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Methods and features of thermal lifting

The firmness and strength of the skin can change significantly over time. The formation of elastin and collagen fibers slows down, the tissues lose their tone and mutate, ptosis forms, the skin seems to float down. To restore the elasticity and natural shape of the areas of the face and body will help thermolifting – a modern hardware technique that provides a safe and effective effect.

Indications and expected results

First of all, it is necessary to determine in what cases thermolifting will be appropriate for carrying out? The procedure has a large number of indications and can be used to process various areas of the face and body, for example:

  • cheekbones and cheeks (tightening, wrinkle removal, the formation of a clear contour);
  • upper and lower eyelids (elimination of dark circles and bags under the eyes, excessive swelling, overhang effect);
  • lips (the fight against facial wrinkles in the lips, as well as creating a clearer contour);
  • hands (general rejuvenation of the skin, increasing elasticity and tone, reducing wrinkles);
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Body thermal lifting is also in high demand among patients. The technique can be used as a set of actions to combat excess weight and as an independent way to eliminate stretch marks and scars. Patient reviews indicate that the effect is very effective for tightening the skin after significant weight fluctuations.

The main methods of conducting

The term thermolifting itself is generalized. The implementation of such a procedure can be carried out in several ways at once, you can determine the preferred one specifically for yourself, in personal consultation with a specialist. As for the various techniques, it is customary to single out the following areas:

  • Radio wave exposure (found most often, can be carried out not only in the cabin, but also at home, subject to the availability of special devices).
  • Laser exposure (is the most effective and fastest).
  • Cosmetic effect (implies the use of special cosmetics, characterized by accessibility and poorly expressed result).
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Let’s talk about each of these varieties in more detail.

Radio wave (radio frequency) thermal lifting

Such thermal lifting implies the effect of radio waves on the problem area and is considered a classic version of all types. Using radio waves in the thickness of the dermis, a number of restoration processes are activated, which form the final positive result, collagen fibers begin to contract, and the skin tightens. So, guided impulses stimulate:

  • local improvement in blood circulation;
  • metabolic optimization;
  • destruction of sick or damaged cells, enhanced growth of new ones;
  • production of collagen fibers and elastin.

Radio wave (radio frequency) thermal lifting

Radio wave (radio frequency) thermal lifting

Summarizing all these beneficial effects, we can conclude that the effect is the safest for human health. The reviews of cosmetologists specializing in such procedures only confirm this. Skin tightening and rejuvenation is carried out by accelerating the natural processes that occur within the human body.

Principles of

How exactly is radiofrequency thermal lifting of the face carried out? First of all, it should be noted that the impact on problem areas is carried out coursework, you will have to visit a specialist at least 3-5 times, however, positive changes can be recorded as soon as possible, that is, within a few hours after exposure.

Radio-frequency thermolifting does not require any preliminary measures before. Immediately before the session, the skin is thoroughly cleaned of impurities, dead cells and cosmetics. Then the problem area is treated with a special gel that protects the surface layers from burns and provides better penetration of impulses into the dermis.

Processing one area of ​​the face or body can take both 30 minutes and almost two hours. It all depends on the initial situation and the size of the skin, which must be exposed to radio waves. Please note that during the session, patients do not experience discomfort or pain, which is why in this case even local anesthesia is not required.

Laser thermal lifting

In addition to the classical technique described above, there is also laser thermal lifting (its second name is deep). Unlike the radio wave technique, this option is considered even more effective and safe (does not contribute to tissue thickening). Infrared rays penetrate to greater depths and provide a more prolonged effect (up to 3 years). In addition, the result is achieved in just one session. As for the principle of action, it is similar – rejuvenation and skin tightening are carried out by activating internal processes.

Laser thermal lifting

Laser thermal lifting

Indications for conduction

A procedure of this nature is indicated for patients of any gender and age. If you want to get rid of wrinkles and eliminate pronounced ptosis without surgery, then this solution will definitely appeal to you. In addition, the technique is appropriate in the fight against age-related pigmentation, metabolic disorders in the dermis, increased oily skin or its excessive dryness.

Pros and cons laser thermal lifting

Reviews of people who have gone through a similar procedure are diametrically opposed. Someone is disappointed in the final result, while someone, on the contrary, is satisfied with the effect obtained. To better understand the features of the methodology, we will try to weigh all its positive and negative sides. So, the advantages include:

  • practicality (exposure takes little time);
  • complete painlessness;
  • minimum of contraindications and side effects;
  • general healing effect on the body.

As for the shortcomings, first of all, it is recommended to pay attention to the short-term results (up to 3 years) and high cost.

Thermal lifting at home

In a simplified version, the technique can be implemented at home. Such a solution is appropriate for those who do not want to spend significant financial resources and do not have a lot of free time. There are several different methods of its implementation, which should definitely be discussed in more detail. So, the impact can be carried out using the following variations.

Home portable devices

Home appliances are performed on the principle of professional, but have smaller dimensions and less power, are sold in medical stores and other institutions specializing in the implementation of cosmetic devices. Using such a device, you can achieve an effect similar to that of a salon without damaging your own health. Thanks to the adapted principle of action, they create less active radio waves that cannot provoke negative consequences.

The device for thermolifting face at home TriPollar STOP

The device for thermolifting face at home TriPollar STOP


It is carried out independently, at home. First, a layer of a special cream with a high content of hyaluronic acid is applied to the skin, then a light effect is applied – pressure in the direction of the massage lines, after which hot (comfortable temperature) compresses are applied to the problem area. Please note, movements on rubbing into the skin of the cream should not be too aggressive, in this case you can stretch the soft tissues and only worsen the current situation.

The use of cream with the effect of thermal lifting

This solution goes well with the massage technique described above. Cosmetics of this category can be used separately, in a course, or in combination with massage equipment. They are produced under various brands in various price segments (for example, Avon).

Side effects and measures necessary after the procedure

Thermolifting the face is the most atraumatic procedure, regardless of which method of treatment you have chosen. The maximum consequences that can be observed in a patient are local redness of the skin (after a laser or radio waves). As a rule, this phenomenon disappears on its own in just a few hours.

The rehabilitation period after the procedure lasts only a few days. On the first day after processing the problem area, it is not recommended to take a hot shower, visit a sauna or other institutions with a high temperature.

Basic Contraindications

In what cases is rejuvenation using radio frequencies and a laser not performed? Studying the reviews of many patients, we can note the fact that some people often confuse the concept of atraumatic and contraindications. Despite the fact that the equipment is considered as safe as possible and in most cases does not have any consequences, under certain conditions it is not recommended to go through such a procedure. The list of restrictions includes:

  • oncological diseases;
  • the presence of implanted electronic or metal devices;
  • skin diseases in the acute stage (in the problem area);
  • current acute diseases (chronic as well as infectious):
  • expectation of the baby and the period of his breastfeeding.

Regarding the use of creams with the effect of thermolifting, it is recommended to initially conduct a simple test for allergic reactions, applying a small amount of the composition on the wrist.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after the procedure of radiofrequency thermal face lifting

Photos before and after the procedure of radiofrequency thermal face lifting

Photos before and after laser thermal lifting of the area around the eyes

Photos before and after laser thermal lifting of the area around the eyes

Photos before and after laser thermolifting of the abdomen, legs, hips and buttocks

Photos before and after laser thermolifting of the abdomen, legs, hips and buttocks

Photos before and after radio wave thermal lifting of the face and neck

Photos before and after radio wave thermal lifting of the face and neck

Thermolifting is a procedure based on exposure to radio waves or a laser, which create a thermal effect on problem areas of the face and body. The technique helps to optimize the regeneration processes, and also destroys damaged cells. Promotes skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, has a temporary effect (from 1 to 3 years).

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