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The secret of coral peeling from the depths of the Red Sea

Coral peeling is an exclusively natural method of effective skin cleansing and healing. For its implementation, cosmetics based on corals from the depths of the Red Sea are used. The main ingredient is filled with minerals, vegetable proteins and other useful ingredients, and microscopic needles actively act on keratinized layers and contribute to their rapid removal. As a result, you get cleansing, accelerated renewal and healing of the skin.

What is this procedure

Natural cosmetic compounds used to cleanse the skin are associated with mild, gentle and harmless procedures in many. Coral peeling crossed out these stereotypes. Indeed, 100% coral peeling is natural. That’s just in terms of effectiveness, it is compared even with microdermabrasion. Is it so? Let’s try to figure it out.

coral facial peeling

Coral peeling refers to surface-mid-skin cleansing. The degree of exposure you regulate yourself. The more time and amount of the coral peeling preparation is used, the more intense the cleansing will be. After epilation, you get not only clean pores and a smooth face relief, but also a lot of nutritious, useful components. They do not linger on the surface of the epidermis, but are delivered directly to the cells, and immediately begin to affect their structure and metabolic processes.

The depth of coral peeling you choose yourself. Will this superficial cleansing of the epidermis or involve the middle layers of the skin depend on the complexity and degree of the skin problem that bothers you.

Unique composition and skin benefits

Coral peeling in beauty salons is performed by a unique and high-quality remedy Rose de Mer (Rose de Mer) from the famous Israeli company Christina. The uniqueness of a coral product lies in its naturalness and usefulness. The composition of the drug includes such components:

  • shredded corals are the basis of the product. Corals from the Red Sea are known for their healing and cleansing properties. Their crystals penetrate deep into the epidermis, rid pores of sebaceous plugs, comedones. Microparticles carefully and efficiently eliminate dead cells and stimulate the renewal of skin fibers;
  • salt from the Dead Sea – this ingredient fills the cells with numerous trace elements and complements the action of corals. After the peeling procedure, blood circulation improves markedly, the walls of blood vessels and cells strengthen. In addition, salt is an excellent antiseptic;
  • essential oils are “piggy banks” of vitamins, complex compounds, acids and other components, their action is aimed at nourishing, moisturizing and improving skin cells. Essential oils fill the skin with energy, regulate the metabolism and work of the glands, accelerate the movement of blood and prevent lymph congestion. If you take into account that the skin after peeling is somewhat weakened, then the esters will fit right and will have the maximum benefit for it;
  • Amazonian herbs and plant extracts are another source of many useful components that will accelerate its recovery, improve the condition of the skin and prevent the occurrence of complications, inflammatory processes. Rich in vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals, they make up for the missing elements in order to strengthen and improve the skin.
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unique peeling composition

This unique cocktail from the gifts of the Red and Dead Seas in combination with natural plant extracts provides a multifaceted effect on the skin: cleanses, nourishes, rejuvenates, whitens and makes it soft, delicate.

Indications for conduction

Coral peeling is recommended for patients with various skin problems. The main indications for coral exfoliation are:

  • acne eruptions, comedones and black spots;
  • expanded pores;
  • Goose bumps or keratosis;
  • vascular mesh on the face or rosacea;
  • residual traces of acne (post-acne);
  • shallow scars, stretch marks;
  • age spots, freckles, spoiling the appearance;
  • the appearance of the first facial and age wrinkles;
  • decrease in the natural tone and elasticity of the skin fibers;
  • visible signs of skin aging.

When choosing exfoliation with corals, keep in mind that skin restoration after cleansing can take up to two weeks. During the entire rehabilitation period, there is redness, peeling, slight swelling is possible. Accelerate and facilitate the renewal of the skin can only be quality and timely care, using appropriate cosmetics and moisturizers.

Expected effect

The depth of action and the outcome of the procedure depend on the intensity of the effect of the peeling agent. In the beauty salon you will be offered several varieties of coral exfoliation. The same composition is used for them, only the exposure time is different:

  • skin cleansing and improvement – exposure time up to 2 minutes;
  • cleansing, smoothing skin irregularities, smoothing the skin tone – exposure time is 3 – 4 minutes;
  • cleansing, smoothing small wrinkles, lightening the skin and getting rid of hyperpigmentation is guaranteed after 5 – 7 minutes of the action of the peeling agent;
  • cleansing, rejuvenation and removal of post-acne can be expected after 8 – 10 minutes of exposure.

The coral cocktail used for peeling fills the cells with nutritious components, makes them strong and resistant to attacks of harmful bacteria, infections, preventing inflammatory processes and acne on the face. It should be noted that after cleansing, the functioning of the sebaceous glands normalizes, an unpleasant shine disappears, and the pores are significantly narrowed.

Coral cleansing is the cleansing and healing of the skin. It can be used to prevent skin problems, regardless of age and type of epidermis.


Coral peeling is unacceptable in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy;
  • when breastfeeding;
  • during menstruation;
  • there are dermatological diseases;
  • there is damage to the integrity of the skin, wound or abrasion;
  • purulent and inflamed rashes on the face;
  • for patients with hypersensitivity of the skin;
  • there is an allergy to the coral preparation used;
  • there are cancerous tumors;
  • at elevated temperature, general malaise of the patient.
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In some cases, the beautician may also prohibit the procedure. For example, rosacea is not included in the list of contraindications. However, if an active stage of its development is observed, exfoliation is undesirable – it can finally weaken the blood vessels and lead to an increase in the problem.

Herpes rashes less than six months ago can also become a barrier to coral exfoliation. If peeling cannot be postponed, then the procedure is possible provided that you take antiviral drugs for 3 – 4 days after it.

Attention! Before cleaning your face with corals at home, listen to the recommendations of a specialist. A visit to a cosmetologist in this case is very important.

Protocol of the procedure

Peeling with coral, as a rule. It does not involve prior preparation. However, to achieve a greater external effect, cosmetologists advise to conduct a surface yellow peeling a month before the intended exfoliation.

Skin peeling using a special coral product is carried out in the following order:

  1. A cosmetologist examines the skin and determines the duration of the upcoming procedure. The intensity of exposure is affected by the number and extent of skin problems.
  2. Removing makeup residue, dust particles and grease from the surface of the face.
  3. Application of a special tool to expand the pores. This will simplify the task of removing comedones, sebaceous plugs. After a while, the beautician removes it with napkins.
  4. Directly peeling – for this, a coral agent is applied to the surface of the face. During 2 – 10 minutes, the beautician performs a skin massage. In the first minutes of the massage you will feel a tingling sensation, but with each second it will intensify.
  5. Removing the peeling composition from the epidermis.
  6. To facilitate post-peeling tingling and partially reduce redness of the skin, a cold bandage is applied to the face.
  7. After 10 – 15 minutes, a face cream is applied.

The coral cleansing procedure is very painful, so it is difficult to conduct it yourself at home.

How many peelings will be required

The number of cleansing procedures that will help to cope with facial imperfections will be determined by the cosmetologist after the first peeling. Given the features of the skin, its reaction to the drug used and the effectiveness of the first exposure, the cosmetologist will make an individual transformation program. On average, the rate of peeling with corals is about 3 – 4 sessions.

Regardless of the prescribed course of procedures, peeling more often 1 times in 3 weeks is not recommended. Peeling and redness should finally disappear, plus 2 – 3 weeks to recover.

Post-peeling care

Coral face peeling does not end in a beauty salon. Active restoration of the skin is observed up to 4 days after peeling. Coral crystals trapped inside the epidermis irritate cells and stimulate active fiber renewal. During this period, it is important to ensure proper facial care.

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after peeling care

A few hours after coral peeling, redness may intensify, the skin becomes more inflamed, practically “burns”.

On the first day after the exfoliation, it is impossible to take any action on the skin. Any contact with water must also be prevented.

In the future, to partially reduce the post-peeling effects, you can wipe the surface with a weak vinegar solution (based on 1 st. L. 6% vinegar in 200 ml of water).

Restrictions in the post-peeling period apply to power, physical exertion. Gym, pool and sauna, sunbathing, solarium will intensify redness and threaten infection, various complications.

Beauticians emphasize hygiene during the rehabilitation period, it is recommended that even bed linens be ironed with a hot iron.

Forget about makeup, oily creams and emulsions until redness has passed and the skin is completely restored. Give preference to natural water-based products, ampoule concentrates, serums.

The appearance of crusts is also possible, but it is strictly forbidden to strip them off. The entire recovery period, use only mild means (gels, tonics) for washing, no scrubs!

Plan peeling so that it is possible to minimize trips to the street in the post-peeling period. If you can’t do without going outside, use sunscreen cosmetics with the maximum level of protection against ultraviolet exposure. Redness and peeling can pass faster if you properly care for the skin in this difficult period.

Side effects and complications

Any peeling (coral peeling is no exception) can result in complications and unpleasant consequences. For our method, this is the appearance of ulcers, exacerbation of herpes, or hyperpigmentation on the face. The appearance of side effects is associated with a violation of the technology of peeling or post-peeling care.

If hyperpigmentation appears spontaneously (without exposure to sunlight) – this is a clear sign of abandoning the mechanical types of cleansing, turn to acidic. In the case when pigment spots appear even after exfoliation with acids, beauticians strongly recommend completely forget about peeling.

If ulcers appear on the face after the procedure, the only way out is therapeutic ointments with enhanced regenerative properties containing B5 provitamin (for example, Bepanten, Dexpanthenol-E). They will accelerate the restoration of the natural protection of cells and strengthen their resistance to infections.

When 5 days have passed, and the redness does not go away or acne, herpes appeared, consult a cosmetologist. Only a specialist can prescribe treatment, self-medication threatens with even greater exacerbation.

Every girl or woman wants to look beautiful. Coral peeling is a worthy choice in questions of cleansing and healing the skin. Its natural and useful composition guarantees long-term resistance to infections and harmful bacteria, in addition, you will delay aging and withering of the skin, normalize the sebaceous glands and significantly improve its condition. Be beautiful!

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