Silhouette Lift and Lift Soft – threads for lifting the face and certain parts of the body – Cosmetology, plastic surgery and diets

Silhouette Lift and Lift Soft – threads for lifting the face and certain parts of the body

Modern cosmetology offers women a lot of effective and safe methods of rejuvenation. Nowadays, it is not necessary to undergo complex and painful plastic surgeries in order to achieve the desired result. Threads Silhouette Lift and their bio-alternative Lift Soft allow you to give the skin the desired shape, elasticity and tone. What exactly are they and how do they act? We will try to answer these questions as detailed as possible.

Threads Silhouette Lift

Silhouette Lift are unique cosmetic threads for skin tightening when the first signs of aging appear (wrinkles, ptosis). The use of such a technique has been tested by time and practice in many countries of the world.

Threads Silhouette Lift are made from a safe polypropylene material that does not absorb over time, but remains in the dermis forever. Their qualitative characteristics include: strength, ductility, elasticity and safety. Along the length of such a thread there are special notches, nodules, the main task of which is to tightly fix the introduced material deep in the dermis and give the contours of the face or body the necessary shape and elasticity.

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Silhouette Lift have a dual impact principle. The dense structure holds the skin due to its physical presence, and nodules made of glycolic and lactic acid are aimed at stimulating internal processes that provoke the active production of beneficial components, the growth of connective tissue and cell renewal. Despite the fact that the thread itself remains in the skin forever, the nodules dissolve into the simplest compounds for a maximum of 12-18 months.

Threads Silhouette Lift

Threads Silhouette Lift

Threads Silhouette Lift Soft

Silhouette Lift Soft – the so-called temporary impact bio-threads. Their main difference is that they dissolve after a certain period of time and are completely eliminated from the body naturally. The drug is made from polylactic acid. With its help, the body increases the production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and many other components necessary for young and supple skin. Naturally, all these processes are activated locally, that is, at the place of implementation of the Silhouette Lift Soft thread.

Threads Silhouette Lift Soft

Threads Silhouette Lift Soft

Indications for use

When is it appropriate to use Silhouette Lift and Silhouette Lift Soft? A direct indication for such a procedure: ptosis of the face or individual parts of the body in a moderate or initial stage. The ideal patient or patient for such a lifting procedure is a person aged 30 to 50 years, without excess weight, with moderate signs of skin aging. If necessary, the procedure is carried out to combat wrinkles.

It is generally accepted that Silhouette Lift Soft threads are for the most part preventive; they are suitable for young skin (from 30 years old) and for eliminating the first signs of brylls. Silhouette Lift is used to rejuvenate more mature women (from 40 years). Both types of threads are used to work with the face, neck, chest.

Principle of the procedure

Tightening of the skin with threads is carried out in a hospital, no special preparation is required. However, the reviews contain information that a few days before the introduction of Silhouette Lift or their alternatives, it is recommended to refrain from alcohol, any cosmetic procedures and drugs that thin the blood.

The procedure itself can be conditionally divided into several stages. In total, all manipulations take no more than an hour. After all the manipulations are completed, the patient leaves the clinic building. So, the session is divided into:

  • The preparatory stage (treatment of the skin with an antiseptic, drawing up a scheme for introducing threads, applying a cream for local anesthesia).
  • Implementation of Silhouette Lift or Lift Soft (carried out with the help of strong, flexible steel needles according to a pre-compiled thread direction plan).
  • The final stage (recommendations for further care and prevention of side effects).

Thread Lift Pattern Silhouette Lift Soft

One of the patterns for introducing Silhouette threads

Possible complications and precautions

If you went through the procedure of introducing Silhouette Lift Soft or non-absorbable threads of the same brand, then the positive effect will be noticeable immediately. Over time, it will not only not decrease, but also become more pronounced. Your main task is to consolidate the result and prevent the occurrence of any negative consequences. Reading reviews of such procedures, you can find quite a lot of negative opinions. People complain that after the session it is noted:

  • swelling;
  • bruises;
  • soreness;
  • local redness;
  • a feeling of itching or discomfort;
  • the appearance of tubercles on the skin (in rare cases).

Silhouette Lift in both of its variants is a rather gentle measure of rejuvenation. Full recovery of the body occurs within 7-10 days, with no special or complex care for the treated area. All recommendations are presented in the form of the following restrictions:

  • do not create pressure on the problem area (about 2 weeks, do not massage, do not push, do not sleep on your stomach);
  • avoid procedures associated with high temperatures (solarium, sauna, baths, hot tub);
  • Do not perform repeated cosmetic procedures without the permission of the doctor or until the end of the recovery period.

Silhouette Lift Soft Thread Insertion Procedure

Silhouette Lift Soft Thread Insertion Procedure

Contraindications to the methods

Before deciding on the procedure for the introduction of threads, be sure to consider whether you have contraindications. This will allow you not only to avoid side effects, but also to maintain your own health. So, drugs of this brand are not used for:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • oncology;
  • inflammatory processes in the problem area;
  • high sensitivity to the skin or a tendency to scarring;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • any diseases in the acute stage, fever, fever, poisoning;
  • blood diseases.

Silhouette Lift and Lift Soft threads are a great alternative to plastic surgery. Their advantages include a small number of contraindications, a short rehabilitation period, the use of local anesthesia and a positive final effect. The line of funds implies a choice between two categories of products, one of which is temporary and the other permanent (with a longer effect).

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