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Achatina exfoliation: the uniqueness of peeling with snails

Achatin snail peeling belongs to a new category of “living” natural peels. This includes the exfoliation of Turkish fish Garra Rufa or massage with snakes. Snails as a natural exfoliant do not injure the skin. The value of peeling by African mollusks lies in the unique components of the mucus secreted by them and their effect on the skin. Akhatins can be rejuvenated both in the salon and at home, supporting the face, neck and décolleté in perfect condition.

The secret of snail therapy

Facial massage with African mollusk Achatina as an innovative cosmetic service originated in Japan. Women of the Land of the Rising Sun were ready to pay any amount for another natural way of rejuvenation through deep skin cleansing. Therefore, exotic exfoliation by snails quickly became famous as an expensive, but effective method of gaining beauty without apparatus and chemicals.

Elite and miraculous Achatina do not live in the wild. A variety of these giant mollusks from Africa is grown on snail farms. Akhatina was originally bred as an exquisite delicacy for gourmets of oriental cuisine. After a while, it was noticed that the skin of the hands of farm workers who are in direct contact with the slugs is remarkably smooth. So Akhatina from food snails turned into cosmetic ones.

From Eastern countries, the authority of Achatina peeling has spread throughout the world: premium salons in Europe, America and Russia began to offer snail therapy. Korean manufacturers of organic cosmetics picked up the trend and launched the release of creams, serums and masks with snail secrets.

girl holds on hand a snail of Achatina

Facial peeling with snails Achatina implies simultaneous cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin with African mollusks. Exfoliation combines three main effects: tissue micromassage, cleansing the skin of dead particles of the epidermis, and lifting due to the penetration of snail-rich secretion into the skin. Crawling across the face, Akhatina does not cause skin damage, they only eat dead cells from above and leave behind a wet path of mucus. Snails do not affect the deep dermal layers, so peeling with them has no contraindications and complications. The treatment procedure does not imply the use of acid or abrasives.

Facial peeling with Achatina mollusks is based on exposure to the skin with a unique composition of snail mucus. Its components are able to act as natural enzymes – dissolve the obsolete epithelium, stimulate the production of collagen fibers, moisturize the skin and regulate the production of sebum, without affecting the layers of the young epithelium.

Practically all cosmetologists and women who tested the exotic procedure on themselves evaluated the benefits of peeling with snails:

  • Achatina peeling has no limitations and side effects, so everyone can use the procedure, even pregnant women and nursing mothers;
  • exfoliation session does not cause pain and discomfort. The only obstacle to contact with snails is personal hostility and disgust for mollusks;
  • snail mucus saturated with micronutrients makes it possible to feel the anti-aging effect of peeling after one procedure. In nature, with the help of its secret, snails regenerate shell damage within 2-3 days;
  • Akhatinov can be kept in a home terrarium and then the peeling procedure becomes cheap and affordable at any time. The cost of one individual snail in a pet store varies in the range of 100 rubles. Caring for them also does not involve difficulties: snails need to be given a maximum of 30 minutes per day, bathe them and feed them with plant foods.
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The value of mucus Akhatin

Laboratory studies of snail mucus confirmed the presence in it of such micronutrients loved by cosmetologists and doctors as:

snail on a woman's shoulder

  • vitamins of groups A, E and C, which have a moisturizing, regenerating and antiseptic effect on the skin. The vitamin complex in this configuration helps nourish and soften the skin, as well as quickly restore its mechanical and thermal damage (for example, burns and cracks);
  • protein threads of collagen and elastin, contributing to the rejuvenation and elasticity of the skin;
  • glycolate (glycolic acid molecules), which dissolve and exfoliate keratinized epidermal cells, actively cleansing the epidermis;
  • allantoin is a strong antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals that provoke premature aging of the dermis;
  • a natural antibiotic that blocks the spread of skin infections and the development of bacteria that lead to acne, inflammation and acne.

When a face needs snails

Peeling with African snails is better than many types of superficial cosmetic procedures for problematic and aging skin. Firstly, due to its absolute naturalness, non-injuries and the absence of prohibitions. Secondly, because achatine exfoliation is a good and quick way to get rid of such aesthetic defects of appearance, such as:

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  • friability of the micro-relief of the skin after dermatological diseases and acne;
  • acne, inflammatory rashes, pimples of different etymologies;
  • light facial wrinkles;
  • light age spots and freckles;
  • dryness, tightness and peeling of the skin;
  • papillomas;
  • stretch marks and scars on the skin;
  • loss of skin firmness and tone.

snail peeling in a beauty salon

The result of six or eight face peeling procedures with snails is comparable to acid or enzymatic exfoliation. Shellfish peeling is becoming a serious competitor for traditional cosmetology and SPA procedures. Frequent visits to the snail terrarium for peeling help activate skin regeneration, moisturize the skin, normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, smooth burn spots and lighten pigmented spots, increase skin tone, get rid of striae and acne.

It is better to conduct snail therapy sessions with courses on 4-8 procedures at any time of the year. The first results will be noticeable after the second snail peeling.

Stages of snail peeling

The procedure for cochlear therapy in the salon and at home does not differ from each other. The main stages of achatin peeling should be:

  • make-up removal – skin cleansing from decorative cosmetics and hygiene products;
  • steaming the face so that micronutrients from the mucus of the cochlea freely penetrate the skin;
  • bathing a snail in warm water in order to wash away the previous remnants of mucus, food and dirt from the aquarium;
  • applying milk or nonfat cream to the skin of the face. In pursuit of “delicacy”, the snail will actively move around the face and generate healing mucus. At the end of the peeling, the snail will be easier to remove;
  • planting the cochlea on the skin, its periodic pushing and moving. It is undesirable for the snail to linger in one area for more than a minute – an abundance of mucus can cause redness or a slight burn;
  • a snail peeling session takes about 25 minutes. Then the mollusks are removed from the face, and their secret is left to affect the skin for about the same time;
  • at the end of the procedure, a viscous snail secret is washed off the skin with warm water.
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Useful and safe peeling with medical snails can become cheaper and more affordable if you keep Akhatinov at home as your pets. You will be able to get used to mollusks, and cleansing your skin will become not only a peeling procedure, but also relaxation. Achatina peeling is also an excellent option for effective skin care for those who fear acid or abrasive manipulations.

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