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Clean face or using Differin as a peeling to treat young skin

Differin as a peeling can be applied even to problematic young facial skin. Differin is the trade name of a French cosmeceutical based on one of the forms of synthesized retinoic acid, which is why it is called the analogue of yellow exfoliation. Differin acts as a peeling on the cause of acne and acne, being a good preventive and therapeutic agent. We will find out which form of Differin to choose for peeling – cream or gel, how to perform exfoliation with the drug at home and how persistent its effect will be.

Differin instead of retinoic peeling

Differin is a comprehensive medical product with a persistent aesthetic effect. Initially, the drug was prescribed only for the treatment of relapses of acne, but then cosmetologists noticed the multifunctionality of the composition and the ability to relieve the owners of problem skin from symptoms, and most importantly, the causes of other dermatological inflammations.

The basis of the differin ointment is adaptalen – a synthesized analogue of retinol (natural vitamin A, which a person receives from food). In terms of chemical structure and properties, the innovative adaptal is more perfect than other retinoids; it has both antioxidant and antiseptic effects. Thanks to adapalene, Differin is classified as a product containing retinoic acid, and peeling with this drug is considered an effective and affordable analogue of the famous “yellow” exfoliation. Deficiency of retinoids in the body is also undesirable, as is excess. Therefore, differin peeling should be used with caution, especially on young skin.

Differin belongs to a large pharmacological group of drugs-dermaprotectors for external use. After peeling, the product normalizes metabolic processes in the skin, stabilizes metabolism, increases the absorption of micronutrients and oxygen, and protects the skin from aggressive influences from the outside. Differin is also a keratolytic: the composition slows down the excessive formation of epithelial cells, their rapid death and regulates the formation of the upper keratinized epidermal layer. Differin copes with hyperkeratosis, eliminating the problem of compaction of obsolete cells and gently exfoliating them.

In cosmetology, Differin is used to independently treat acne, a symptom of which is the appearance of comedones (“black dots”) and miliums (“white” eels). And also as an adjunct in the complex treatment of edematous inflammation in acne and furunculosis.

Differin is a French product manufactured by the European pharmaceutical concern Laboratoires GALDERMA, which specializes in the production of cosmeceuticals (cosmetic formulations with therapeutic effects).

The liquid form of Differin in the form of cosmeceutical lotion is common in some European countries, as well as in the US states. The concentration of the active ingredient – adapalene – in the lotion is also 0,1%, there is no difference in the strength of the aesthetic effect. It is more convenient and economical to use a differic fluid; a lotion can easily wipe not only the face, but also other areas of problem skin, for example, the neck, décolleté, shoulders or back.

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In addition to the active form of retinoids, eleven auxiliary chemical compounds are included in the composition of the differin cream or gel. Their main task is to make cleansing and disinfection of the skin soft and safe, and the effect of peeling is long.

The healing properties of Differin as a peeling

Peeling with Differin is allowed for use even on young facial skin. Differin exfoliation helps to correct “teenage” appearance defects, which usually cause complexation and low self-esteem.

use of the drug on young skin

The therapeutic properties of the drug help to reduce the foci of inflammation on the skin of the face, relieve the girl or young man from pimples, acne or acne. Adapalene, which is part of the drug, has a preventive and therapeutic effect during peeling. The compound affects not only the symptoms, but also the causes of acne: increased production of sebum by the sebaceous glands and clogging of the mouths of hair follicles with dead cells.

The blockage of hair follicles with particles of obsolete skin and residues of sebum leads not only to the formation of “black dots”, but also to painful and swollen abscesses. Differin in the peeling has several unique pharmacological properties and helps to solve the problem of inflammation in just an 2-3 peeling session.

Slowing down sebum production

Peeling with a differin cream or gel slows down the work of the sebaceous glands and their production of a protective secret. This result of exfoliation is manifested in the fact that after peeling, the face shines less and the pores narrow and clean deep inside.

Problem skin does not have time to independently get rid of excessive production of sebum, the excess of which remains in the pores, clog them and collapse. The accumulation of decaying secretions becomes an ideal environment for the development of bacteria and microorganisms present on the skin. The vital products of pathogenic microflora provoke inflammation of the contaminated pore, which we see as a “black dot” or ulcer.

Differin peeling cleans clogged pores, removes contaminated fat deposits, keratinized scales and microwax residues from the tubules, while slowing down the production of sebum. So the sebostatic effect of exfoliation is manifested.

Pore ​​cleansing and acne prevention

Differin in the form of peeling helps to destroy the layer of keratinized particles of the epithelium, which clog the mouth of the hair tubules. Sebaceous plugs inside the follicles melt and gradually come out. At the same time slowing down the production of skin secretion and prolonging the life of cells, Diffrin as a peeling becomes a good preventive tool for acne. By removing old sebum from the pores and normalizing the production of a new secret, the drug helps maintain a balance of natural hydration and skin cleansing. This is the effect of the anti-comedone effect of differentin peeling.

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect of the drug

Adapalene in the composition of the drug allows to minimize the foci of inflammation on the skin due to the blocking of the activity of enzymes that take part in the synthesis of substances that support inflammation. At the same time, retinoic acid disinfects damaged skin, destroying pathogenic microflora in clogged pores. Differin exfoliates epidermal cells as a peeling, kills internal infection and cleanses greasy pores.

When you can and cannot use the drug

Direct indications for surface peeling using Diffrin are:

  • acne: comedones (black dots) and milia (white acne);
  • regulation of the sebaceous glands and the production of skin sebum;
  • mild form of acne (as part of complex therapy);
  • gray and unhealthy complexion;
  • seasonal pigmentation (freckles and pigment lesions from ultraviolet radiation);
  • prevention of the spread of pimples and comedones;
  • hyperkeratosis – hardening of the horny epidermis due to the accumulation of dead cells on its surface.

Like any medical composition, Differin in the form of a peeling has a number of limitations in use. Creams and gels are not suitable for allergy sufferers, owners of dry and hypersensitive skin, expectant and lactating mothers. Exacerbated dermatological diseases, such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and seborrhea, also relate to the prohibitions on peeling with differential ointment.

Rules for Differin Exfoliation

As a peeling, Differin is mainly used at home. Beauticians call this peeling a budget analogue of professional retinoic procedures. The effect of peeling with Differin will be similar to professional exfoliation, but home sessions may require more. In any case, the drug will help save money on beauty and not lose quality.

surprised girl

Differin peeling is performed in several stages:

  • face skin is thoroughly cleaned of the remnants of cosmetics and care products;
  • on the skin with a thick layer, a differential composition is applied, avoiding the area around the lips and eyes;
  • peeling agent leaves for exposure to 1,5-2 hours;
  • Differin residues are removed from the face with warm water.

The day after differin peeling, the skin of the face turns red and becomes more sensitive. Approximately on 2-3 day after peeling, slight peeling of the skin will appear, which can be eliminated only with moisturizers or wounds. It is forbidden to remove peeling on one’s own, this can lead to the formation of dense scar tissue under them. Before each exit to the street after differin peeling, it is recommended to apply sunscreen with SPF 35 on the face. During rehabilitation after peeling with adapalene, it is not recommended to use foundation creams and alcohol-based care products.

Differin instead of peeling makes the skin smooth. Together with comedones and inflammatory rashes, a network of fine wrinkles and light pigmentation go away. Repeat peeling with Differin can be done no more than once a month.

What to choose: cream or gel

Those wishing to try on themselves the effect of differin peeling will probably be puzzled by a logical question – what to choose for exfoliation: cream or gel? What form of peeling will be most effective? The dosage in both retinoic products of the main active ingredient – adapalene is exactly the same. So the therapeutic effect of peeling with a cream or gel will be identical. The difference is only in the properties of the additional components of the composition.

Differin peeling cream is ideal for those whose skin is dry and hypersensitive. Excipients give the drug the property of nutrition and hydration of the epidermis. Unlike gel, the differin cream dries and irritates the skin less. The cream is recommended to be used to eliminate the effects of acne not only on the face, but also in other areas, for example, on the back, shoulders or in the decollete.

Differin-gel for peeling is prescribed to owners of combination, oily or normal skin. For them, such a dosage form of the drug will be more effective. The gel has a lighter texture, is better absorbed and does not leave a feeling of greasy. Unlike ointment, it does not need to be rubbed intensively, but only spread over the face with a thin layer. For peeling at home, cosmetologists recommend giving preference to creams, even if your skin is prone to increased greasy.

Adapalene is resistant to light, oxygen and other chemical compounds. Therefore, it is not necessary to store Differin cream or gel in the dark, but it is necessary to protect the drug from contact with water and high temperatures. Proper storage conditions will allow you to successfully use the gel for three years, and the gel – for two.

Differin exfoliation is one of the safest and least traumatic retinoic procedures. During such peeling, the skin of the face is practically not damaged, but due to the therapeutic properties of adapalene, peeling has a multifaceted and prolonged effect. Rehabilitation after differin peeling rarely lasts longer than 5-7 days.

Side effects of home retinoic peeling are also rarely manifested: severe redness, dryness and peeling, itching or an increase in inflammation. The appearance of complications is associated either with individual intolerance to retinoids, or with too frequent use of Differin, whose components tend to accumulate.

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