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How and when to smear your face after peeling

After cleansing the face in patients, the main question arises as to how to smear the face after peeling. The final effect of cleansing and the rate of restoration of the integument depends on the care provided. So that after peeling there are no traces, except tightened and delicate skin, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations, carefully monitor the changes and immediately respond to defects.

Possible effects of peeling

Peeling is a useful procedure. It eliminates unnecessary “burden” in the form of dead cells, particles of dirt, grease and sweat, eliminates wrinkles, age spots, scars and acne scars, traces of chickenpox or measles. However, along with getting rid of problems, a number of unpleasant consequences of the procedure may occur. They are temporary in nature, are considered the norm after peeling:

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  • Peeling is a visible skin renewal. Old, keratinized layers give way to new fibers. Intensive hydration is important during this period. Shea butter, preparations with hyaluronic acid, which can be used as early as 1 – 2 days after the transferred peeling, are perfect;
  • Redness on the face is an adequate consequence of a skin burn. By applying acids, a laser beam to the epidermis, you purposefully burn tissue. The degree of redness and the duration of its passage depend on the strength and depth of exposure. According to statistics, redness lasts 5 days, but there have been cases when the effect lasted up to a month. To eliminate it, use vascular aids containing Omega 3 acid.
  • Puffiness is a popular problem for owners of thin skin. Edema is considered a perfectly acceptable phenomenon. In the normal course of rehabilitation, swelling will pass in a few days.

These symptoms after peeling are considered the norm, you are required to strictly follow the recommendations of the cosmetologist. However, at the slightest complication, consult a doctor immediately.

After peeling care is an important step in the skin cleansing procedure. Be attentive to side effects, monitor changes in color, skin structure and your own well-being.

Fixed assets and care after peeling

When the skin cleansing procedure is completed, the question arises: how to care and how to smear your face after peeling in order to reduce recovery time and prevent complications. It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question, it all depends on the type of peeling, the depth of exposure to the exfoliant.

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Procedures after peeling with scrubs

Scrubs are considered the lightest cleansers. They include abrasive particles, they act on the skin, exfoliate dead cells, dirt. Massage with abrasive particles of the product evens out the skin tone and topography, activates important processes (metabolism, epidermal renewal) and blood flow. Peeling with scrubs does not include exposure to acid, so a burn, unpleasant side effects are not observed.

aloe cream

After scrubbing, the skin is slightly dried out, a feeling of tightness may appear. The day after the procedure, pay all attention to moisturizing the skin. Use moisturizing tonics, wash with decoctions of herbs and apply a cream with a moisturizing effect at least 2 once a day, massage with cosmetic oils of plants.

After any peeling, decorative cosmetics cannot be used until the covers are completely restored. The exception is eyes and lips.

What to apply on the face after surface chemical peeling

Do not rush to apply cosmetics on the skin after peeling. On the first day, you don’t even need to touch it, so as not to bring the infection. On the second day, when the face is covered with a dense, glossy film, start washing with gel, foam. Make sure that they do not have scrubbing particles. It is recommended to use foams, gels rich in antioxidants.

Apply the remedy proposed by the cosmetologist on the face, it may include panthenol, hyaluronic acid. They enhance the rate of recovery, perfectly moisturize the skin. Apply medical cosmetics 3-4 once a day. Facial massage is not required, it is better to use cosmetics in the form of a spray so that contact with burnt skin is minimized. Repeat the procedure until the film is completely torn off.

After cleansing the face, it is important to protect the skin from sun exposure. Ultraviolet rays negatively affect the condition of the renewed skin, provoke hyperpigmentation. Do not forget to use sunscreens with a high degree of protection during the rehabilitation period.

It is impossible to apply scrubs during the rehabilitation period after peeling. With them, you will break the newly formed layer of the epidermis, introduce an infection, provoke complications and delay the recovery period.

What to do after a mid-chemical peeling

Median peeling is distinguished from surface peeling by a higher concentration of an active chemical agent, a deeper tissue damage and an extensive burn. In the first days (from 2 to 4 days) you can’t even wash yourself with water. Partial moistening of the area around the eyes and lips is allowed.

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When an unusual shine appears, the appearance of a coarse film on the surface of the face, proceed with the application of medications. Medical cosmetics should contain antioxidants, panthenol, hyaluronic acid. Apply 6 once a day, massage is not needed, touch skin minimally.

natural balm with regenerating properties

After the yellow peeling procedure, it is recommended to additionally include therapeutic masks with lactic acid and natural balms with regenerating properties that soothe the skin and protect against bacteria and infections. Shea butter, cranberry extract, panthenol are suitable for you.

Arm yourself with sun protection with a high degree of protection (SPF 50 +). They will have to be used within 2 – 3 months after face peeling. After some peelings, an additional intake of antibiotics, painkillers will be required. Check with the beautician about them.

Cosmetics after deep peeling

Deep acid peeling is rarely used. Care after it is special, it involves several stages:

  1. On the first day after cleansing the face, washing, touching the skin with your hands is prohibited.
  2. Starting from the second day lotions are made with a weak acid solution, compresses, the skin is treated with a therapeutic ointment with an anti-inflammatory, calming effect or pure petroleum jelly. The cosmetologist can additionally prescribe a special tool for applications and processing of the affected surface.
  3. On the third day, the face is treated with a special cream and bandages are performed that will accelerate the detachment of old tissues, provide additional protection against aggressive environmental influences. Continue the procedure for up to two weeks.
  4. The final stage – it will last until the tissue is completely restored, involves the regular application of wound healing ointments, products with hyaluronic acid and panthenol, sunscreens with the highest protection factor.

After deep peeling, the rehabilitation process is painful, so taking antibiotics, painkillers, antiviral drugs is mandatory.


With improper care after peeling on the skin, there may be unusual consequences for cleansing. You need to fight them at the first manifestations. The degree of unpleasant consequences and the duration of the recovery period depend on the speed of your reaction.

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Consider the main complications after cleansing the skin:

  • Acne – the problem is often caused by dishonest care after peeling. To eliminate the ailment, it is recommended to consult a cosmetologist to prescribe a sebostatic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent;
  • An allergic reaction, itching, rashes – it is better to avoid an allergy than to treat it later. After peeling, the skin becomes more sensitive to cosmetic products, so before using cream, foam, gel, do an allergy test. In response to an allergy, antihistamines are prescribed to relieve symptoms;
  • Hyperpigmentation – it also needs to be prevented. To do this, plan serious facial cleansing procedures for fall – winter, protect your face as much as possible from sun exposure, use special creams. Exclude for the time being cosmetics with an extract of lavender, lemon, bergamot, orange and cinnamon. To eliminate already noticeable spots, the cosmetologist prescribes whitening creams;
  • Hardening of the skin, the appearance of a peel – it is strictly forbidden to peel it off. Be patient – she herself will pass.

Remember, complications after peeling are a sign of improper, inadequate care. Do not hesitate, at the slightest suspicion of an ailment, contact a specialist to prescribe a therapeutic agent, drug.

Beauticians highly recommend

For rehabilitation to be successful, do not neglect the advice of cosmetologists:

  • Use drugs and medicines prescribed by your doctor. It is impossible to prescribe treatment yourself. This can deplorably affect the skin, lead to complications and new problems;
  • Strictly follow the instructions of the beautician. If questions arise about the prescribed cosmetic and medicinal products, the skin does not change for the better, contact him immediately;
  • Do not peel off the film, do not touch the face with your hands – this will protect against infection, prevent residual scars, scars on the face;
  • Renewed skin needs additional protection from sunlight. Regularly use sunscreens, lotions, sprays with maximum SPF;
  • Massage, masks set aside until the dead cell layer exfoliates;
  • During rehabilitation, you need maximum participation, attention to the state of the epidermis, good care.

After peeling, do not rush to use folk remedies and self-medicate. This can negatively affect the skin, delay the process of its restoration and renewal. Be attentive to yourself, only in this way you will achieve success and a high result from the procedure!

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