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Reinforcing the face with gold threads

Once upon a time, people endowed gold with magical properties and used jewelry from it in ceremonies. Modern doctors do not perform magic rituals, but they can return youth with the help of gold. For this, in the 70 of the XX century, the finest golden threads were created, and the process of skin strengthening with their help is called golden reinforcement.

What is reinforcement? This is the hardening of building objects with the help of reinforcement. The gold reinforcement in cosmetology assumes roughly the same thing: gold threads are implanted into the skin’s structural layer, and the process of age-related skin reconstruction is slowed down for many years.

The essence of the procedure

The process of introducing threads into the skin does not apply to surgical methods of anti-aging facial correction. The method is considered non-traumatic and delicate, but the result is stunning – in terms of severity, it is not inferior to a circular tightening. No less impressive is the duration of the lifting, which is 8-12 years. There is no aesthetic adjustment technique that would produce such a lasting effect.

The implant is made of four nines gold. Threads are not thicker than hair, their diameter does not exceed 0,1 mm. However, they do not break or deform.

Reinforcing with gold threads can be carried out according to one of two schemes:

  • the thread is sewn along the wrinkle line and prevents further destruction of collagen fibers in the problem area, evens out the fold;
  • along the lines of diamond-shaped markings. Metal fibers form a mesh-like frame that fixes the skin, strengthens the reinforced area. A facelift with gold threads on the grid is carried out in such areas: forehead, cheeks, eyebrows, chin.
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Gold reinforcement is not only for facelift. In cosmetology, it is used to rejuvenate and increase the elasticity of the skin of the neck, chest, abdomen, arms and hips. The material for the tightening quickly enough takes root with skin fibers in any part of the body, because gold is one of the few metals that not only do not cause allergies, but are also well perceived by the skin.

Gold reinforcement

Benefits of Gold Reinforcement

Reinforcing with gold threads performs two important missions. This is, firstly, a fundamental face lifting with smoothing wrinkles, lifting ptotic areas of the face. The implanted gold ligature is densely overgrown with collagen fibers, which form an additional framework. Facial aging stops, constructive processes are launched.

Secondly, gold ions enrich the skin with oxygen and neutralize harmful free radicals. The complexion improves, the skin breathes, heals. The structural layer of the skin is updated at the cellular level.

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These processes take a considerable period of time, their results are manifested gradually. Gold reinforcement is not aimed at the instantaneous pull-up effect, as happens after bio-reinforcement. It takes effect in 1,5-2 months.

Gold threads for the face are of great benefit, accelerating metabolic processes, stimulating blood microcirculation. Often, bioniths or implants made of absorbable material are used with them to achieve the effect of instant tightening.


After consulting a doctor, it becomes clear which zones and how to stitch with threads. Therefore, the procedure itself begins with marking the lines and points of introduction of the threads – either along the lines of wrinkles, or along a diamond-shaped grid. Local application anesthesia is required, which the doctor conducts 15 minutes before the injection. Then the puncture points are treated with an antiseptic.

After reinforcing with gold threads

Photo after reinforcing with gold threads

The needle for lifting with gold threads has a special trihedral shape, which reduces the invasiveness of the procedure and its pain. The fishing line itself is not perfectly smooth. It is equipped with small hooks for improved fixation in the skin fibers and their reliable tightening.

Those to whom the reinforcement with gold inspires fear should say: face skin will not be pierced with gold wire. The procedure is the same as the implantation of mesothreads. Gold fishing line is wrapped around the mezzanine, and is inserted directly into the skin with it. Absorbable thread corrects the direction of the gold, helps her to take the right position and after a while resolves. There remains only a thread of metal.

The skin of the face before the procedure is softened by special means to facilitate the introduction of foreign fibers. Then the threads are introduced, detached from the needle and remain in the skin. Places of punctures during the day are protected from external factors by a band-aid. The whole operation takes 40-60 minutes or longer, depending on complexity.

Before and after photos

Photo before and after reinforcing with gold threads No. 1
Photo before and after reinforcing with gold threads No. 2
Photo before and after reinforcing with gold threads No. 3

Popular Questions

The definition of reinforcement could be considered disclosed if it were not for the different issues that concern patients deciding on its appropriateness in their cases. By answering them, we will provide comprehensive information about lifting with gold threads.

How to behave after reinforcement?

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, so hospitalization is not relevant. When the unpleasant symptoms after the procedure have passed, you can go to work.

Do golden threads hinder facial expressions?

To some extent, yes – especially in the first time after reinforcement. You will not feel the threads inside, but it is not recommended to do sharp facial movements during the week after the operation. They will not break, but may take the wrong position.

What happens next with gold threads?

They remain in the skin forever. After 10-15 years, the skin aging process will resume anyway, but the threads will remain in the tissues of your face.

The fact of the presence of gold threads does not affect the possibility of carrying out other cosmetic procedures, except for those associated with galvanic current. No threads are felt in the skin. Over time, many forget about their existence.

Are there any contraindications to gold reinforcement?

A gold facelift is considered an atraumatic method of aesthetic correction, but there are contraindications. Usually they relate to all methods of reinforcement.

  • Chronic diseases during exacerbation.
  • Acute infectious diseases.
  • Oncological processes in the body.
  • Hemophilia.
  • Dysfunctional hormonal background.

All these contraindications serve as full arguments for the cancellation of the procedure. Or by replacing it with an affordable type of anti-aging correction.

What is the price of a gold thread? Is it possible to calculate how much the entire operation will cost?

The price of one gold thread is unknown, since most often the salon announces in the price list the total cost of lifting eyebrows, cheeks, eyes, chin. The price of gold reinforcement in cosmetology is 450-800 euros. The most expensive – correction of the chin and oval face.

Do you often leave positive reviews about a gold thread lift?

The high cost of the procedure has limited access to it. Few people can afford such a high-quality lift, so reviews are left infrequently. If you are worried about the reviews of doctors, then their opinions are opposite: while someone considers reinforcing with gold a progressive advanced method, others are convinced of the illogicality of suturing foreign objects into the skin.

Are golden threads good for your face?

Yes, we partially answered this question. Gold ions are easily absorbed by the skin, and have a beneficial effect on its condition.

Is there a risk of thread rejection?

There is a risk in any case, for whatever service you would turn to the salon. But gold was not chosen by chance as a material for reinforcing. Like a noble metal, it is completely harmless and hypoallergenic

A facelift with gold threads should be carried out by an experienced doctor. It is better to pay more with confidence that everything will go as it should, without complications and side effects, than to save and put yourself at risk.

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