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Cog mesothread – notched threads

The constant development of the modern beauty industry allows cosmetologists to achieve unprecedented results when working with a client. Today’s injection procedures and braces in their effect are comparable to a full plastic surgery. Cog mesothreads occupy a special place in a number of popular manipulations. Their use is characterized by the most safe and enhanced action. What are the main features of their action, as well as the techniques for their use? We will try to understand the main nuances.

What are cog threads?

Cog mesothreads are completely biocompatible with the human body and dissolve in the depth of the dermis in about a year and a half. They have a large number of features that distinguish them from numerous analogues.

First of all, what distinguishes them is the presence of unique converging and diverging notches, which are called Сog. It is thanks to them that a unique skin tension effect is provided, which can be compared with the result from the use of non-absorbable threads. Additional characteristics of such threads include:

  • Practicality (for tightening, as a rule, no more than 4 pieces are enough to process one zone).
  • Safety (made from natural materials that do not cause rejection or allergies, the product is completely excreted from the body, disintegrating into carbon dioxide and water).
  • Efficiency (provide a lift for up to 2 years).
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At the first stage, Cog mesothreads provide a lift due to their presence in the deeper layers of the dermis. Gradually dissolving, they release useful components that contribute to the active growth of connective tissue, as well as the production of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for the natural lifting of the skin, its tone and cell renewal. When decaying, the mesothreads leave in place a dense natural frame that holds the given shape of the face or body for a long time.

Indications for the procedure and the effect of its implementation

In what cases are procedures for the implementation of Cog mesothreads? A direct indication is the need to correct the entire oval of the face, the presence of local brylls, deep nasolabial wrinkles, folds in the corners of the eyes or mouth. In addition, the procedure is carried out to give a new shape and additional volume to certain areas of the face (for example, cheekbones or cheeks).

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Mezzanine Cog

Reviews contain a lot of positive information. So, according to patients, the thread helps to cope not only with primary, but also moderate, as well as pronounced problems. In addition, they are used in a minimal amount, which means that they violate the integrity of the skin even less.

Main producers

Cog mesothreads are presented within the framework of modern cosmetology lines by several manufacturers at once. The following products were most popular:

  • Korean threads under the Omega brand;
  • Beaute ‘lift V Line;
  • EVE COG;

Cog Omega mesothreads are one of the most famous and widely used in domestic aesthetic medicine. There are four types of them:

  • Omega VL Cogs
  • Omega VL Original 19G
  • Omega VL Spike 19G
  • Little Omega VL 23G

The main stages of the procedure

The whole procedure for introducing thread-coh takes about 30-40 minutes, after which the patient can leave the hospital. To achieve the desired effect, multiple visits to the cosmetologist are not required, just one short-term session will be enough.

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To begin with, a specialist will conduct a detailed examination of the problem area, then, using a special marker, he will draw up a diagram of the location of Cog threads on the skin. The next step is the treatment of the skin with an antiseptic. This will help reduce the risk of infection and further inflammation. After a couple of minutes, the turn of the anesthetic cream begins, the effect of which occurs in about 10-15 minutes. During the period of preliminary manipulations, the cosmetologist, as a rule, tells the patient about the technique itself, the introduced product, and the rehabilitation period. The issue with contraindications should be resolved in advance.

The introduction of coh threads is carried out using a special low-traumatic needle made of medical steel. It is characterized by increased strength and flexibility, due to which it provides the most accurate solution to the problem.

Procedure for introducing coh threads

Procedure for introducing coh threads

How should the recovery period go?

After a facelift was performed using Cog Omega threads or products from any other manufacturer, the rehabilitation period begins. In addition to observing any special requirements that a beautician can prescribe for you, based on your personal characteristics, there are basic rules. You can familiarize yourself with them by reading the reviews of real patients or by checking with medical personnel. For the most part, these recommendations come down to:

  • restriction of visits to places with high air temperature (for example, baths, saunas, steam rooms);
  • reasonable restriction of physical activity;
  • temporary abandonment of bad habits;
  • minimize pressure on the problem area (if you did a facelift, you should not sleep on your stomach and even on your side; the optimal position for you is to sleep lying on your back).

Side effects and methods of dealing with them

So, after cog threads have been inserted under the skin, local swelling may occur. Complications of this kind are largely determined by the individual characteristics of the body, as well as by the observance of the technique of introducing mesothread by a doctor. That is why you can find reviews that contain information that the swelling after the procedure is minimal and disappears after a couple of hours, and reviews that the discomfort lasted more than a week. By the way, to reduce puffiness, many recommend applying cold compresses to the problem area.

Of course, side effects are expressed not only in swelling. These mesothreads can also provoke:

  • bruises;
  • redness of the skin;
  • feeling of pain and discomfort.

You do not need to treat them, your task is to monitor the condition of the body and wait until the skin integuments are completely restored.


Unfortunately, in some cases, Cog mesothreads may be prohibited. The list of contraindications includes the following:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • oncology and diabetes;
  • blood diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • temporary decrease in immunity, manifested in colds, elevated body temperature;
  • allergy to local anesthesia;
  • inflammatory processes in the problem area.

Cog mesothreads are a unique opportunity to increase skin elasticity, eliminate ptosis and wrinkles, and give the face a more attractive shape. The main feature of such a product is the presence of unique notches that provide the most tight grip with soft tissues. These threads belong to the category of absorbable, literally after 6-8 months in their place a frame of connective tissue is formed, which provides the necessary tightening over a long period of time.

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