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Facial herbal peeling – an unforgettable skin relaxation

Face fitiling is one of the most memorable and beloved cleansing procedures for women. Its dignity, above all, in the unforgettable sensation of lightness and airiness, which is achieved by natural and aromatic herbal remedies. Herbal peeling refers to the surface type of cleansing and is characterized by increased efficiency, despite the exceptionally natural composition.

What is phytopeling

Herbal peeling is a modern skin cleansing technique that many have come to love. For the procedure, cosmetic products are used, consisting only of natural herbal ingredients. Natural antioxidants, salicylates and phytoestrogens, which are part of herbal remedies, provide complete relaxation of the muscles in the face, delicate removal of dead cells and their layers, increase the natural tone and elasticity of soft tissues, smooth fine wrinkles and scars after acne.

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Despite the fact that all components for herbal peeling are taken from the natural environment, the effectiveness of the cleansing procedure exceeds many chemical peels. The active substances of herbal remedies penetrate deep into the skin cells and have a positive effect on internal processes, so the final result after the phyto-peeling procedure is permanently delayed on the face.

Herbal peeling for the face has a minimum of contraindications, and the natural composition does not cause complications. Peeling products have high healing properties, so the procedure is highly recommended for problematic and oily skin.

Indications for conduction

Leave long medical courses from acne and acne, masking pigmentation on the face and early wrinkles, leave in the past. Herbal peeling can easily cope with skin imperfections, it is especially recommended to use it in the presence of such problems:

  • Extensive acne eruptions;
  • Increased fatty epidermis and enlarged pores;
  • Post-acne, residual compaction (infiltrates) and shallow scars;
  • Pigment spots of various nature, including stagnant spots after acne;
  • Mimic wrinkles and the first signs of aging of the skin;
  • Loss of skin tone and turgor.

The phyto-peeling procedure allows you to align the epidermis relief in several approaches, refresh and correct the complexion, fill the cells with life-giving forces and prevent early age-related defects. The herbal peeling procedure will bring a lot of pleasure and will allow you to delay youth on the face for longer.

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Cosmetic products used for herbal peeling consist of natural elements. That is why the list of contraindications is so small. The cleansing procedure is prohibited:

  • Hypertensive patients;
  • With open wounds on the face;
  • Allergic to components of a peeling agent;
  • Increased dryness and sensitivity of the skin.

If your blood vessels are very close to the surface, there is a problem with the expansion of blood vessels, then phytopeling can not be used. Be careful about contraindications so as not to harm your health.

What effect to expect after the procedure

The skin phytophilling procedure guarantees a noticeable result the very next day after cleansing:

  • The pores are narrowed, and the skin without comedones;
  • Greasy shine disappears;
  • Herbal peeling accompanies the elimination of toxins from epidermal cells, normalizes their saturation with nutrients and oxygen, so it is not surprising to see a fresh appearance and healthy radiance of the skin;
  • Inflammatory processes “melt before our eyes,” after a course of phytopilings from acne there will not be a speck left;
  • Improves blood microcirculation, and the capillary mesh becomes less noticeable;
  • The cleansing procedure with herbal remedies improves skin tone and turgor, makes the face oval clear.

Peeling the face with herbal remedies helps to cope with problematic rashes, and not a bit does not harm the skin. It can also be used to prevent aging.

Cosmetic products for herbal peeling

In order to properly conduct the phytopilling procedure and to achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to perform the cleansing procedure in the beauty parlor or purchase the entire set of phytochemicals for home use. It includes such cosmetic products:

  • Special milk with lactic acid;
  • Liquid soap with antibacterial action – blocks the spread of infection to healthy areas, stabilizes the acidity of the skin;
  • Phytolotion for deep cleansing – contains a number of plant extracts (in particular, extract of chamomile, calendula, plantain and mint), as well as particles of salicylic and citric acid;
  • Toner for herbal peeling – does not contain alcohol, only extracts of plants, amino acids and panthenol. The special composition harmoniously completes the preparation for cleansing, restores the skin’s natural radiance and natural shine;
  • Dry mask for herbal peeling and solvent for it – contain the main active ingredients, phytoplankton, algae, magnesia, kaolin and herbs, collected by special technology;
  • Cream mask with the addition of avocado oil extract – will accelerate the restoration of the skin after peeling, has tonic and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Means for additional protection against ultraviolet radiation – also based on plant components, contains liposomes and the main vitamins of youth (vitamins A, E).
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We start peeling

The phyto-peeling procedure includes 7 steps and takes you about 1 hours in time. Cleansing can be done at home, but only if you have experience with such peelings. Otherwise, entrust the face to the beautician, then cleansing will not cause discomfort and leave only a pleasant impression.

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In order to achieve the maximum result from the phyto-peeling performed, cosmetologists recommend strictly adhering to the procedure plan:

  1. Make-up removal and preliminary cleansing with a special milk. It will rid the pores of fat and sweat particles.
  2. Use the disinfecting soap from the phyto-peeling kit. It eliminates the foci of inflammation and perfectly fights harmful bacteria. Phytomyl normalizes the acid balance in the upper layers of the epidermis, creates an environment that is uncomfortable for the development of infection.
  3. Apply phytolotion. It gently acts on problem areas, softens keratinized layers and helps restore skin respiration. The agent penetrates deep into the pores and
  4. Replenishing the lack of moisture in the cells of the epidermis is the next stage of peeling. Moisturize and soothe the skin after a cleansing lotion can tonic from the kit to peeling.
  5. It is time for action. Mix the dry powder mask with the solvent (from the peeling kit) until creamy, so that it is convenient to apply on the face. Gently massage for 10 minutes using the prepared phytomask. The composition of the powder for the mask includes algae and coral particles, so the phyto-peeling agent causes tingling and makes it difficult to carry out the procedure yourself, you will need the help of a cosmetologist.
  6. The next task is to calm the skin, because the face will burn and tingle at the same time. To begin, rinse off the remains of phytomasks with warm water and wipe with tonic. Then use a soothing mask with avocado oil. It is necessary to withstand the mask for half an hour, and then rinse with warm water and wipe with a tonic for phyto-peeling.
  7. To fix the cleansing procedure, apply a moisturizer with SPF filters.

Painful tingling from touching the skin can persist for up to 12 hours. No measures need to be taken, the discomfort will fade away over time, and the next day you will be pleased with perfectly smooth and toned skin.

How often can I clean

To achieve a solution to the shortcomings on the face of one cleansing procedure is not enough, you will need a course of sessions with an established frequency. The frequency of cleaning using herbal remedies depends on a troubling problem:

  • To get rid of skin hyperpigmentation, the procedure is recommended to be performed daily until complete cure and in the evening. Please also note that the course of herbal peeling lasts no more than 15 days;
  • To stabilize the secretions of the sebaceous glands of the skin, 4 – 6 cleansing procedures are sufficient. They need to be carried out two times a week, not more often;
  • Acne treatment involves a course of 5 – 10 herbal peelings for 3 – 4 weeks. It is additionally recommended that 1 preventive procedures be performed once a month;
  • Patients with hyperkeratosis (compaction of the stratum corneum) need frequent cleansing procedures every other day. But the total number of herbal peelings should not exceed 15 sessions;
  • Smoothing the post-acne will require 10 – 20 daily herbal peelings;
  • Weekly phytopilings will be able to strengthen blood vessels, improve skin condition and prevent its early aging.

Given the individual characteristics of the client, the beautician can adjust the frequency of herbal peeling procedures. If you decide to carry out the skin cleansing procedure yourself, then consultation with a specialist is required.

Herbal peeling is a unique technique of skin cleansing, treatment and rejuvenation. Natural cosmetic products will transform your skin without complications and side effects.

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