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Korean cleaning in 5 minutes: how to use a skating rink for face

Rolling peeling for the face has been popular in Western cosmetology for a long time. This procedure became famous due to its simplicity, affordable cost and the possibility of carrying out at home even by beginners. The effect of peeling the skating rink, made with one’s own hand, is no less than salon exfoliation. And the cost of one home session is less than 8 times and is approximately 100 rubles. We learn recipes and proven manufacturers of facial peelings.

Why do stars like peeling rolls?

Peeling in the form of a roll is one of the first aesthetic procedures, the beneficial effect of which became known in Korea before cosmetology became a separate area of ​​the beauty industry. The composition for rolling peeling prepared in the kitchen was also the main tool for instant transformation for Soviet women. Since the 70 years of the last century, the recipe for classic rolling has remained unchanged. Today, it is still recommended as an effective and quick means of deep cleansing of the skin. Stars on blogs write about him (for example, Victoria Bonya), he forms the basis of factory complexes for exfoliation.

In order to understand what skating rink peels are and what professional care lovers value them for, let us recall the peculiarity of this exfoliation. According to the method of application, the rolling peeling resembles a scrub – it is also applied to dry and cleaned skin of the face with circular massage movements.

But unlike scrubbing compositions, the skating rink does not contain small abrasive particles (crumbs or crystals). Fruit acids and viscous plant components included in the peeling gently dissolve the dead particles of the epidermis and roll them into lumps. From here comes the name exfoliation based on sticky substances.

application of facial rolling peeling

Peeling of the roll works exclusively with the keratinized epidermis, without affecting the dermal layer. Therefore, the rollers are referred to as exfoliation of surface action, safe and not traumatic. Unlike scrubbing compounds based on sea salt, fruit seeds or coffee beans, rolling peels gently clean out obsolete cells without stretching or damaging the skin. Beauticians even recommend them for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

In addition to chemical components in a minimum concentration, finished peeling rolls contain moisturizing complexes and plant extracts. Such multifunctional products are suitable for daily use. In addition to cleansing the face of impurities, universal skating nourishes and tones the skin.

Types of rolls and rules of use

There are three types of rolling peels. The first can be done independently at home using a solution of calcium chloride and a bar of soap for babies. The other two are finished cosmetics in the form of a cream and a clay-based bubble gel. Both drugs are manufactured in Korea under the trademarks Tony Moly and Holika Holika.

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Rolling with calcium chloride

The legendary roll-up peeling at home is easy and cheap to prepare. For a classic recipe you will need:

cream, cotton pads, soap and calcium chloride

  • 1 ampoule of calcium chloride;
  • a bar of soap for children without additives and fragrances;
  • cotton wheels;
  • moisturizing cream.

Instructions for the procedure:

  1. with the help of gel or foam for washing, we remove the remains of cosmetics and impurities from the face;
  2. wipe your face dry with a soft towel;
  3. wet the cotton pad in a solution of calcium chloride and wipe the skin with it;
  4. let the first layer dry completely for 3-5 minutes;
  5. repeat the application of calcium chloride 6-8 times, drying each layer;
  6. place a bar of soap in warm water and soap the cotton pad;
  7. wipe the face with a soapy cotton pad over a film of calcium chloride;
  8. massage the skin with a cotton pad or fingers until white pellets form;
  9. massage the face for 3 minutes until the coils turn gray;
  10. wash off the remnants of the peeling composition with warm water;
  11. moisturize your face with a cream or mask.

White peels during peeling are evidence that the soap solution has chemically reacted with calcium chloride. The pellets do not injure the skin, but take away the dirt, debris of the skin sebum and dead cells of the epidermis.

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Ready-made cream peels

The cleansing components in such a cosmetic product are already balanced and supplemented with moisturizing plant extracts or micronutrients. Korean or Russian peeling skating rinks should be used as well as the classic composition: in a circular motion, apply the mixture to cleansed skin and massage your face until the pellets form.

Bubble Cleansing Foam

Some girls do not yet know how to use bubble foams for exfoliation. Such products, in addition to cleansing components, contain oxygen molecules that are released when peeling is applied to the face. After the foam peeling begins to bubble, you can massage your face gently and roll off the rest of the composition with your fingertips.

Indications and prohibitions for peeling-rolling

Rolling peels are so safe that they become a must have category for almost every woman. With caution, even owners of thin and dry skin can use them. Especially peeling skating rink for the face is recommended as a weekly care for:

  • oily and problem skin;
  • clogged and enlarged pores;
  • the presence on the skin of inflammatory rashes, acne and acne;
  • increased greasiness of the face, especially the T-zone;
  • hyperkeratosis – compaction of the upper layer of the skin due to keratinized scales;
  • peeling of the skin of the face.

skin desquamation

The effect of a properly performed peeling-rolling is noticeable immediately after the procedure. The skin becomes lighter, the pores are narrowed and cleaned of dirt and residual sebum, inflammation and comedones disappear, the face takes on a healthy and radiant appearance.

Like any cosmetology procedure, peeling-rolling has limitations. Exfoliation cannot be used if the skin has wounds, fresh scratches, abrasions, boils, herpes foci, and symptoms of dermatological diseases (for example, psoriasis or eczema). Also, skating rinks are not recommended for regular cleaning of dry or UV-damaged skin.

Before the peeling procedure, make sure that there are no allergies to the components of the product. To do this, apply a small amount of the composition to the inner fold of the elbow, behind the ear or under the knee and leave the drug for 15 minutes. If within a quarter of an hour the peeling does not cause redness or itching, it suits you.

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Lifehack for rolling peelings

If this is your first time rolling, take simple tips to help you make your peeling more pleasant, and its result more noticeable.

  • at the end of the rolling session, do not wipe your face with a towel, even if it is from a soft towel. Pat the skin with a paper towel or let it dry on its own. This will protect the epidermis, disturbed by peeling, from unnecessary mechanical stress;
  • Before a peeling-rolling session, prepare a container of warm water to wash your face. With discomfort, you can immediately rinse the composition;
  • burning, itching or pain during sensory peeling – an abnormal reaction of the skin to its constituent ingredients. Do not tolerate discomfort, this may result in a slight burn or redness of the skin;
  • When applying the peeling product, avoid the delicate skin around the eyes and lips. Pre-lubricate these areas with petroleum jelly or greasy cream. The barrier will prevent accidental ingestion of skating on sensitive skin;
  • do not neglect the instructions for ready-made complexes for peeling-rolling. Do not exceed the indicated time for the procedures, otherwise side effects cannot be avoided;
  • in the first two days after peeling, protect your face from the effects of ultraviolet rays: apply sunscreen with a SPF level of at least 25 on your skin, wear dark glasses and a wide-brimmed hat in the summer.

Peeling-rolling is a simple but no less effective surface exfoliation. The beauty of such aesthetic procedures is that the components for home peeling composition are within walking distance for every woman. From pharmaceutical preparations, you can prepare peeling-rolling at home in literally 5 minutes. And for those who do not like to perform several manipulations at once or simply do not want to take risks, manufacturers of cosmetic products produce ready-made formulations based on natural ingredients. Both those and other peels will delight a woman with the result after the first rolling session.

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