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Innovative Carbon Peeling

Carbon face peeling is a type of laser skin cleansing. The innovative method is characterized by soft exfoliation of dead, non-working cells of the epidermis and increased therapeutic effect. The procedure is performed only in cosmetology rooms using special equipment and nano-gel (carbon dioxide), under the guidance of an experienced cosmetologist who has been trained.

The essence of the technique

What is carbon peeling, modern cosmetology and clients of beauty parlors have recently learned. An innovative method with a high cleansing, anti-aging and therapeutic effect has quickly gained popularity and is widely used in improving the quality of the skin and the appearance of the client.

Carbon peeling is called so, thanks to the main component of the nanogel used during the cleansing procedure. Nanogel contains a large amount of carbon dioxide, and carbon in translation is carbon. This is the main secret of the effectiveness of the procedure and the distinguishing feature of conventional laser therapy.

The secret of increased peeling efficiency is associated with the simultaneous exposure to the laser beam and gel components, which are delivered to the deep layers of the skin. A carbon nanogel is applied to the surface of the face before peeling. When the gel is partially absorbed, it is exposed to a laser beam. Laser pulses dissolve nanogel particles and transport them into deep layers.preparation for peeling

Nanogel is a kind of amplifier for laser exposure. The laser burns out dead cells and keratinized layers in the inner layers of the skin, and carbon gel enhances this effect. An increase in temperature in the inner layers accelerates metabolic and regenerative processes, improves cell function. With dead cells, particles of sebaceous fat and dirt, which are deep in the pores, are removed. In addition to quick and effective cleansing, the procedure causes accelerated synthesis of natural collagen and elastin, activates fiber renewal and skin rejuvenation.

The effect after carbon peeling of the face is increasing. Regular procedures will delay the youthfulness of the skin, prevent the appearance of wrinkles and permanently relieve age spots, reduce the appearance of acne and inflammatory skin processes.

Advantages of innovative peeling

Carbon cleaning surpasses many cosmetic procedures in terms of efficiency and methodology. This is a great way to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate your skin. Triple action was appreciated by cosmetologists and patients in the world.

The advantages of an innovative procedure include:

  • the delicacy, softness of the effect without burning and pain, which are inherent in other types of peeling;
  • an extensive list of indications, including early withering of the skin and teenage skin problems;
  • used drugs and contactless exposure prevent infection during the procedure, do not create an environment comfortable for the development of microbes and bacteria;
  • visible results are noticeable after the first cleansing procedure, in the future the effect only increases;
  • in addition to cosmetic transformation, the patient heals the skin, activates the renewal of fibers, normalizes the work of the glands and improves skin quality at the cellular level;
  • the combined action of the gel and the laser contributes to the extinction of inflammatory processes and eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, therefore carbon cleaning is an ideal solution for patients with problematic type of epidermis;
  • there is no rehabilitation period, no significant peeling and prolonged redness. After cleansing, slight redness is possible, which will independently pass within a few hours;
  • during peeling, the effect is directed to the inner layers, the integrity of the surface layer is not violated;
  • has no restrictions on age and type of skin;
  • minimum number of contraindications;
  • cleaning is carried out at any time of the year.

The procedure for laser carbon facial peeling is recommended to be planned before the weekend. During this time, possible redness will disappear, the skin will move away from the impact.

Disadvantages of Carbon Cleaning

Laser peeling with carbon nanogel has its negative sides:

  • you will not see the maximum effect right away; expectations can be delayed up to several months;
  • high-tech equipment is used for innovative cleansing. This fact is reflected in the high cost of the procedure;
  • not every beauty salon can afford expensive peeling equipment, which can create additional difficulties in finding a specialist and cosmetology clinic.
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Choose a clinic, beauty salon with a high responsibility. Do not trust the laser procedure to cosmetologists without the appropriate documentation, certificates and approval for its implementation. Unprofessional intervention threatens with serious consequences of an unpleasant nature.

Indications for peeling

Carbon peeling has a wide range of indications for use. This makes the procedure universal and increases its popularity. Carbon cleaning can be carried out in the presence of one or more indications.

Indications for skin cleansing with carbon laser peeling are:

  • acne, rosacea, acne;
  • extensive acne eruptions;
  • enlarged pores and comedones;
  • unaesthetic gloss associated with increased oily epidermis and abnormal sebaceous glands;
  • post-acne, stagnant and age spots;
  • withering of the skin;
  • dullness and grayness of the skin;
  • single folds or a network of fine wrinkles on the face.

For patients with a pronounced inflammatory process on the face, laser-carbon peeling will have to be postponed until complete recovery. Otherwise, it can cause complications and discomfort during cleansing.

An innovative technique is used not only on the face, but also on other parts of the body. For example, in the fight against cellulite, stretch marks after childbirth.

What effect to expect

Laser carbon peeling allows you to achieve perfection of the skin, even out the shade and give the face freshness, smoothness. You will notice these changes after the first procedure. In the future, the effect achieved will only increase, and with regular use, it will be fixed for a long time.

The effect that is expected from laser peeling with carbon nanogel:

  • the skin will get rid of dead cells, keratinization, which impede their breathing and do not allow nutrients to pass deep into the epidermis;
  • accelerate internal processes in cells;
  • contributes to the rapid renewal of tissues, the development of its own collagen and elastin fibers;
  • evens out the surface relief of the face, smooths out fine wrinkles and grooves;
  • post-acne and minor scars disappear;
  • frees pores from sebaceous plugs and narrows them, eliminates comedones and black spots;
  • after peeling, the skin color becomes uniform, without age spots, freckles and an unpleasant oily sheen;
  • there is a tendency to reduce the occurrence of inflammatory processes, over time acne and acne disappear;
  • the skin becomes more firm and elastic, soft and tender to the touch;
  • the pace of the appearance of new wrinkles on the face slows down, carbon peeling prevents earlier photoaging of the skin.
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The main thing is that you can achieve such an improvement and grandeur of the skin without strong redness and active peeling, as with chemical exposure. The process of updating the skin after cleansing occurs gradually and gently, therefore it does not limit the usual rhythm of life.

Exfoliation technology

Carbon peeling is performed exclusively in a beauty salon or cosmetology clinic using specialized equipment. Only cosmetologists who have undergone special training are allowed to work on a high-tech device.

Preparing for the procedure

Some special manipulations and procedures before carbon peeling are not required. The preparatory phase includes the selection of a specialist and consultation with him. The cosmetologist will determine your skin type, analyze its problems and weaknesses. In separate cosmetology rooms, they insist on an additional in-depth examination of the patient’s condition and the delivery of tests.

At the consultation, before the laser cleaning using carbon nanogel, the cosmetologist must:

  • examine the skin, analyze their condition;
  • pay special attention to problem areas, their degree;
  • in the presence of inflammation, unacceptable dermatological disorders, the cosmetologist will provide recommendations for their treatment;
  • if there are contraindications for performing carbonic exfoliation, suggest other methods for resolving the problem.

After consultation, the specialist draws up an individual program for the intended transformation procedure. The program stipulates the degree and depth of exposure, the number of procedures and the interval between them and other factors that are directly related to the cleansing process.

Preliminary consultation with a specialist is a prerequisite for the carbon peeling procedure. Only thoroughly studying the skin problem, the beautician will be able to prepare a program to effectively deal with imperfections on the face.

We start peeling

The peeling procedure takes an average of 20 – 30 minutes. It is painless, the patient feels only a slight warmth, no more. Innovative cleaning involves the following actions:

  1. Particles of grease, dust, makeup residues are removed from the surface of the face. For this, the cosmetologist uses a cleansing composition with an antiseptic effect, but not alcohol.
  2. With a brush, a specialist distributes carbon nano-gel onto cleansed skin and gives it a little time to absorb. Nanogel is dark in color, it penetrates into the pores and into the epidermis.
  3. In the next step, the beautician uses a laser beam. On a special apparatus, parameters are set for the depth of exposure and intensity of the beam, taking into account the complexity of the problem and the structural features of the skin (thin, thick, mature).
  4. The cosmetologist works with a laser beam on the skin treated with nanogel. The nanogel itself is dark, but under the influence of laser beams it becomes discolored, as if dissolved. Therefore, the treated areas are allocated, which facilitates the process for the cosmetologist. Under the action of the laser, the temperature rises in the inner layers (photothermolysis is carried out), this speeds up the production of “builders” of the skin frame (collagen and elastin).
  5. In conclusion, a calming cream is applied to the face.

Before the peeling, the cosmetologist without fail conducts a test for the sensitivity of the skin to the preparation used (carbon nanogel). If you have doubts about the quality of the carbon fiber used, ask the specialist for supporting documentation, quality certificates.

Side effects and rehabilitation

Carbon Laser Peeling is a convenient and versatile cleansing procedure. After it there are no unpleasant consequences, as after acid or mechanical cleaning. Mild redness is possible if you have a very sensitive epidermis. Do not worry, this side effect will pass on its own. There were no other complications after cleaning.

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The purification procedure does not interfere with the usual way of life. The next day, you can go to work, apply makeup (if you can not do without it) and use care products without alcohol.

If after peeling a slight peeling of the epidermis is observed on the face, use a high-quality moisturizer to quickly complete the update process.

It is recommended to use sunscreens before going outside for 2-3 weeks after exfoliation. The sun’s rays can trigger the appearance of age spots, so it is better to prevent this fact.

How often to peel

Beauticians recommend conducting carbon peeling courses. For minor skin problems, 3 – 5 laser sessions are sufficient, and for mature skin, the course can be extended to 8 procedures. Between peelings a short break is made (5 – 7 days) for a complete skin restoration.


Carbon cleaning restrictions apply to:

  • for patients with chronic diseases;
  • there are cancerous tumors;
  • the client has a tendency to keloid scars;
  • with rashes of herpes and any inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • with increased sensitivity to the components of the nanogel.

During pregnancy and lactation, carbon laser peeling is also not recommended. This is due to the special hormonal background of a woman, which can affect the final result of the procedure.

What cosmetic procedures can be combined

Carbon cleansing is combined with other types of hardware cosmetology: fractional thermolysis, radiofrequency lifting and laser biorevitalization.

Fractional thermolysis creates favorable conditions in the deep layers of the skin for the synthesis of collagen, elastin proteins. This contributes to a more pronounced anti-aging effect.carbon peeling on the face

Laser biorevitalization is the process of transporting particles of hyaluronic acid into the skin. This procedure significantly improves the condition of the skin, prevents early aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

Radio frequency lifting is one of the types of hardware cosmetology using radio frequency radiation. In combination with carbonic exfoliation, the rejuvenation effect is more pronounced.

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