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Facial peelings in the salon: beauty and professionalism

Facial peeling in the salon takes up to half an hour, but the result will not unconditionally impress every client. Refreshed, tightened skin without flaws – only a small fraction of positive changes after the procedure. Timely and high-quality cleansing of the integument from dead cells and dirt particles deeply embedded in the pores can prolong the minutes of youth of your face.

The benefits of a salon procedure

Youth is fleeting and many women do not even have time to look around how problematic wrinkles after 25 years cover their face at an accelerated pace. In addition, a feeling of dryness and tightness of the integument, an unpleasant oily sheen and clogged pores that provoke a surge in inflammatory processes on the face – these shortcomings are difficult to eliminate on their own at home using only natural masks. In this case, professional cosmetology offers its own options for solving these problems in the form of peelings.

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Peeling in a beauty salon is selected and performed by specialists. This takes into account the structure of the epidermis, the type and age category of the client. In no case should the selected cleansing technique contradict contraindications to the procedure, so as not to harm the patient.

Do not think that peeling in a beauty salon will save you from the problem for a long time. In addition to professional exposure to the skin, it is necessary to ensure proper daily face care, including the regular use of light and natural scrubs at home, to buy high-quality cosmetics.

Benefits of Salon Cleansing

Salon peels are not a whim of clients, but a guaranteed way to improve the condition of the skin. Only a specialist can correctly analyze the problem and quickly find a solution to it.

Significant advantages of professional cleansing include:

  • minimal risk of post-peeling complications, because the technology of the procedure and the procedure are followed in all severity;
  • The maximum effect of the procedure, thanks to the choice of the method that is ideal for your skin type and problem. Only the experienced specialist can correctly determine the required technique, the depth of exposure, the frequency and number of cleaning procedures;
  • sterile cleaning conditions, first-class, innovative means for peeling and a complete set of necessary tools – at home these requirements are difficult to observe;
  • the cosmetologist monitors the latest in the cosmetic market, attends seminars, improves his professionalism, therefore, unambiguously after peeling in the salon, the effect will be an order of magnitude higher, and the harmful effects are minimized;
  • it is dangerous to carry out mid-body peels and deep cleansing at home, this can negatively affect health, bring ugliness to your face and only aggravate the problem;
  • expensive, innovative tools are used for cleaning, which it will be unprofitable and extremely difficult to purchase on your own due to the high risk of fakes.
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Indications for peeling in the salon

The main prerequisites for performing facial peeling in the salon is the presence of visible skin problems.

a girl with problems on her face, a magnifier in her hand

Let us indicate the indications for visiting the cosmetology office:

  • the appearance of the first wrinkles;
  • decrease in tone and elasticity of tissues;
  • dull, unhealthy skin tone;
  • hyperpigmentation on the face;
  • traces after acne;
  • comedones, black dots;
  • problem skin, frequent rashes, irritability of the integument.

Peeling in the salon is performed before plastic surgery or as preparation for complex cosmetic procedures for skin rejuvenation. In this case, the further procedure is easier to carry and guarantees a better result.

If you notice a deterioration in the condition of the skin, the manifestation of visible imperfections on the face, do not hesitate to contact a cosmetologist. Timely professional assistance is the way to easily and quickly eliminate the defect.

Chemical peels in the salon

The most common and popular option for effective cleansing and improving the quality of facial skin is chemical peels (exfoliation). For their use, acidic compounds are used, through which an extensive skin burn is performed. The body tries to heal damaged fibers as quickly as possible, replace it with new ones, thereby activating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. After updating the epidermis, skin problems partially or fully disappear.

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Acid exfoliation is significantly different from other methods of purification, they are characterized by strong peeling, red face, which can persist until the integrity of the integument is completely restored.

The composition of peeling products includes various acids (lactic, glycolic, trichloroacetic, acetic and others) and even phenol, which is hazardous to health. Depth of exposure is regulated by exposure time and acid concentration in the composition. The higher the concentration, the deeper the acid penetrates and the tissue damage is stronger, post-peeling phenomena are more pronounced, but in the end the result is higher.

Please note that chemical peels in a beauty salon do not end. It is equally important to ensure proper care after exfoliation. Hypoallergenic cosmetics, the most gentle means with enhanced wound healing properties and intensive hydration are the main aspects in postyling facial care.

Chemical peeling for the face in the salon involves the following procedure:

  1. A preliminary cleaning of the surface from dust and makeup residues is carried out using a mild, cleansing agent.
  2. The next stage of exfoliation is the degreasing of the integument. For this, special preparations with the addition of alcohol are used.
  3. Directly peeling. An acidic agent is applied with a special brush, cotton buds evenly and quickly, the result of cleansing depends on this.
  4. The neutralization of the acid effect and the removal of particles of the agent used.
  5. The final stage of acidic skin cleansing is nutrition and hydration of damaged integuments. This will help natural masks, creams.

Acid exposure is a great stress for the skin. To smooth it and prepare the skin for exfoliation, it is important to adhere to the recommendations of a specialist.

at the consultation with a doctor

When choosing a composition, the cosmetologist relies on the type of skin and the problem of the client. For example, the ideal peeling for problematic skin is milk or glycolic, and fruit acids will help to cope with increased oily integuments and enlarged pores.

Plan for peeling in late fall or winter. During this period, the risk of post-pigment pigmentation is minimal.

Post-peeling care

Skin care after peeling is the second part on the way to perfect skin. Do not try to reduce recovery time by applying thermal procedures, peeling off crusts and peeling.

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After peeling, try to adhere to these rules:

  • Do not wash your face in the first day, the exception is yellow (retinoic) peeling.
  • Do not drink alcohol, reduce the use of fatty and spicy foods.
  • Forget for a while about saunas, baths, solariums and active sports. Any overstrain, stresses cause increased sweating and are dangerous risk of infection of damaged tissues.
  • Carefully read the recommendations of the beautician.
  • Buy cosmetics from natural ingredients, without perfumes, aggressive chemical components and abrasive particles, acids in the composition.
  • Ultraviolet light contributes to hyperpigmentation of the skin, so use sunscreen for 2 – 3 months.

The peeling made in the beauty salon complements quality and competent care. After cleaning, the beautician will surely advise you on the rules of facial care and schedule the next session.

Be prepared to conduct peeling in the salon better courses. Then the effect will be more pronounced and last longer.


Patients cannot make peeling in a beauty salon in the following situations:

  • with oncology and any neoplasms in the treated area;
  • with exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • with weakened immunity, fever;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • there is a tendency to scarring of the skin;
  • with injuries on the face, wounds, abrasions and ulcers;
  • with complex dermatological diseases;
  • immediately after tanning.

These are the main contraindications for salon peeling, but keep in mind that it is possible to expand this list taking into account the features of the procedure and the depth of exposure. Do not be alarmed if the doctor insists on a preliminary medical examination. This is done for your own safety.

Peeling is a painstaking and responsible procedure. Do not risk the health and beauty of your face – consult a professional. Immerse yourself in the world of perfect skin with salon peels.

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