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Is peeling harmful: the flip side of a popular facial treatment

Whether peeling is harmful to the face is a primary and urgent issue before the intended cleansing procedure. It would seem that it could be better: old cells are removed, new ones appear, the rejuvenation effect is obvious … But the problem lies deeper than we notice, and with the slightest oversight and violation of the technology of the procedure, peeling becomes even dangerous for health and life.

The essence of peeling

Peeling came to cosmetology for a long time. Even in ancient times, the queen, the priestesses applied concentrated lemon juice to the face, scrubbed the skin with seeds from berries. But if you look at these procedures from the point of view of modern cosmetology, it is nothing more than acid and mechanical peeling.

The secret of high popularity, the glory of peeling lies in its effectiveness. Indeed, sebaceous plugs that “froze in the pores”, keratinized layers and old, already inoperative epidermal cells in every way prevent the skin from filling with nutrient components and its breathing. If you do not pay attention to this, then the pace of aging will begin to increase, a dull color will appear, single wrinkles will deepen or increase in quantity, problems with dryness, fatness of the epidermis will become more frequent. Inadequate skin cleansing stimulates acne and the development of dermatological diseases.

mechanical peeling

In this case, peeling comes to the rescue. All unnecessary, problematic areas are completely removed, giving way to new, elastic and elastic cells. Having got rid of the dead cells, the mechanism of fast updating (regeneration) of integuments is started. In a short time, the skin is forced to work actively to fill the resulting voids. The deeper and more extensive the peeling, the more intensive is the renewal and the more active is the skin.

Based on the results of the peeling, the patient notes a smooth face relief, a fresh look and an unusual lightness, tenderness of the integument.

What happens harmful inside the skin after peeling

Despite the excellent anti-aging effect, peeling leads to unpleasant consequences:

  • After cleansing, the topmost layer of the epidermis is thinned, which provides the skin with the main protection against external factors. It is not surprising that after acidic middle, deep peels, the risk of herpes rash, the appearance of hyperpigmentation caused by sun rays increases. All this in the absence of proper protection of the epidermis.
  • Thinning of the upper layer of the epidermis causes dryness and peeling of the integument in the future. That protection is no longer there, the skin is not able to trap moisture particles. They quickly leave the cells of the epidermis – an unusual feeling of tightness, dry skin appears.
  • Excessive activity of epidermal cells for the regeneration of damaged areas can have a deplorable effect on the further life of these particles. Each cell has its own supply of energy and strength, so the faster it wastes them, the faster it freezes. That is why patients can observe a sharp anti-aging effect after cleansing, and after a short time the accelerated rate of wilting.
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There is one caveat: in adulthood, the instant effect of a cleansing procedure can soon turn into a boomerang of troubles. Therefore, it is important to foresee this, to direct all forces to its warning. The solution to the problem is simple, contact a beautician and use high-quality makeup products.

At a young age, gentle peels are used, they have less stress on the skin, and less harm. However, this does not mean at all that you can carry out various cleanings and therapies every week. Follow the measure – and unpleasant consequences will bypass your skin.

Complications after peeling

Possible side effects, complications – this is the second point of harmful peeling. Of course, the risk of complications after peeling depends more on the patient’s responsibility for choosing a clinic and staff, for preparing before cleansing and skin care after it. The slightest oversight at any stage of the procedure threatens with serious violations of the skin, in some cases even ugliness, prolonged treatment.

skin rash

Unpleasant effects after cleaning, cosmetologists are divided into 2 type: expected and unexpected.

  • Expected complications are erythema, mild swelling, marked peeling of the integument. They are considered permissible, they themselves pass and do not cause strong feelings for customers.
  • Unexpected defects – this is the response of the skin, which can not fight the attacks of infections, ultraviolet radiation, its own predisposition to the appearance of rough scars. Often, a sharp expansion of blood vessels provokes an accelerated rate of development of problems with rosacea, which was not diagnosed by the client before peeling. Unexpected complications can be caused by a violation of care during the rehabilitation period. It is necessary to solve unpredictable problems with the help of a professional, self-medication, ignoring defects will only complicate the situation.

You can avoid unexpected complications. To do this, adhere to the recommendations of a cosmetologist as much as possible, choose only experienced specialists in your business, adhere to the frequency of cleaning. Frequent peels increase the harm from the procedure, cause unacceptable stress to the skin.

What to fear

Consider the main points that can affect the condition of the skin after peeling and even pose a strong threat to the patient’s health:

  1. The peeling procedure involves the removal of dead cells, interference with the integrity of the structure of the skin. Therefore, there is always a risk of infection. If with hardware cleaning the hazards are minimized (the integrity of the upper layer is practically not violated), then with acid exposure or mechanical grinding these risks are at a high level.
  2. Insufficient skills of the cosmetologist, ignoring contraindications, their silence on the part of the patient, exceeding the dosage or concentration of exfoliant during chemical peeling causes severe burns, exacerbation of chronic diseases, even disorders of the patient’s organs. If with light surface cleaning this does not pose a great danger, then with deep exfoliation with phenol, an excess of phenolic acid concentration and its hasty application can even be fatal.
  3. An allergy to an exfoliant component is a significant risk factor for health. This applies to the difficult stage, exacerbation of the problem. There are cases when neglect of the rapid test for skin sensitivity to the drug used cost patients their lives. The most striking example of this is Quincke’s edema. The reaction is very quick: there is a strong swelling that can spread to the larynx. Then the person begins to suffocate, falls into a hypercapnic coma. This is very dangerous for human health, so everyone should seriously think about the importance of an allergy test!
  4. Inadequate care during the rehabilitation period, premature visits to the bathhouse, pool, sunbathing and increased sports, the use of decorative cosmetics on damaged areas – all this provokes skin infection, a surge of acne and the development of skin diseases, the development of severe erythema, swelling, prolongs the recovery period and threatens with drug therapy. In addition, after such consequences, scars, scars, age spots remain.
  5. A separate category of patients are pregnant and lactating mothers. The ignorance of the doctor and client in how the procedure affects the health of the mother and baby is doubly dangerous. Therefore, patients in a position, while breastfeeding, need to approach the choice of type of exfoliation with all severity, if possible it is better to postpone peels for a while or replace them with home scrubs. In addition, the hormonal background of women can play a cruel joke, the effect may be zero or the cleaning will provoke a surge of acne.

Be attentive to the choice of procedure, beautician and yourself in the post-peeling period. Do not make hasty conclusions, but weigh the decision. Sometimes your health depends on it!

Summing up

Modern cosmetology unambiguously recognizes peeling as one of the most effective and useful problems, even despite the existing risks of harming the skin. If you adhere to the recommendations, prescriptions of specialists, strictly approach the choice of cleaning methods, the risk of complications and unpleasant consequences is minimized.

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Whether peeling is harmful to the face is a moot point. Each person is individual, the reaction of his body to the actions taken is different. To a greater extent, the final result from peeling depends on the professionalism and skill of the cosmetologist in choosing the exfoliation technique. Having carefully studied the patient’s characteristics, structure and problem of the skin, analyzing the tendency to any complications, he can predict the outcome of the procedure and determine possible risks.

If you want the cosmetology procedure to leave only pleasant memories about yourself, a rejuvenated, refreshed face – listen to the opinion of specialists. In this case, the danger, the ability to harm the skin will be negligible. Be healthy!

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