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Gas-liquid face peeling – a worthy blow to skin problems

Gas-liquid peeling is an innovation in skin cleansing, which has already earned a lot of praise from cosmetologists and patients. Facial peeling is a must for skin. It not only eliminates the burdening particles of dirt, greasy products, but also facilitates the respiration of the skin, stimulates the active process of tissue repair.

What is the secret of the procedure

What is gas-liquid peeling of the skin of the face of modern cosmetology has become known, thanks to the work of Israeli scientists. This is a real breakthrough in non-contact cleansing of the epidermis. Reviews about the gas-liquid technique are extremely positive, after one session the skin “flutters”, breathes actively and looks young again.

Gas-liquid face peeling is very popular among patients. The procedure proceeds without pain and complications using the latest technology from Jet Peel. The essence of the gas-liquid procedure is the simultaneous exposure to medical gas and liquid.

gas-liquid peeling in the salon

As a liquid ingredient for gas-liquid peeling, a special saline solution or a cocktail filled with important vitamins and minerals can act. Through a special nozzle, the skin is exposed to a powerful stream of a gas-liquid mixture (about 300 m / s), the dead cells are washed out, and the nutrient components of the liquid are rapidly transported inside the dermis.

The main advantages of gas-liquid face peeling are gentle cleansing, fast delivery of the nutrient ingredients of the mixture deep into the skin and a kind of facial massage.

Advantages of peeling

Gas-liquid skin peeling is sometimes compared with plastic surgery, it acts so effectively. The advantages of such peeling include:

  • The effectiveness of peeling – the skin after cleaning looks fresh, toned, and the massage effect improves blood circulation;
  • Hygiene and safety for the patient – a gas-liquid procedure is performed without contact with the skin, so there is no risk of contracting infectious diseases;
  • Point impact – special nozzles allow you to direct the gas-liquid flow even in the most inaccessible areas. In addition, depending on the degree of the problem, the strength of the flow can be adjusted;
  • The absence of complications and side effects – non-allergenic and environmentally friendly substances are used during the procedure, so you should not worry about the appearance of irritations, rashes;
  • Painlessness, comfort of the procedure – the patient does not feel pain during peeling, rather, on the contrary, light tickling and tissue relaxation;
  • No restrictions and rehabilitation period – right after the session you can go to work;
  • Versatility – the season does not matter for this peeling.

Face peeling with gas and liquid is easily combined with other types of hardware cosmetology. It can be done to prepare for radical anti-aging procedures, for example, before laser resurfacing or fractional facial rejuvenation.

Disadvantages of the procedure

pensive girl

The disadvantages of such face peeling should rather be attributed to the difficulties that can be encountered:

  • Noisiness of the procedure, especially when working on the parotid region;
  • Some patients complain of a cold that is uncomfortable;
  • High cost – a course of gas-liquid therapy will cost you at least 14 000 rubles;
  • Despite the high result after one face peeling session, it is important to complete the full course. So get ready for regular visits to the beautician and a considerable amount to pay;
  • Gas-liquid cleaning is carried out on expensive equipment, it requires appropriate training of personnel – not every beauty salon can afford it, especially in a small city;
  • An impressive list of contraindications.
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Gas-liquid peeling is a godsend for women who are afraid of injections and radical intervention, but so want to transform their face. It is hoped that over time, prices for the procedure will become more affordable, and the number of people wishing to perform it will increase.

Indications for conduction

Gas-liquid peeling boasts a wide range of skin changes. It is noticeably transformed, becoming refreshed, supple and tender. The main thing is that a high result is achieved naturally, without complications and unpleasant consequences.

Peeling is recommended for patients with the following defects:

  • Sagging, signs of wilting skin;
  • Wrinkles on the face;
  • Swelling in the eye area;
  • Hyperpigmentation;
  • Visible scars, scars or burn marks that damage the appearance;
  • Striae, acne, acne;
  • Dryness, peeling;
  • Gray, nondescript skin tone;
  • Weakening of tissue tone, the clarity of the oval of the face is lost;
  • Comedones and greasy plugs in the pores.

indications for the procedure

Gas-liquid cleansing at the same time compensates for the lack of moisture and minerals in the epidermis, relieves dead cells, dead skin zones, activates the recovery process and metabolism. This technique is an 100% result that you could not even imagine.

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Order of conduct

Cleaning the skin with gas and liquid involves several stages and takes a total of 20 – 60 minutes. The whole peeling process is as follows:

  1. Purified skin is treated with a special tonic. It will remove surface contaminants, reduce the risk of infection in the cells. Beauticians often make chemical and enzymatic peels. They additionally soften the skin, simplify the penetration of nutrients deep into the epidermis.
  2. To loosen comedones, a thermal mask is applied to the face. It has an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect. After the mask, the beautician easily removes problematic plugs from the pores.
  3. Immediately before peeling, the face is treated again with lotion, a mask is applied to narrow the pores.
  4. The skin is ready for exposure to a gas-liquid mixture. The cosmetologist regulates the flow force by the distance between the covers and the nozzle nozzle. The patient can feel cool air flows, a light massage of tissues.
  5. To consolidate the achieved result, the cosmetologist applies protective cosmetics, taking into account the age and type of skin.

For gas-liquid peeling, contact the upscale beauty salons. Remember that the low qualification of a cosmetologist, unsanitary conditions and a violation of the technique of conducting a gas-liquid procedure on the face threatens irreversible violations and even ugliness.

Contraindications to the procedure

What is this in gas-liquid peeling of a magical and useful face, we have already learned.

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medical prohibition of the procedure

It remains to tell a little bitterness – these are contraindications:

  • Oncology;
  • Mental disorders;
  • A number of dermatological ailments (psoriasis, purulent rashes and eczema);
  • Cardiovascular failure;
  • Violation of the thyroid gland, problems with the ears and throat;
  • Infectious diseases of local and chronic nature;
  • Problems associated with the facial nerve;
  • Allergic reaction to injected drugs;
  • Serious disorders with blood flow to the head, cervical part.

An impressive list of contraindications indicates a mandatory consultation with a specialist before conducting gas-liquid peeling. He will explain in detail what it is, how it works, and what to expect in the end.

Gas-liquid peeling – what could be better? All cosmetologists unanimously support and strongly recommend that you please the skin with a similar procedure. Magical transformation, lightness and tenderness of integuments, healthy shine and smoothness will not leave you indifferent!

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