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Preserving the natural charm of the skin with a face peeling mask

Face peeling mask combines all the wishes of women in matters of cleansing. This peeling is easy to perform, guarantees a high result and exceptional benefits for the skin. A variety of formulations allows you to choose an acceptable composition for any type of skin, taking into account the individual characteristics of the woman.

The benefits of peeling masks

Many women are deeply mistaken in the fact that an expensive cream will relieve all problems and prevent aging of the skin. But they miss the main point that dead cells and layers of them, clogged pores do not allow the skin to breathe and fully absorb useful substances from cosmetics. In other words, it makes no sense to argue about the effectiveness of even the most expensive cosmetic product without peeling, because the active components are not able to break through the “shield” of keratinized layers.

To free the epidermis from excess cargo, improve its condition will help home masks for peeling. Their regular and competent use will provide a noticeable and lasting result:

girl smears face cream

  • Normalizes respiration of the skin;
  • Accelerate the flow of nutrients from cosmetics into the inner layers of the epidermis;
  • Restores water and mineral balance of cells;
  • Saves from greasy plugs and comedones;
  • Cleans the surface of dead and obsolete particles;
  • Reduces the risk of inflammation;
  • Heal acne and minimize their appearance in the future;
  • Activates the production of epidermis-building proteins (collagen and elastin);
  • It evens out the skin texture and refreshes its hue.

The only danger that natural face masks can hide is an allergic reaction. Therefore, do not use substances that are allergic, and before the first use of a new recipe, conduct an express test.

Peeling mask for oily skin

Each skin type has its own characteristics and leverage. For the oily type of skin, the peeling mask has the following features:

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  • For peeling, more concentrated and aggressive compositions are used, because the skin itself is denser and less sensitive;
  • A great emphasis in peeling with masks is given to ingredients that stabilize the sebaceous glands and slightly dry the epidermis;
  • Often, increased fat content provokes extensive acne rashes, so the mask should additionally provide a bactericidal and therapeutic effect;
  • Mask peeling should be performed with 1 – 3 courses once a week.

Mask “Deep Cleansing”

To prepare a peeling mask you will need:

lemon juice, coffee grounds, salt and olive oil

  • 1 Art. l plant extract (jojoba oil or olives);
  • 1 Art. liter. lemon juice;
  • 0,5 tsp Extra salts;
  • 0,5 tsp coffee grounds.
  1. Mix the ingredients until smooth.
  2. The mask should not drain, add coffee grounds if necessary.
  3. Apply to cleansed skin. You can use a brush.
  4. For 2 – 3 minutes, massage your skin with your fingertips.
  5. Leave the mask on your face for another 5 minutes.
  6. Rinse off any remaining product with cool water.
  7. Apply cream.

If salt is included in the face peeling mask recipes, we recommend using sea salt. Do not forget that the salt must be finely ground, class “Extra”, without impurities, so as not to injure the skin during the peeling procedure.

Hydrogen peroxide mask

For peeling you will need:

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soda, salt and hydrogen

  • 50 ml 3% hydrogen peroxide;
  • 0,5 tsp. salts;
  • 0,5 tsp soda
  1. Dissolve the salt and soda in a solution of hydrogen peroxide. To reduce the aggressiveness of the composition, add 1 Art. l warm water.
  2. Dip a clean cloth towel, but not synthetic, into the cooked product.
  3. Wipe the cleansed skin with a prepared cloth.
  4. Next, remove the mixture with a damp towel.
  5. After the procedure, rinse your face with water and apply cream.

Dry Skin Peeling Recipes

Dry skin is thin and sensitive to abrasive ingredients, so you better use peeling masks with fruit acids, crushed cereals.

Mask “Honey Cleansing”

To prepare a honey peeling mask you will need:

grapes, honey and milk

  • 50 ml cold whole milk;
  • 1 Art. l grape seed or kiwi;
  • 1 Art. l natural honey.
  1. Grind fruit bones as much as possible.
  2. Melt the honey in the bath.
  3. Mix the 3 ingredient until smooth with a blender.
  4. Apply a peeling mask to your face with a brush, excluding the area under the eyes and near the mouth.
  5. After 10 minutes, rinse the rest of the product with water or a decoction of herbs.
  6. Apply cream.

Fig mask

Fig peeling masks not only gently clean the skin, but also activate the restoration of the tone and elasticity of the fibers. To prepare a peeling mask you will need:

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figs, oatmeal and milk

  • 3 medium dried fig berries;
  • 0,5 Art. whole milk;
  • 2 tsp oat flour (oat flour).
  1. Bring the milk to a boil.
  2. Put the figs in milk and leave for 10 minutes.
  3. Remove the fruits and chop them in mashed potatoes.
  4. Add oatmeal to the fig.
  5. Mix everything well and apply on face.
  6. Soak 10 – 15 peeling agent for minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Any peeling mask is applied to cleansed skin. In some cases, it is also recommended to steam it out, which will speed up the peeling and ensure maximum cell nutrition.

Masks for normal skin

In peeling the normal type of epidermis, it is important to maintain a water balance and ensure a lack of nutrients. For this, a honey-lemon peeling mask is suitable:

wheat bran, lemon juice and honey

  • 2 tsp lemon juice;
  • 1 tsp. liquid honey;
  • Wheat bran.
  1. Bring lemon juice to a boil.
  2. Add honey to the juice.
  3. After 10 minutes, when the honey dissolves, add wheat bran to make it convenient to apply on the skin.
  4. Apply a warm mixture to your face.
  5. Cover the treated areas with a paper towel.
  6. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.
  7. Fix the result with face cream.

Skin peeling is a basic facial treatment. The effectiveness of subsequent procedures and cosmetic products largely depends on its effectiveness. A facial peeling mask is done at home regularly, the only way your skin will shine with health and beauty!

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