.

Complete face cleansers

Complex facial cleansers, having in their arsenal several functions at once, are considered the most effective. After all, their effectiveness is determined not by one, but by 2 or 3 driving forces.

Superlifting M355 by Gezatone

The principle of operation of the device is based on ultrasonic vibrations and light radiation. The former destroy and remove contaminants from the pores, contribute to massage and overall skin healing. The therapeutic effect is achieved through ultrasound, which causes cells to shrink and expand. Such a massage helps to restore local microprocesses without damaging or stretching the skin, stimulating the activity of fibroblasts and increasing the collagen fibers necessary to maintain youthfulness and elasticity. The effectiveness of the impact is enhanced by light radiation. In addition, it can reduce inflammation and help narrow pores.

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Superlifting M355 by Gezatone

Superlifting M355 is recommended for home use on mature, sensitive, oily or mixed skin. Helps to recover after plastic surgery or injuries, improves complexion and eliminates increased swelling.

Galvanic Beauty SPA m777 by Gezatone

The device has passive and active electrodes, a vibration massage module and an infrared emitter. It works from a rechargeable battery that is charged from the network. It has four modes of operation, cleansing, massage, nutrition and tightening. The strength of the effect is also controlled, it is low, moderate and high.

Galvanic Beauty SPA m777 by Gezatone

Contraindications and side effects

Home facial cleansers are designed so as not to harm the skin when used.. They have less power than professional appliances. To avoid side effects (stretching of the skin, bruising, redness, soreness), you should carefully read the instructions for them. In addition, be sure to read the contraindications. Among them most often appear:

  • Abrasions and wounds at the site of exposure.
  • Dermatological or fungal diseases, inflammatory processes, numerous moles or other formations on the face.
  • Oncology.
  • Early age (up to 16 years).
  • Increased body temperature.
  • Nervous disorders.
  • The active stage of severe chronic diseases.
  • Pregnancy.

Apparatus for cleaning the face, used at home, are divided into types according to the method of exposure to the skin. The most popular are vacuum and ultrasonic models, combined means are also effective. Before using any device, you should study the instructions for it, as well as a list of contraindications.

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