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Reinforcement with collagen threads as a way to revitalize the skin

What could be better than a collagen cream? Only collagen threads installed under the skin of the face. No matter how serious the arguments presented by manufacturers of collagen-containing cosmetics, its effect is still reduced to the surface strengthening of the epidermis.

If this protein is destroyed from the inside as the skin ages, then its reserves cannot be replenished with creams. Firstly, protein molecular chains are so long that they cannot penetrate through the pores. Secondly, the collagen structure in the composition of the cosmetic product is not natural. Reinforcing with collagen threads not only smooths the oval and eliminates wrinkles, but also enriches the skin with natural protein. Thus, the rejuvenation process is started.

What is collagen?

The concept of collagen in many women is blurred, and boils down to the fact that it is a rare, useful and expensive substance. Collagen is the protein base of the skin. In its structural layer, it is represented in the form of numerous curved thin threads interwoven with each other.

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The connective tissue that forms on a scarring surface on 90% consists of collagen. It is also used as a suture material for fastening skin layers after surgery, because its main function is to restore the skin in case of violation of its integrity.

Probably, many do not realize that any manifestation of facial expressions damages the skin. But until 25 years this is not noticeable, because the synthesis of collagen fibers occurs continuously. With age, collagenogenesis slows down and stops, which leads to weakening of turgor, sagging skin, the formation of wrinkles. Therefore, the collagen frame of the face and body must be strengthened artificially. For this, collagen threads were created.

Collagen under the microscope

Collagen under the microscope

All About Collagen Filaments

To maintain skin elasticity, the body needs collagen itself or a process that will trigger its production. The installation of collagen threads performs both functions.

The collagen reserve of the body is slightly replenished by the introduction of threads. In addition, they also wear out over time and need to be replaced. An important role here is played by the process of implanting threads into the structural layer of the skin. Injury to the skin during the procedure entails an increase in the activity of collagen fibers. They begin to form connective tissue around the established threads. As a result, the strength of the frame formed with the help of threads doubles.

A shell is formed around the sewn-in collagen filaments, but they are still felt. It is impossible to feel them, because they do not interfere with facial expressions, do not form an undesirable relief. Their thickness is measured in microns, so the threads do not cause patient discomfort.

Unlike polydioxanone threads like Lead Fine Lift, they do not resolve. They are damaged and destroyed, but not dissolved, like other materials. Therefore, the process of their installation requires high qualifications from a doctor.
Reinforcement with collagen threads of nasolabial folds

The origin of collagen for injection

This protein is quite difficult to synthesize in the laboratory, so in most cases, the collagen implanted in the skin of the face is of natural, animal or human origin.

Bull Collagen

When it is introduced under the skin, the body perceives this collagen as its own. But a reverse reaction may occur. An alien protein obtained from the skin of a bull can be perceived by the body as foreign, and the threads will be rejected. This can lead to unpleasant aesthetic consequences.

Human collagen

To eliminate the threat of an allergic reaction, autologen is often used for injection – collagen taken from another part of the human skin. It is easy to digest, but it will also undergo destruction much faster.

Although the hostile reaction of the body to foreign collagen takes place in practice, this is a rare case. The most common drugs at the moment – Zyderm and Zyplast – contain protein of human origin, and they are used by cosmetologists around the world. The only caveat is that a skin test is performed before the first injection, which will help identify possible incompatibilities.

CosmoPlast and CosmoDerm fillers also contain human collagen. Their cost is higher, but they exclude the need for a skin test before the procedure. In addition, they contain lidocaine, which reduces pain.

Some preparations contain protein removed from the treated skin of a corpse. For example, Saymetra. Collagen filler for the face does not cause any inflammatory or allergic reactions. It also contains elastane fibers, proteins and propylene glycans, which have a powerful anti-aging effect on the skin from the inside.


The introduction of collagen filaments is carried out in the same way as filler injections. First, anesthesia, after which injections are carried out according to the markup made by the cosmetologist. The procedure is quite complex and lengthy, as evidenced by patient reviews. The installation of threads lasts 1-2 hours, after which a fixing bandage from a bandage and a patch is applied to the treated surface of the skin.

The procedure for introducing collagen threads is carried out as well as injection fillers

The procedure for introducing collagen filaments is carried out in the same way as filler injections

The rehabilitation period lasts about 2-3 days. The patient does not need to remain in the inpatient department of the clinic under the supervision of a doctor. He can carry out the necessary procedures at home. For example, take antibiotics for 5-7 days after the procedure, use special ointments to resolve the edema.

Filaments from collagen cause an inflammatory process in the structural skin layer, and are overgrown with new collagen, which strengthens the turgor of the skin and prevents it from sagging. But over time, it wears out and requires a second injection. For a year they may need 2-4.

Indications and contraindications

The implantation of collagen threads is indicated at the age of 30-60 years with visible violations of the facial skin relief. With their help, you can:

  • smooth deep nasolabial wrinkles;
  • smooth out networks of fine wrinkles in the perioral and periorbital areas;
  • increase the volume of lips, cheeks, cheekbones;
  • Correct the blurred oval of the face;
  • align scars or acne.

Contraindications include the same factors or diseases that are considered in any minimally invasive anti-aging procedures. But in this case, the control is much stricter, because the introduction of a foreign protein can cause a threat to health. It:

  • collagen allergy;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • chronic diseases;
  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • other factors that, according to the doctor, may be dangerous in your case.

Side effects after collagen injections go away on their own during the rehabilitation period. For example, severe pain and swelling, less often – hematomas. Other complications, for example, scars occur in the case of unprofessional work of the doctor.

Allergic reactions are extremely rare. It can be redness and peeling of the skin. To prevent side effects, a skin test is performed. For an hour after the procedure, the patient remains in the clinic, where the doctor monitors the appearance of the skin and the likelihood of complications.

Collagen injections instantly tighten the skin of the face. Changes do not have to wait long, they immediately become noticeable. Collagen threads can be used for anti-aging correction up to 60 years. The only unresolved issue is the synthesis of artificial collagen, which would help solve many problems.

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