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Acne Peels

Acne peeling is a sure step towards the perfection of problematic skin. But you must understand that acne is different. If we are talking about inflammation caused by a subcutaneous tick or staphylococcus activity, then peelings will only hurt, but cosmetic procedures will have a healing effect against acne, comedones and blackheads.

Briefly about acne and the causes of their appearance

Acne is a common problem at any age. Their appearance can trigger various factors. Not all acne can be treated in a beauty parlor. There are such problems that require deep drug treatment, taking antibiotics and drugs that normalize the hormonal background of the patient.

Is it possible to do peeling with acne, the dermatologist or dermatocosmetologist will answer after a detailed study of the cause of their appearance. Among the main causes of acne on the face include:

  • Inadequate skin care and cleansing – pores get clogged with sebum and dust plugs and cause inflammation;
  • Increased oily skin, excess sebaceous secretions provoke the appearance of a problem, so the solution lies in normalizing the work of the glands;
  • Ingrowth of hairs and their further inflammation;
  • The consequence of an allergic reaction;
  • Infection through a wound or skin damage, its active progression;
  • Hormonal disruptions;
  • Some intestinal infections or a subcutaneous tick.

acne on the skin of the body and face

Remember the important rule, if you decide to perform a peeling with acne on the face or in order to eliminate them, be sure to contact a dermatologist. In some cases, such a cosmetic procedure can significantly harm and spread the development of the disease to healthy areas of the skin.

Further we will consider types of peelings that are not contraindicated in acne and acne, but are part of their treatment.

Which peeling is suitable

For problem skin, face peeling is a must. It is she who is able to rid the skin of keratinized deposits, particles of dust and fat, normalize the sebaceous glands. These changes make the environment for the development of bacteria unacceptable, so their activity is dying away, and problem rashes are reduced. In addition, peeling helps eliminate residual traces (scars) after acne and accelerate the process of cell renewal, the skin looks toned, clean and well-groomed.

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Acne peels can be superficial (light), median or deep. The degree of exposure is selected taking into account the vastness and severity of inflammation.

The most popular surface or light peels, they are ideal for frequent rashes and skin problems. The procedure gently cleanses the surface and pores, normalizes tissue respiration and the sebaceous glands, minimally injuring the tissue. Therefore, to treat acne and acne, they are used precisely.

Median peels are used less often, mainly to remove scars and residual spots after acne. Deep cleansing is a complex and very painful procedure, it requires serious reasons, therefore it is used extremely rarely.

In addition, the procedures and methods of exposure differ. It can be hardware methods (ultrasonic, laser peeling), chemical (almond, retinoic cleansing), as well as mechanical (microcrystalline scrub, scraping).

A variety of cosmetic procedures for skin cleansing with a therapeutic effect allows you to individually choose a program for getting rid of an ailment on your face, to do this with minimal risks to the health of the patient.

Hardware cosmetology guards the problem

Hardware-based skin cleansing methods are ideal for fighting acne. Their peculiarity is non-contact and deep impact on the problem, this reduces the risk of infection spreading to healthy areas of the skin.

The following procedures of hardware cosmetology are considered effective in combating acne and traces after them:

hardware peeling procedure

  • Laser peeling – removal of the dead layer of cells, problem rashes is performed using a laser beam. The laser provides a high thermal effect on problem areas in the inner layers; it eradicates and burns out the problem. The main advantage of hardware cosmetology is also minimal trauma to the surface layers of the epidermis. This shortens the rehabilitation period and practically does not limit the daily pace of life.
  • Ultrasonic peeling – ultrasonic waves are used as an impact factor. Inside the skin, through ultrasound, the destruction of obsolete and non-working cells occurs, blood flow increases, pores are released from sebaceous plugs, dirt, sweat particles and cosmetics. Normalization of the sebaceous glands and cell functioning guarantees a general improvement in the condition of the skin and its healing.
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Hardware cosmetology is an effective assistant against acne. It is recommended to use a similar peeling from acne marks. High-tech equipment used to perform the procedure allows you to adjust and create your own cosmetic programs, taking into account the characteristics of the structure, age and degree of skin damage.

Mechanical cleansing methods

You can get rid of keratinized deposits and clogged pores, which contribute to the development of bacteria and inflammation on the face using crude methods, namely mechanical exposure or dermabrasion. With the help of abrasive particles and crystals, the upper problem layer is practically “peeled off”, giving way to a renewed skin without flaws.

This technique is ideally used as a peeling from spots after acne, scars and various irregularities left after acne. The procedure is very painful and it takes time to completely restore the damaged integument. After mechanical cleaning, the skin is devoid of dimples and tubercles, scars and wrinkles, various kinds of pigmentation.

Dermabrasion is prohibited with severe rashes and inflammation on the face. First you need to cure them, and only then proceed to eliminate residual defects. Beauticians recommend using it as a prevention of rashes.

Acid and enzyme peeling

The most popular method for eliminating small acne, blackheads and comedones is enzymatic or enzymatic peeling. The active substances delicately rid of dead cells and sebaceous plugs, contribute to the removal of pus out. This ensures a speedy recovery with a minimum of harm.

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Acid peeling is also in demand in the fight against acne. Acids create an environment that is unpleasant for bacteria and infections, stabilize the secretion of sebaceous glands. After exfoliation, the skin looks clean and fresh, an active regeneration process starts, and the immunity of epidermal cells increases.

Decent beauty salons will offer a special chemical acne peeling called “acne peeling”. The components of the peeling agent reduce inflammatory processes, fight seborrheic dermatitis, and have a keratolytic effect. Such a cleaning will eliminate deep and superficial comedones, even out the relief and shade of the skin, normalize the work of cells and glands without pain and injuries.

Retinoic, almond, salicylic superficial peeling, body cleansing of the face or mid-peeling with trichloroacetic acid will help prevent and stop the rash. All of them suggest a controlled burn with concentrated acid. After a few days, you can notice the process of rejection of the surface layer of cells, the skin will peel off and fall off in pieces. This is normal and tear off, you can not rip them off. After complete recovery, the face will delight with clean and soft skin, devoid of scars and age spots.

Performing cleansing procedures with problems on the face is possible only under the guidance of specialists in beauty salons. Do not self-medicate, otherwise everything may end up worsening the situation.

Does peeling for acne help, it’s difficult to answer clearly. It all depends on the professionalism of the cosmetologist, the correctness of the prescribed procedure and the technique for its implementation. With confidence, you can see that peeling is an important part in skin care. And cosmetologists at all 100% are sure that proper and high-quality care will minimize the risk of acne and problem acne. Do not wait for your face to fall asleep with pink sore spots and ulcers, take care of your health and beauty now.

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