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Ultrasonic face lifting – principle of action, effectiveness and contraindications

Modern cosmetology and medicine have many common methods, the use of which brings equally positive results. So, sound therapy has moved into the beauty industry and has received positive reviews about its use. Ultrasonic face lifting is a safe and effective skin tightening technique. What are the basic principles of such a procedure and in what cases with its help can one achieve the desired results?

Indications for the procedure

First you need to determine in which cases the patient may be shown ultrasonic lifting. Reviews of experts indicate that such a technique is quite appropriate for working not only with the skin of the face, but also of the neck, as well as the whole body. The main indications for a procedure of this nature are:

  • decreased elasticity and tone of the skin, the development of ptosis, sagging soft tissues;
  • enlarged pores, increased oily skin, a tendency to acne;
  • wrinkles and folds of various depths;
  • cellulite.
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The main purpose of the technique is the prevention of ptosis and its elimination at the initial stages of manifestation. Remember, with a pronounced problematics, the final result may not meet your expectations. If the patient belongs to an older age group or suffers from early aging, it is recommended to visit not a cosmetologist, but a plastic surgeon.

The principle of ultrasound

Ultrasound is truly universal, its use not only provides a solution to a specific problem, but also provides a powerful healing effect on a locally selected area (face or body). So, sound vibrations are able to reduce pain and allergic reactions, minimize inflammation, promote the removal of toxins, toxins and other contaminants.

However, the main principle of operation of such a procedure as ultrasonic lifting is to expose each cell to the problem area. Thanks to sound vibrations of a certain frequency and temperature, the production of basic internal substances responsible for the formation of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid is accelerated. The skin becomes more elastic and tightened almost before the eyes.

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The principle of operation of ultrasonic lifting

How is the procedure carried out?

An ultrasound lift does not require any special preliminary preparations. The procedure is carried out after applying local anesthesia and antiseptic agents and does not provoke any discomfort. Confirmation of this is the feedback of both patients and specialists.

First, the beautician applies a special cosmetic product to the skin, which includes various vitamins and useful elements, they will only enhance the expected positive effect. The main purpose of such a product is to optimize the penetration of sound vibrations deep into the dermis.

After the drug is applied to the problem area, the skin begins to be treated with special nozzles that emit impulses. The depth of their penetration is approximately 1-1.5 millimeters, this is a rather insignificant indicator.

The effect of the course of procedures is temporary, as a rule, it lasts no more than 7-9 months. At least 5-7 sessions will be required to achieve the desired result. It is achieved immediately, literally after the first procedure. As a rule, changes become noticeable after only a few hours, but in the next few months, they not only do not decrease, but also increase, since the synthesis of substances in the human body continues to proceed in an enhanced mode, the accumulation effect is formed. Thanks to these properties, the technique not only allows you to solve existing problems, but also to stop the development of new ones.

The course of the ultrasonic face lifting procedure

The course of the ultrasonic face lifting procedure

After the skin tightening is completed, there is a slight superficial redness and slight swelling. After a few hours, the side effects disappear and do not require special treatment. Examining patient reviews, you are unlikely to find evidence of serious consequences after the procedure.

Basic Contraindications

Despite the apparent safety, ultrasonic lifting also has a number of limitations to the conduct, which must be remembered. Direct contraindications include:

  • breastfeeding;
  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of implanted electrical devices in the body as a whole or implants made of metal;
  • inflammatory foci on the skin;
  • diseases of the nervous and endocrine system;
  • oncology;
  • acute period of the course of any disease.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after ultrasonic face lifting No. 1
Photos before and after ultrasonic face lifting No. 2
Photos before and after ultrasonic face lifting No. 3
Photos before and after ultrasonic face lifting No. 4

Ultrasonic face lifting is a cosmetic procedure, the main task of which is to prevent and eliminate soft tissue ptosis. As additional advantages, the technique leads to a general rejuvenation of the skin and strengthening their local immunity. The technique is as safe as possible and does not cause side effects.

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