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Facial correction using soft lifting or volumetric face modeling

Modern cosmetology is not much inferior to plastic surgery. With the help of safe and almost painless procedures, you can eliminate various imperfections of the skin of the face. It is possible to get rid of problems in the complex with the help of such a technique as soft lifting. An impact of this nature is characterized by maximum versatility and is suitable for working with both superficial and deep layers of the dermis. How exactly and on the basis of what is this procedure carried out? We will try to answer this question as detailed as possible.

Method Definition

Before proceeding to a detailed description of the principles of operation of such a technique, we formulate what constitutes softlifting. The second name of this procedure is 3D modeling, it represents the ability to change the contours of the face and eliminate skin imperfections at several levels simultaneously (superficial and deep).

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Principle of the procedure

To begin with, we stipulate the principle of the procedure. All manipulations are carried out by injection based on fillers containing hyaluronic acid. To solve the tasks in one session, several fillers of the same brand are usually used at once, differing only in concentration. Injections are carried out not only into the surface layers of the dermis, but also to a considerable depth. The exact scheme of their implementation depends on the type of existing problem and is determined by a specialist.

When deciding on soft lifting, pay special attention to the choice of a specialist who will work with your face. Read reviews about his work, study diplomas. The final result of the procedure will depend on the professionalism and experience of the doctor, his knowledge of the structure of the face. The introduction of fillers is due to the anatomy of the human face, and only accurate knowledge of its features will lead to the formation of the desired result.

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The filler is inserted under the skin using a special cannula with a blunt base, it is designed so that skin injury is minimized. Such a needle is made of special steel, thin, flexible, but very durable, which allows it to be used to work with the most complex and sensitive parts of the face.

Softlift Procedure

Softlift Procedure

Soft lifting is performed under local anesthesia, which completely eliminates unpleasant sensations and does not provoke any serious consequences. All manipulations are carried out quite quickly and take no more than one hour of time. The first changes can be evaluated immediately after the procedure, however, the full beneficial effect is evaluated only after two weeks, at the end of the rehabilitation period.

Indication for appointment

In what cases can a patient be recommended soft lifting? Studying the reviews of specialists, you can notice a trend of the following nature: the technique is carried out mainly for patients with mature skin. Softlifting cannot be recommended as a prophylactic. At the same time, in the presence of significant skin or other defects, the technique can be applied to eliminate them and to model new facial contours at almost any age. With just one procedure, you can simultaneously solve the following problems:

  • superficial, small and medium expression wrinkles;
  • deep age folds, including nasolabial;
  • soft tissue prolapse, floated face contour;
  • increased dryness of the skin, dehydration, peeling;
  • thin lips with lowered corners;
  • soft tissue deficiency in certain areas of the face;
  • dissatisfaction with the shape of the nose, cheekbones, chin;
  • swelling and bags under the eyes.

One of the indications for softlifting is the omission of soft tissues, the floated face contour

One of the indications for softlifting is the omission of soft tissues, the floated face contour

Expected results

Soft lifting provides an excellent result that lasts for approximately 12 months. In addition to solving pronounced problems (eliminating wrinkles, ptosis, soft tissue deficiency), introduced fillers have a general anti-aging effect on the skin. Synthetic hyaluronic acid received in the dermis attracts water molecules, thereby eliminating its deficiency in the body. The skin becomes more hydrated, toned, acquires a healthy color.

Side effects

Soft lifting is considered to be an atraumatic procedure that does not cause any serious consequences for the patient’s body. It should be remembered that during the procedure, the integrity of the skin is still violated, which means that in some cases, side effects can not be avoided. First of all, they should include:

  • swelling;
  • bruises;
  • painful sensations;
  • uneven distribution of filler, hence the tuberosity of the skin.

Postulates of the rehabilitation period

How long does the rehabilitation period last after a procedure such as soft lifting? Most cosmetologists are inclined to a figure in 2 weeks, during which time microscopic punctures heal, bruises disappear, and swelling completely disappears. To speed up the healing and recovery processes, it is recommended that you observe the following simple rules:

  • do not wash yourself with hot water (first day);
  • Do not use decorative cosmetics that clog pores and puncture sites (first 2 – 3 of the day);
  • do not massage the face and do not exert any pressure on the skin (for 2 weeks you should not even sleep on your stomach);
  • limit exposure to high temperatures and ultraviolet radiation (do not visit steam rooms, saunas and solariums for 14 days);
  • Do not go out in the open sun without special cosmetics with a protective factor.

In order for side effects to disappear as soon as possible, it is recommended to make cool compresses based on chamomile (relieve inflammation), apply cream with arnica (reduce swelling), and use special pharmacy drugs to reduce bruises.

Depending on the prescription of the doctor, the patient must comply with certain, special prescriptions. As a rule, they are determined by the specific characteristics of the body of each person.

The result after the Softlift procedure

The result after the Softlift procedure


Softlifting also has a minimum of contraindications, which is why the technique is very appropriate for those who for some reason cannot consult a plastic surgeon. However, even such a safe technique has a number of limitations, which include:

  • allergies or individual intolerance to hyaluronic acid or other components that make up the filler;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • diseases that affect blood coagulation.

Soft lifting is a comprehensive facial modeling procedure and the elimination of existing signs of aging. The technique is indicated for mature skin, provides a result similar to the effect of plastic surgery, it is stored for 9-12 months, then re-sculpting is required.

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