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The main methods of face lifting and their features

Facelift is one of the most common procedures in modern cosmetology. For its implementation, a variety of techniques are used, which are collectively called lifting. Let’s talk about what impact techniques this term implies, how they are implemented and what result they lead to. Such information, of course, will be useful for women suffering from reduced skin tone, swam oval face and starting ptosis.

General Procedure Information

First of all, it is necessary to define the concept of lifting. Any procedure of this nature is aimed directly at tightening the skin of the problem area, it can be the face, neck, individual areas of the body. Manipulations can be carried out both surgical and non-surgical, atraumatic. Individual techniques involve the implementation of auxiliary actions at home, let’s talk a little more about each lifting technique.

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Lifting with plastic surgery is the most radical method of dealing with sagging and toned skin. Moreover, undoubtedly, such a decision is the most aggressive and can lead not only to a positive result, but also unpleasant consequences. Let’s determine what advantages and disadvantages does plastic have? Significant disadvantages include:

  • The presence of a significant number of contraindications;
  • The possibility of complications and side effects;
  • High price;
  • Long recovery period after surgery.

Of course, plastic has certain advantages, the main one of which is the ability to completely eliminate even the most pronounced problem.

Plastic surgery lifting

Hardware Impact

Non-surgical facelift is often carried out through the use of special devices. A feature of such techniques is that the integrity of the skin is not violated, the effect only activates the internal reserves of the body, helping it to produce the necessary substances and normalizing the course of natural processes. Lifting without surgery, without injections and incisions is represented by the following popular areas:

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Radio waves

Procedures of this kind are simple and safe. Their main purpose is local correction of body fat and a significant skin tightening. Treatment with radio waves implies a systematic approach, each session begins with the treatment of the problem area with a special gel and the installation of a special electrode that transmits thermal effect over it.

Thus, skin lifting is built on the impact on the deep and surface layers of the dermis. Controlled energy helps to destroy fat cells, improve blood circulation and lymph flow, restore proper metabolism. Due to the optimization of these processes, the skin is significantly strengthened and acquire the necessary elasticity.

Radio wave lifting

Radio wave lifting


A facelift and a necklift are often performed using laser beams. This technique is highly effective, the visual result after its application is noticeable after the first session, and re-treatment is simply not required.

A facelift in this case is carried out by creating microcracks on the surface of the skin. The human body works in such a way that along with the occurrence of trauma, regeneration processes are activated, substances are produced that promote healing and healing of the dermis. It is they that lead to a significant increase in tone, the prevention of sagging and facelift.

Laser lifting

Laser lifting


A facelift without surgery can be performed using an electric current of negligible strength. Procedures of this nature are carried out coursework, their exact number depends on the complexity of the existing problem. The principle of operation of such a technique is to stimulate the nerve endings, causing them to contract, the impulses lead to the necessary tone, and, therefore, the necessary lifting. Expert reviews often contain information that the future lies precisely with this technique.



Using threads

A face and neck lift can also be carried out using special threads that are implanted into the skin. This method is considered to be more effective than the hardware impact, however, less effective than plastic. Operations of this type are not carried out at home or in the salon, but in a specialized clinic under the guidance of a professional with experience and knowledge.

A facelift can be carried out on the basis of absorbable or non-absorbable threads. The latter give a more pronounced effect for up to 5 years, but remain in the dermis on an ongoing basis. After ptosis begins to reappear, it is possible to adjust the threads.

A facelift without surgery using bio-reinforcement is based on modern materials, which gradually dissolve over time and are completely eliminated from the body in a safe way. The substance from which the threads are created has a maximum of useful properties. In this case, face lifting is carried out not only due to physical lifting, but also due to the release of particles that contribute to the production of collagen and elastin.

Thread lifting

Thread lifting

Home techniques

Facelift is a rather expensive method and not every woman can afford it. Is it possible by performing special exercises and using cosmetics to achieve the effect, as after the procedure? Such an effect is not plastic, nor hardware lifting of the skin, however, can lead to quite positive results, of course, with regular use.

So where do you start? First of all, it is recommended to adhere to the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle. Even if you visited one of the face lifting procedures, such measures will certainly not be amiss. To improve the condition of the skin, it is recommended:

  • Eat right;
  • To refuse from bad habits;
  • Observe the regimen of the day and get enough sleep;
  • Eliminate severe stress and negative emotions.

Only the basic rules will not fix the existing problem, you will need to regularly perform special exercises. As a rule, they do not take much time, however, they should be carried out regularly, only in this case, you can achieve what you want. A facelift without surgery at home will give the first results in three weeks. Exercises may look like this:

  • Put your hand on your forehead, press a little and make light movements with the brush up and down;
  • Press with two fingers on the muscles above the upper eyelid, fix this position and begin to squint (similarly for the muscles of the lower eyelid);
  • Inflate the cheeks and move the air in the oral cavity from side to side;
  • Open your mouth and repeat loudly the sounds of O and A, then I and U, do not forget to fix the position of the lips

Lifting at home

Self-tightening of the face and neck is impossible without the use of special cosmetics. Be sure to treat the skin in the morning and evening, remove dirt, and periodically dead cells, use nourishing creams and masks. Reviews of many women confirm that such measures are excellent prevention.

Face lifting is a unique opportunity to restore skin tone and tone. The sooner you start taking action, the higher your chance of staying young and beautiful longer. Classes at home will be enough for prevention, but plastic or cosmetic procedures in the salon may be required to eliminate an existing problem.

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