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Bio-reinforcement – reinforcing the face with the help of bio-threads

Initially, the procedure for reinforcing in cosmetology included the stitching of gold threads into the structural layer of the skin of the face in order to fix it. Since it was necessary to deal with metal, the reinforcement operation required a responsible attitude not only of the doctor, but also of the patient, who must be prepared for serious consequences.

Therefore, the invention of an alternative method of anti-aging facial modeling was aimed at finding more natural skin preparations and more gentle methods of invasion. As a result, non-surgical lifting appeared – bio-reinforcement of the face, which is the same “stitching” of threads – only helium.

The essence of bio-reinforcement

Bio-reinforcement of the face occurs in the same way as reinforcement. The drug is injected into the skin along the lines of the diamond-shaped network, which the cosmetologist has designated on the client’s face immediately before the procedure. The technique of introducing the drug is cannulated, since it is easier to repeat the planned lines with a long thin needle. After the introduction of the cannula, the doctor makes oscillatory movements with it to expand the microchannel. And only when the needle is withdrawn, a gel in a small dosage is injected into this channel. The result is the formation of so-called bio-threads.

Bio-Reinforcement Procedure

Bio-Reinforcement Procedure

A helium thread face-washing session lasts about 40-60 minutes, and the result lasts at least 3-4 months. An educated framework not only reliably captures the effect, but also contributes to the natural healing and rejuvenation of the skin. Bio-reinforcement provides a double effect due to the composition of the drugs.

Features of the method

Bio-reinforcement occupies a special place among other lifting techniques. It has its own advantages and distinctive features that determine its uniqueness.

  • Reinforcement is prescribed with threads at the age of 35-50 years, since at an earlier age there is no need for a radical tightening, and in the later, the effectiveness of the procedure is leveled by serious destructive phenomena in the skin.
  • It is recommended to carry out bio-reinforcement of the face according to the following course: the first three sessions should be done at two-three-week intervals, and then repeat two maintenance sessions every three months.
  • It is biodegradable filaments that are sewn into the skin, i.e. those that are destroyed by natural physiological processes.
  • After a full course of bio-reinforcement, you can not use additional lifting methods for at least two years;
  • The rehabilitation period after the session lasts no more than 4-7 days, just during this period hematomas and edema pass.
  • For three days before the session, it is advisable to take hemostatic drugs. They thicken the blood and prevent the formation of hematomas.

The bio-reinforcement procedure is carried out according to the marking

The bio-reinforcement procedure is carried out according to the marking

It is difficult to assess the painfulness of the procedure due to individual characteristics, but reviews about it contain information about unpleasant pain sensations, to which the effect of application anesthesia does not apply. Some drugs contain lidocaine in a small percentage, but they are few.

Preparations for bio-reinforcement

What are bio-threads made of, how do they manage to hold the skin frame? As a rule, their basis is a physiological substance – a structural component of our skin. Therefore, Bioniti is implanted quite quickly and without consequences.

Reinforcing the face with hyaluronic acid is the most preferred and demanded procedure, because HA is included in the structure of the skin and is responsible for its elasticity, tone and hydration. Injections of hyaluronic acid can not only create a framework for skin tightening, but also over time stimulate the production of their own HA.

For the production of gels, stabilized native hyaluronic acid is usually used, identical in structure to that found in skin cells. As a rule, the drug is administered shallow for a slight correction of age-related changes.

The effect of the drug on polylactic acid is focused on the production of collagen and elastane fibers, which are also responsible for skin elasticity. Such a gel is introduced deeper.

Polylactic acid

The result of bio-reinforcement

The most exciting point for each client is the effectiveness of an expensive procedure. Reviews and photos demonstrate a wonderful result – smoothed wrinkles, lifting ptotic tissue areas, reducing the severity of fatty hernias in the periorbital region, completely eliminating shallow nasolabial wrinkles, eliminating the effect of the second chin, correcting the face contour, etc.

The woman “for 40”, who underwent reinforcement with hyaluronic acid, does not experience the baby-doll effect when her face is unnaturally and theatrically smoothed out. She continues to be a beautiful woman “for 40”, whose facial features no longer radiate melancholy sadness from the past.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after bio-reinforcing N-1
Photos before and after bio-reinforcing N-2
Photos before and after bio-reinforcing N-3

Contraindications and prohibitions during the rehabilitation period

Despite the physiological composition of preparations for bio-reinforcement, there are body conditions in which the load on the skin is quite large and it is not recommended to expose it to unnecessary tests. These include:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • poor blood coagulation and blood diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • infectious diseases;
  • facial injuries.

As a rule, a reinforcement session does not knock a patient out of his usual lifestyle, but he will have to part with all the factors that thin the blood and speed up its circulation for a week. This is a sauna, exposure to ultraviolet light, a tan on the beach, deep skin peeling, excessive physical exertion.

Facial bio-reinforcement refers to the effective and delicate methods of non-surgical face lifting. It performs the most important functions for eliminating the signs of aging: it blocks ptotic skin phenomena, and resumes the natural production of the necessary elements for elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.

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