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Face peeling with acid at home

Professional chemical exfoliation is an expensive pleasure, an alternative to which are facial peels with acids at home. The effect of independently performed procedures will not be as radical and quick as that of salon techniques. But home-made peels using natural acids are still able to maintain the beauty of the face and prolong youth. We learn about how to do acid peeling yourself and what rules you need to follow when choosing a procedure.

The nuances of chemical exfoliation for the home

Cleansing the skin with chemical peels is based on the unique properties of acids suitable for cosmetic purposes. For safe exfoliation in the salon, only organic or synthesized acids are used, the concentration of which in professional products does not exceed 15-35%. For home peelings, it is better to limit the use of fruit and lactic acids from natural foods or pharmacy preparations.

Depending on the degree of effect of acid on the skin of the face, cosmetologists divide the peels into superficial, median and deep. The last two types are not suitable for home exfoliation: such radical beauty procedures initially cause significant damage to the skin, so their implementation is best left to a professional.

During the middle, and especially deep chemical peels, the effect of acidic solutions and the number of layers of the peeling agent should be controlled – manipulations require certain knowledge and skills in cosmetology. Otherwise, the result of the procedure may not be the elimination of aesthetic defects, but their aggravation.

girl removes the mask from the face

Acid peeling at home can only be superficial. The gentle procedure gently acts on the upper layer of the keratinized epidermis, without affecting the dermis and subcutaneous fat. The concentration of natural acids is enough to “dissolve” the dead cells and stimulate the natural process of restoring the protective barrier.

In response to a slight “injury” in the epidermis, the double production of the protein threads of collagen and elastin, forming the skin frame, begins. Destroyed old cells give way to elastic skin already without previous defects, before a dull complexion is leveled and acquires a healthy tone, pigmentation is lightened, inflammation and acne eruptions become smaller, the sebaceous glands normalize.

Unlike salon procedures, soft home peeling with natural acids does not cause redness, and especially chemical skin burns. After such exfoliation, the skin comes back to normal within 5 days. Therefore, sometimes acid peels for the face of the house are replaced by the usual scrubs, gommages and masks, the effect of which is not so long.

Home Acids and Skin Age

Self-exfoliation of the skin with acids at home should be correctly selected according to the type and age of the skin. Throughout the life of women, various aesthetic problems worry, one-component and multi-acid peels help to solve them.

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Young skin

At the age of 20-25 years, light chemical peels can cope with inflammatory rashes, clogging and stretching of pores, comedones, painful pimples, acne, and excessive greasiness of the face.

As the main ways to care for young skin, cosmetologists recommend superficial fruit, salicylic and glycol peels, which are performed independently without risk to appearance.

Peeling with fruit acids is one of the simple, affordable and effective exfoliations that allow you to get rid of “teenage” complexes. The composition for it can be prepared at home. To do this, grate and mix fresh fruits or berries: apples, grapes, strawberries, black currants, lemon. Natural fruit acids have a disinfectant, antioxidant and brightening effect. The only rule of such an acid peeling is to observe the exposure time on the face of a delicious composition – no more than 15-20 minutes. You can repeat the fruit peeling procedure weekly.

fruit peeling

For careful salicylic peeling, a ready-made composition is purchased in a pharmacy or cosmetic store. Salicylic acid is a proven and mild keratolytic – a drug that dissolves keratin (a dense upper layer of the epidermis). Home-made salicylic peeling will gently destroy the keratinized epidermis, while exerting an antiseptic and antibacterial effect on the skin. A solution of salicylic acid will narrow the pores, ease the course of acne and make age spots less noticeable.

Glycolic acid home peeling also refers to gentle methods for cleansing the face. The safety of the procedure is associated with the properties of glycolate molecules: due to micron size, the particles of the compound quickly penetrate into the skin cells, without violating its integrity. Glycolic acid intensively moisturizes the skin from the inside, removes toxins and starts the rejuvenation process. The results of home glycolic peeling are noticeable after the first procedure: sebaceous plugs disappear, the skin becomes dull, and the complexion is healthy.

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Maturing skin

At the age of 25-35, acid peeling at home becomes the main tool to combat age-related skin changes: a network of fine facial wrinkles that fold into “crow’s feet” around the eyes and lips, loss of elasticity, increased dryness and dullness, light brown age spots. Only serious cosmetic procedures will help to erase age marks from the face for a long time, for which it is better to contact a specialized clinic or beauty salon. Homemade acid exfoliation for aging skin becomes only good support.

Lactic acid peeling mixes are easy to make on your own. Skin cells absorb milk molecules well, so this exfoliation will not result in allergies or other side effects. The course of homemade milk peeling procedures will smooth out shallow facial wrinkles, lighten pigmentation, saturate the skin with moisture and increase tone.

Retinoic acid peeling for home use is recommended with caution, although it is the best surface technique for aging skin. Retinol – a synthetic “double” of vitamin A – is not rejected by epidermal cells, so yellow exfoliation rarely causes allergies. Retinoic peeling composition is a universal antiseptic and antioxidant. The result of its action is stored up to 4 months. Retinol is a universal anti-aging agent, a real panacea for women older than 30 years. It is not difficult to prepare a retinoic mixture for peeling at home, the main thing is to clearly follow the annotations to the components of the composition and not to part with the procedures.

Home peeling with acids for mature skin is recommended only as an intermediate treatment between cosmetic lifting, thread reinforcement or plastic surgery. Self-prepared formulations are powerless against deep wrinkles, scars, sagging and hyperpigmentation of the skin. But they help to refresh the complexion and soften the skin.

Bans for Home Acid Peeling

Despite the safety and softness of surface procedures, acid peeling for the face at home should not be performed if:

  • if the skin has unhealed wounds, abrasions, cracks, painful ulcers;
  • exacerbations of the herpes virus;
  • confirmed oncological diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the development of dermatological ailments: vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, etc .;
  • individual intolerance to the ingredients of the peeling composition;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • violations of the endocrine system, hormonal disruptions;
  • many birthmarks on the face;
  • hypersensitivity and dry skin.

Step-by-step instructions for home treatment

If you have already decided on the type of acid and its exposure time to correct facial skin imperfections, adhere to the following sequence of home acid exfoliation procedures:

  • before peeling, remove makeup from the face and degrease the skin with alcohol wipes for injection;
  • apply the acid composition to the skin with a wide brush or cotton pad, avoid contact with the delicate skin of the upper and lower eyelids;
  • after 20 minutes, remove the remnants of the peeling mixture from the skin with mineral water or a special neutralizer;
  • soothe irritated skin with a light nourishing cream, moisturizing mask or serum.
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If exfoliation involves applying an acid peeling agent in several layers, carefully monitor the reaction of the skin. In case of severe pinching or itching, remove the mixture from the face.

Natural home peels

Home acid peeling can be independently prepared from ordinary fresh fruits and berries, or a ready-made complex of acids and neutralizers purchased at a pharmacy. The second option is suitable for experienced clients of beauty salons who have the opportunity to consult with their beautician about the choice of funds, the number of procedures and possible consequences. Fruit and milk peels based on natural ingredients can be mixed in 15 minutes. Further on how to do acid peeling with your own hands.

Sour cream peeling with strawberries

sour cream, strawberries, almond oil and starch

  • 4 berries of fresh or frozen strawberries;
  • 4 drops of almond oil;
  • ½ tablespoon 15% sour cream;
  • 1 tsp potato starch.
  1. mix all the ingredients of the peeling composition;
  2. apply the mixture to the face with a thin layer;
  3. repeat application after 5 minutes;
  4. after 15 minutes, rinse the peeling with warm water;
  5. moisturize the skin with a cream or mask.

Grape peeling

grapes and a glass of water

  • 5 grape berries;
  • 2 Art. mineral water of medium aeration.
  1. grind the grapes into a homogeneous gruel;
  2. apply the obtained peeling mixture to the face;
  3. after 15 minutes, rinse with mineral water;
  4. soothe the skin with a mask or moisturizer.

Sour-milk peeling with oatmeal

lactic acid, yogurt, oatmeal

  • 1 tbsp yogurt or yogurt;
  • 5 drops of 4% lactic acid solution;
  • 1 tsp chopped oatmeal.
  1. mix the components of the peeling to a homogeneous consistency;
  2. the resulting “gruel” to apply to the face with light massage movements;
  3. leave peeling for exposure for 15 minutes;
  4. rinse off with warm water;
  5. moisturize the skin with special means.

Easy home cleansing of the face with acidic compounds is beneficial and safe. Superficial natural peels help maintain a fresh complexion and are a good prevention of aging. Acid peels at home can also be performed with courses on 4-6 procedures with an interval between sessions of one week.

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