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Features of fractional laser peeling

Fractional laser peeling is a type of hardware effect on the skin, which provides its cleansing and rejuvenation. In terms of effectiveness and the final result, the procedure is superior to chemical and mechanical peels, plus a short rehabilitation period, no contact with the skin and pronounced, persistent post-peeling defects. Fractional photothermolysis stimulates the renewal of the skin frame, guarantees a lifting effect and smoothing of wrinkles.

Features of the procedure

Fractional face peeling is one of the most effective procedures for cleansing, lightening and rejuvenating the skin. A laser beam is used to eliminate skin imperfections.

Once inside the epidermis, it burns out dead cells, creates an elevated temperature, which enhances the metabolism and synthesis of its own collagen, elastin in the thickness of the integument. Thus, an updated skin frame is created, filled to a greater extent with new cells.

laser effect on the skin

The fractional peeling procedure is considered a worthy alternative to medium and deep acid exfoliations, as well as rough mechanical cleanings (for example, dermabrasion).

It has many advantages:

  • deep cleansing of the integument without damaging the surface layer of the epidermis;
  • point effect, exclusively on problem cells;
  • a course of procedures guarantees a long-term anti-aging effect;
  • effective elimination of skin imperfections;
  • there is an opportunity to more carefully work out problem areas, scars and wrinkles;
  • restoration of integument proceeds without pronounced side effects and takes no more than 2 weeks;
  • peeling is applied to any type of skin;
  • the laser delicately affects the integument, therefore it can be used even on sensitive areas near the eyes, mouth, neck, eyelids and décolleté;
  • the procedure is non-contact, therefore, the risk of infection of the integument is practically zero;
  • high-tech equipment is used to conduct nanoprocedures, which allows you to select exposure parameters, taking into account the condition and structure of the integument, the age of the patient, and the characteristics of the area being worked out.

Laser exposure occurs selectively without affecting healthy epidermal cells (fractions). Nanofractional laser peels can recreate a strong and elastic skin frame with minimal trauma, improve cell function and slow down the aging of integuments.

Indications for peeling

The fractional laser technique helps clients delicately correct skin imperfections, while noticeable results are noted after the first procedure. Laser face peeling will be useful for such problems on the face and body:

  • residual scars, scars after unsuccessful exfoliation with acids or mechanical cleaning;
  • striae (stretch marks) on the body after childbirth;
  • bumps, surface irregularities caused by problem acne, acne;
  • freckles, pigmentation of the skin;
  • signs of skin aging, wrinkles and facial wrinkles on the face;
  • decrease in fiber tone;
  • narrowing of the pores, elimination of the defect “goose” skin;
  • unusual pallor, grayness of the epidermis.
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Fractional photothermolysis is an effective cosmetic procedure, but it is very demanding on the patient’s condition. This fact is expressed in an extensive list of contraindications and a mandatory medical examination before peeling.

stop, girl's extended arm

To delay or completely forget about the procedure of fractional laser peeling is for patients with such health disorders:

  • hemophilia, violation of the cardiovascular system, past strokes, heart attacks;
  • there are implants, pacemakers;
  • diseases of a chronic nature in the acute stage;
  • infectious diseases, herpes;
  • complex diseases of organs and systems of the body (tuberculosis, oncology, epilepsy);
  • disorders in the pancreas;
  • individual dermatological ailments;
  • taking retinoids the last six months;
  • fresh tan, wounds and abrasions in the treated area;
  • a weakened immune system;
  • inflammatory processes in the treatment area.

Before performing the fractional peeling procedure, a cosmetologist may require you to pass several tests. This is a perfectly acceptable norm, which will reveal the whole picture of the patient’s condition and prevent any complications in the future.

Fractional Photothermolysis Technology

The fractional peeling procedure is carried out only in a beauty salon or a specialized clinic, under the guidance of a doctor who has undergone special training. The final result depends on the professionalism of the cosmetologist, so go to the choice of the clinic thoroughly. Before performing the manipulations, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the certificates and permissions of the personnel to carry out the procedure, to work on high-tech equipment.

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Special preparation before the transformation session is not required.

The process of cleansing and rejuvenation with a laser takes place in several stages:

  1. Beautician removes makeup, washes away the remnants of dust, dirt and sweat from the face. For this stage, only mild means are used to prevent damage to the integument.
  2. The process of fractional peeling is rather painful, so the patient is required to undergo local anesthesia. The cosmetologist applies anesthetic cream to the face, covers it with a film and leaves it in this position for a while, after a while the product is washed off.
  3. With the help of special equipment and an adjusted program of laser exposure, the doctor works on the surface of the face. He does this slowly, so as not to miss a patch of skin. The cosmetologist passes the problem areas, wrinkles and wrinkles again.
  4. After laser peeling, slight redness occurs. To speed up its cure, the doctor may recommend special cosmetic creams, bepanten, wound healing ointments.

Transformation of the skin by fractional peeling is carried out by courses. The number and frequency of procedures are determined only by the cosmetologist. On average, 3 – 4 procedures are recommended.

Skin Care After Peeling

Immediately after peeling, the skin affected by the laser turns red, there is a slight burning sensation and pain. These side effects will pass within a day. For patients with a high threshold of sensitivity, the beautician may ascribe painkillers and sedatives.

In order to accelerate the healing of integuments after laser peeling, on the first day, every 3 – 4 hours, it is necessary to abundantly treat the peeling surface with wound healing preparations (Bepanten ointments, Panthenol ointments and others). They will reduce inflammation of the skin, soothe it and accelerate the pace of recovery.

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set of cosmetics

On the first day, contact with water and washing are prohibited. If moisture particles get on your skin, gently pat the drops with a paper towel. Do not rub, so as not to injure weakened fabrics. Wash with clean water, without tonics and gels is possible only on the second day.

On the second day, swelling of soft tissues, the appearance of a bronze skin tone may appear – this is how the active process of updating the integument is expressed, the appearance of a film and peeling is possible. These phenomena will pass on their own, without any intervention and therapy.

In some cases, the cosmetologist recommends regular wiping with a solution of miramistin, chlorhexidine to prevent infection of the integument. If the doctor did not focus on this, self-medication is not necessary! It is dangerous for skin health and further appearance.

Take antiviral medications throughout the week to prevent herpes.

Skin weakened by peeling is extremely sensitive to ultraviolet, so before going out, apply sunscreen on your face.

The fractional laser technique for cleansing and rejuvenating the skin, like other types of peels, prohibits trips to the sauna, bathhouse, pool, and the use of makeup in the early days. You will have to postpone active physical stress, playing sports, any actions that increase body temperature and active sweating.

The innovative technique of fractional laser peeling is an excellent chance to noticeably improve the quality of the integument, correct imperfections, and achieve a lifting effect in the shortest possible time. Please note that the cost of the procedure is rather big, the price reflects the high cost of equipment and the need for compulsory training of a cosmetologist, obtaining a certificate for fractional peeling.

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