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All Jessner Peeling details

Jessner peeling or Hollywood peeling is a popular cosmetic facial treatment. The composition of the product includes the 3 component, each of which plays an important role in deep cleansing, healing and skin rejuvenation. After a course of procedures, patients note a noticeable improvement in the condition of the integument, smoothing of wrinkles and a persistent lifting effect. It is not surprising that this type of peeling is so fond of the world stars of Hollywood.

About the procedure

Jessner peeling refers to the chemical form of skin cleansing. A specially selected composition of active substances guarantees quick and high-quality exfoliation of dead epidermal cells, improvement of the properties of the skin and the active production of its own collagen fibers.

The components of Jessner’s peeling act simultaneously in several directions, due to which the effect is so high, pronounced and lasting. Let us examine in more detail what Jessner peeling is, its composition and the procedure for conducting it in the salon and at home.

A bit of history. The first who decided to create a product that will later be used in cosmetology for skin peeling was the submariner Max Jessner. The composition was used as an excellent antiseptic for sailors, which would prevent the spread of infection in swimming. The liquid was first used as an aftershave. The fresh, healthy appearance of the sailors exceeded all expectations, and cosmetologists took the product into service, and the procedure itself with its use was called “Jessner peeling.”

Jessner’s chemical peeling is an effective and demanded procedure in beauty salons to cleanse the skin, normalize its condition, necessary to solve various problems and correct unpleasant age-related changes on the face. For the procedure, 3 active substances are used simultaneously: resorcinol, salicylic and lactic acids.

test tubes with reagent, pipette in hand

Properly selected components of the product provide not only skin cleansing and exfoliation of dead cells, but also guarantee the normalization of the condition of the fibers and the sebaceous glands, acceleration of intracellular processes and the launch of the mechanism of natural skin rejuvenation. The composition of Jessner peeling allows you to act in several directions at the same time, thereby achieving better results.

You can carry out the procedure at home and in the cabin. If you decide to peel Jessner at home, first compare your own skills and knowledge in the field of cosmetology, the complexity of the problem and especially the state of health.

Types of Jessner Peelings

Cosmetology knows several options for Jessner peeling. The choice of procedure depends on the complexity, neglect of the skin problem, the age of the patient and the required depth of penetration into the integument of the product used. Distinguish between surface and median peeling Jessner.

Superficial peeling is aimed at improving the condition of the integument, normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands, smoothing small wrinkles and shallow unevenness of the relief. After the procedure, the face looks refreshed, shines with health. The recovery period after such cleansing is short, only 3 – 4 days, it can be accompanied by slight peeling. Jessner’s face peeling can be used as a preparation for more complex cosmetic procedures. It is recommended to carry out such a cleansing before deep peeling or plastic surgery.

Median peeling provides a more in-depth effect on the integument, respectively, the result is more pronounced. It is recommended to carry out this type of cleaning to eliminate wrinkles, scars and scars, average acne depth, post-acne, to discolor age spots on the face and to combat problem acne. Rehabilitation after a Hollywood median peeling will last up to 7 days. Unlike surface cleaning, peeling will be intense, pronounced.

For the surface and middle peeling the same composition is used. Beauticians adjust the depth of penetration of the product by the number of layers applied. During surface cleansing, only one coat is applied, and for the middle, 2 – 3 coat.

Some cosmetologists, trying to achieve even greater results, offer customers a deep Jessner peeling with application of up to 5 layers of the product. After such an impact, a strong expansion of blood vessels is observed, the face is covered with crusts, and rehabilitation is rather difficult. In time, the peeling of the formed crusts will last up to two weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages

Jessner peeling has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it will be discussed about them further.

blackboard and crayon, plus and minus

The advantages of peeling include such moments:

  1. The relative safety of the technique. The composition used for peeling does not have a deep effect, has high anti-inflammatory effects, is softly perceived by the skin and rarely causes complications.
  2. Cleansing does not involve complex, lengthy preparation and anesthesia, the procedure takes place without severe pain and burning sensations.
  3. The universality of the method. You can use Jessner’s product for face peeling, regardless of the type of skin and age of the client. In addition, you yourself control the depth of exposure, depending on the degree of problem and the sensitivity of the skin.
  4. A pronounced effect immediately after peeling. Patients notice a noticeable lifting effect already in the beauty salon.
  5. Surface cleaning does not limit the patient in his usual way of life. Often, after the surface effect of peeling as such, it is not observed, the regeneration proceeds gradually, and the patient can go to work, to visit.
  6. The minimum period of rehabilitation. A week after the middle peeling, you can enjoy toned and healthy skin, freshness and beauty of the face.
  7. An extensive list of indications for cleaning.
  8. Affordable pricing.
  9. The procedure does not take much time and quickly solves these skin problems.
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The unpleasant moments for the selected cleansing technique include:

  • the presence of contraindications for cleaning, despite the versatility and painlessness of the procedure;
  • the risk of complications characteristic of chemical cleansing of the integument;
  • after the middle peeling of Jessner, the skin peels off strongly, therefore, it can limit visits to public places;
  • the product used for Hollywood peeling has a characteristic, unpleasant odor;
  • deep exposure causes pain;
  • for those who decide to have a deeper effect on the skin, increasing the number of layers above the proposed one, as well as in case of violation of the peeling technique, the rehabilitation period may be delayed for a long period, leading to unpleasant consequences.

Before choosing a cleansing technique, be sure to consult with a specialist, study possible side effects and complications, indications and contraindications, analyze the feasibility of the procedure in your particular case. What is it, the composition of the agent used, how the recovery period proceeds, and many other details of the procedure, read on.

Composition and benefits for the skin

Jessner’s peeling product contains 3 main components:

the girl in the store reads the composition of the facility

  1. Concentrated Salicylic Acid or Salicylic acid. This ingredient has a high anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, keratolytic property. Especially useful acid will be fatty and problematic type of epidermis, due to the drying effect. It relieves and prevents possible inflammation and itching. The preparation for peeling contains up to 14% salicylic acid.
  2. Concentrated Lactic Acid or Lactic Acid. The concentration of this ingredient is also 14%. Lactic acid has a multifaceted effect on the integument: it moisturizes, whitens, soothes, tones, stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin, and contributes to a smooth and quick exfoliation of dead particles. It is easily perceived by the skin, because the epidermis cells are already contained in small quantities. Lactic acid is the balance in the aggressive effects of salicylic acid and resorcinol, it softens their effect on the integument.
  3. Resorcinol or Resorcin. This component, in addition to exfoliating, antibacterial and whitening properties, binds previous acids to each other and enhances their effect. The concentration of resorcinol is 14%.

Attention! Resorcinol is very demanding on storage conditions, so you need to store the peeling preparation in a tightly closed package with tinted glass, in a cool place.

The secret to the effectiveness and delicacy of Hollywood peeling is in its composition. The ingredients of the peeling product harmoniously complement each other and guarantee a quick transformation with minimal risks of complications.


Indications for the use of Hollywood face peeling are as follows:

  • scars, scars and acne;
  • wrinkles age and expression;
  • decreased skin tone and turgor;
  • unhealthy complexion, unusual dullness and dullness;
  • enlarged and clogged pores;
  • the skin is excessively oily, prone to acne and acne;
  • signs of early aging of the integument;
  • comedones, black dots;
  • Ingrown hair problem
  • hyperkeratosis;
  • skin pigmentation of a different nature, including that caused by pregnancy;
  • freckles;
  • seborrheic dermatitis.

With Jessner peeling, you can refresh and improve the skin, correct imperfections in the relief of the face. You can do this in a beauty salon and at home after a detailed study of the cleansing technique, as well as in the absence of contraindications.


Jessner peeling is not possible for everyone. The procedure will have to be abandoned if at least one contraindication exists. These include:

the girl looks in the mirror, herpes on the lip

  • allergy and individual intolerance of the components of the peeling agent;
  • herpes in active form and various infectious rashes;
  • large moles in the treatment area;
  • pregnancy, regardless of the trimester;
  • some skin diseases, demodicosis;
  • rosacea mesh on the face;
  • oncology, after chemotherapy;
  • exacerbation of chronic ailments;
  • fever, general malaise;
  • the skin is inflamed or not fully restored after the previous cleansing, after surgery on the face;
  • wounds, cuts, purulent formations and injuries of a different nature;
  • taking many medications, in particular retinoids, drugs with menthol and camphor;
  • fresh tan.

Jessner peeling is not recommended during menstruation, while breastfeeding and taking hormonal drugs. Even minor malfunctions of the hormonal background in a woman’s body can negatively affect the outcome of the procedure.

If you performed salicylic peeling earlier, and the procedure ended with complications, it is worth notifying the cosmetologist about this. It is highly likely that peeling with a salicylic-dairy composition will also not work.

With caution, it is worth treating the owners of dark skin. Deep exposure can lead to the appearance of a line of demarcation on the face.

Neglecting contraindications is dangerous unpleasant consequences, the development of complications and worsening of the epidermis. Therefore, before cleaning, consult a beautician. A detailed examination of the condition of the integument and the patient as a whole helps to prevent their appearance.

How is peeling done

Peeling advertised by Hollywood stars can be carried out in the salon and at home, the phased steps are not different. Consider how the procedure is carried out in detail.

Exfoliation Preparation

Beauticians recommend preparing a little for Jessner’s middle peeling. For this, 1 – 2 weeks before exfoliation requires 1 – 2 once a day to apply special cosmetics containing a small percentage of fruit acids to the face. So you soften the stratum corneum and increase the effectiveness of further exposure to Jessner’s composition. Do not forget to use sunscreen during this period in sun exposure.

If you do not have time for preparation, cosmetologists advise to carry out initially a light, superficial peeling, and after a complete restoration of the integument, go to a deeper effect.

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allergy test

Before cleaning, a test cleaning is mandatory. For this, a little composition is distributed on the inner bend of the elbow, behind the ear or on the wrist. The appearance of itching, severe redness and painful sensations indicates the impossibility of using this composition in the future.

Please note that directly on the day of peeling from cosmetics, creams should be discarded.

Directly peeling

The procedure for cleansing the integument from dead cells and stratifications, correcting existing imperfections in the face relief and eliminating other problems is carried out in the salon or at home and involves the following protocol of actions:

  1. Remains of makeup, particles of dirt and sweat are removed from the face. In this case, special cosmetics with a pH level of 4,5 – 5,5 are used. To sustain such cosmetics on the face for a long time is not necessary. For 30 seconds, massage your face and rinse with warm water.
  2. Then proceed to degreasing the skin. In this case, alcohol or alcohol lotion is used.
  3. When the skin is cleansed and fat-free, begin to apply the composition of Jessner. The layer should be uniform and thin. This is done in the direction of the forehead-chin, the area around the eyes, the lips do not touch. If you apply the product yourself, be careful that it does not get on the mucous membranes of the eye or in the auricle.
  4. If a burning sensation begins after applying the composition to the face, a slight tingling is an acceptable reaction. After removing the product from the surface, it will pass. A few minutes after application, the formation of white crystals on the face begins – this is an indicator of the active work of salicylic acid.
  5. The matte shade and whitish that appeared on the skin symbolizes the active action of salicylic acid. After 6 – 10 minutes, the exfoliant is neutralized or another layer is applied (if median peeling is performed). Altogether, up to 5 layers of acid are allowed. The more layers were applied, the deeper the effect and the stronger the side post-peeling effects. Note that the recovery period is also lengthening.
  6. After removing the last layer, moisturizing and sunscreen creams are applied to the face.

In some beauty salons, Jessner peels are not washed off, a soothing and moisturizing mask is applied over the peeling agent. In this case, the cosmetologist obliges the client to wash off the product after 4-8 hours (depending on the preparation used) and apply a moisturizer, ointment with regenerating properties (Solcoseryl, Dexpanthenol and others).

Attention! At home, it is undesirable to carry out deep cleansing, it is enough to apply 1 – 2 layer of the product. Otherwise, the situation threatens to get out of control, and you will face a severe chemical burn, dangerous complications and unpleasant consequences.

Features of further skin care

All chemical peels do not end in the cosmetologist’s office. An equally important role in the speed of skin restoration and the height of the final effect of the procedure is played by post-peeling care.

the girl in the bathroom looks in the mirror

It is necessary to take care of the skin after Jessner peeling if you want to achieve the perfection of the integument, and not scars and post-peeling complications. For this, cosmetologists recommend adhering to simple rules:

  • to postpone the trip to the sauna, bathhouse, pool and solarium for 1 – 3 months;
  • use sunscreen during and after rehabilitation;
  • to refuse visits to the gym, fitness classes and any physical activities that cause increased sweating;
  • do not use makeup until the epidermis is completely exfoliated;
  • you can not tear off the formed film, otherwise there will be traces on the face, peculiar scars;
  • regularly apply regenerating agents (Dexpanthenol and other similar ointments), which can be purchased at a pharmacy at an affordable price.

Skin care during the recovery period after peeling is special, so you can’t use the usual cosmetics. You will need special ointments or cream (Dexpanthenol), they accelerate the process of fiber renewal, have high moisturizing and protective properties, do not contain chemical fragrances and do not cause an allergic reaction. Apply them to the skin up to 5 once a day.

How long does rehabilitation take?

The recovery period after Jessner peeling depends on the depth, intensity of the chemical exposure:

  • after surface peeling, peeling will begin on the second day and will last 2 – 3 days. In general, after 4 – 5 days, you can evaluate the final effect of the procedure and the updated condition of the skin;
  • peeling after mid peeling will last longer, up to 4 – 5 days.

Proper care after peeling, the use of creams with sunscreens will allow the skin to quickly recover, and the patient return to his usual lifestyle or continue the course of transformation.

Number and frequency of procedures

Jessner peeling is done by courses. This allows you to achieve amazing, lasting results. How often you can do peeling, how many procedures will be required, only a specialist determines. This takes into account the degree of the problem, the age of the client and the condition of his covers.

On average, the recommended course involves 5 – 6 peels for the sensitive type of epidermis, 8 – 10 for greasy and problematic ones. They are held at intervals of 3 – 5 weeks. At the first visit, the cosmetologist performs a superficial cleansing (applies 1 – 2 layers), in the future the number of layers increases.

The duration of the cleaning result is different. Perfect, toned skin can delight from 10 days to 6 months. The role in this is played not only by the manufacturer of the product, the ability and skills of the cosmetologist, but also by further care of the face, compliance with the recommendations of a specialist.

Jessner Peeling Tools Overview

For Hollywood peeling, modern cosmetology offers a wide range of products. Manufacturing companies take maximum care of their customers and often supplement the composition proposed by Max Jessner with other components (acids).

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makeup kit

The following options are in demand for chemical preparations for home and salon cleansing:

  1. Jessner peeling from Onmacabim is an excellent option for gentle and high-quality cleansing from the Israeli company Onmakabin. This drug will give your face freshness and lifting effect. It is widely used in beauty salons and at home. The product is inexpensive: for 50 ml you will give within 400 – 450 rub.
  2. Mesopeel Jessner combined peeling on a hydro-glycerin base from Mesoestetic is an excellent option for preparing for TCA peeling, as well as a way to quickly improve the condition of the skin, smooth out wrinkles and bumps on the face. The proposed drug contains salicylic, lactic and citric acids. The exposure time of the product should not exceed more than 10 minutes, after which it is washed off with water and neutralized with a special liquid.
  3. Jessner Solution Peel is another way to quickly and efficiently cleanse and rejuvenate your face from the leading cosmetics company Medpeel. The composition is classic: salicylic and lactic acids with resorcinol in equal proportions. The product is intended for mid cleansing. For superficial cleansing, Medpil offers a softer and more delicate Fusion Peel. It is supplemented with pumpkin and papaya enzymes, lower concentrations of glycolic and trichloroacetic acid.
  4. Peel Medical Solution Jessner Peel – Jessner’s peeling allows you to effectively correct facial imperfections. The drug contains a detailed description. The product of the South Korean manufacturer is considered first-class in cosmetology and is intended for professional use.
  5. Enerpeel JR Peeling Solution – owned by an Italian company. It is actively used for medical and cosmetic purposes. After application, you need to keep the whole 2 – 3 minutes, which significantly speeds up the transformation process. It is recommended to peel 2 – 3 once a year according to one procedure.

Manufacturing companies did not limit themselves to the production of peeling preparations. They also offer facial products after peeling, which will provide weakened fibers with life-giving moisture, fill the epidermal cells with missing vitamins and nutritional components. These funds will help to keep the achieved result as long as possible.

The consequences of peeling

Any exposure to acid on the integument involves a burn of tissues. If the situation gets out of the control of the peeling artist or he violates the technology of the procedure, complications and unpleasant consequences await the patient.

All the consequences of peeling can be divided into expected (predicted) and unexpected (complications).

Doctors Examining Patient's Face

The expected effects of peeling are a normal reaction to the effect of a chemical composition on the face. With proper skin care, following all the recommendations of a specialist, they pass without a trace during the rehabilitation period. The predicted effects of chemical peels include:

  • erythema or redness of the skin;
  • mild swelling of soft tissues in sensitive areas (under the eyes, around the mouth);
  • darkening of damaged areas;
  • peeling of integuments;
  • hypersensitivity of the skin to cold, heat, cosmetic products, weather conditions and solar ultraviolet.

Post-peeling complications – this is an unexpected reaction of the skin to the procedure, the deterioration of its condition. Only a specialist finds a solution to the consequences, self-medication can further complicate the problem and lead to residual traces on the face, even ugliness.

If you notice unusual changes to the face on the procedure, immediately contact a specialist. Remember, timely help will speed up the resolution of the problem.

The most common complications after peeling Jessner include:

  • herpetic eruptions on the face;
  • the appearance of acne, acne and other manifestations of infection of the integument;
  • protracted erythema;
  • signs of an allergic reaction;
  • hyperpigmentation of the skin;
  • residual scars and scars after tearing the film on the face.

Useful Tips

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, prolonged rehabilitation and ugliness, before making a peeling, check out these tips from cosmetologists:

  1. Peel Jessner in the autumn and winter. At this time, solar activity is reduced, there is less risk of infection of the skin later.
  2. To the choice of a clinic, a beauty salon for exfoliation, come with the highest responsibility. Look at the reviews of the selected institution, whether the staff has received special training, and how experienced the cosmetologist is in the field of chemical cleansing.
  3. Carefully study the methodology of the procedure, what indications Jessner has for peeling, possible consequences, to be ready for all force majeure.
  4. Consult with a specialist on the appropriateness of the selected cleaning in your case. If the cosmetologist does not recommend you to carry out the procedure, ask why, and also what is better to replace.
  5. Do not try to speed up the rehabilitation in every way, the beautician has already taken care of this in his recommendations. You are only required to comply with them fully.

To look perfect is the main dream of a woman at any age. With peeling Jessner to realize this desire has become easier. Modern cosmetology has made the procedure available not only to world stars, but also to ordinary women. Do not miss the chance to look no worse than a Hollywood actress!

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