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Mesopilling of the face

Facial mesopilling is an innovation in cosmetology that has successfully combined the injection technique of rejuvenation and chemical peeling. Concentrated acids (glycolic, retinoic, lactic or salicylic) act as a means that is administered subcutaneously. After the procedure, there is no extensive peeling and redness, as after normal acid exfoliation, and most importantly, such a procedure can be performed at any time of the year without the risk of increased pigmentation on the face.

The secret to innovation

An innovative method of cleansing and rejuvenating the skin became known recently, in 2000 year. It was first proposed by French mesotherapists. The innovation went through a series of clinical trials in Brazil and quickly captivated patients and cosmetologists around the world.

Mesopilling is a cosmetic procedure that provides the effect of median peeling, but the patient does not have pronounced peeling and side post-peeling effects. Mesopilling involves the introduction of an 1% acid solution at 1 – 2 mm deep into the skin at certain doses. The acid composition is delivered to the epidermis and begins to actively affect the problem from the inside.

The mesopilling procedure is aimed not so much at cleansing as at eliminating skin imperfections (wrinkles, loss of tone, enlarged pores, etc.).

face mesopilling

Not only does this technique provide an increased effect in a short time, so it eliminates trauma to the integrity of the skin, does not cause extensive peeling, the development of strong redness after the procedure and inflammatory processes. It is these qualities that mesopilling has earned mass recognition and popularity.

Please note, mesopilling should be performed only by first-class cosmetologists. Incorrect dosage of an acidic agent during injection, a violation of the drug administration technique reduces the quality of the procedure and the final result.

Benefits of Mesopilling

The combination of peeling and mesotherapy in one procedure is considered a major breakthrough in the development of modern cosmetology. Mesopilling combined the best properties of these two procedures.

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An innovative technique in comparison with classical procedures has many advantages:

  • the absence of pain and burning during performance, which are present during the usual peeling with acids;
  • performed without anesthesia or pain medication;
  • the technique allows you to cope with the imperfections of the epidermis in the sensitive area around the eyes and mouth;
  • persistent effect;
  • mesopilling can be done at any time of the year;
  • high efficiency of the method and quick result;
  • no special preparatory measures will be required before mesopilling;
  • an extensive list of indications with which the innovative technique is ready to cope;
  • no rehabilitation and care restrictions, slight redness of the treated areas on the face passes through 20 – 30 minutes;
  • the composition of the drug for injection is selected taking into account the type of epidermis and its problems;
  • lack of post-peeling edema, blueness, peeling and persistent erythema.

indications for mesopilling

The mesopilling procedure significantly facilitated the tasks set before cosmetologists to rejuvenate and eliminate skin problems. Immediately after its holding, the face becomes fresher and looks younger, the shade of the epidermis is evened out. You can judge the full effect after a course of mesopilling, in 1 – 1,5 months.

The softness of the effect, the safety of the process and the low concentration of acid allows the procedure to be performed even during pregnancy and lactation.

Who is recommended for the procedure

The innovative technique has a considerable range of indications characteristic for various age categories. These include:

  • hyperkeratosis;
  • chrono- or photoaging;
  • loss of skin tone;
  • the rapid pace of wrinkles and facial wrinkles;
  • pigmentation, freckles and congestive spots from acne;
  • comedones, black dots;
  • “Goose” skin, enlarged pores;
  • shallow scars, stretch marks and scars;
  • dryness, feeling of tightness;
  • oily sheen, disruption of the sebaceous glands;
  • problem acne, frequent acne rashes;
  • seborrhea;
  • vitamin deficiency of the skin, unusual grayness and dull color.

Mesopilling is recommended to be used not only purposefully, to solve existing skin problems, but also as a prophylaxis.

Types of Mesopilings

Mesopilling procedures may differ from each other in the composition used. The final result largely depends on which acid is included in the product. For example, if you have a weakening tone and turgor, wrinkles and all the signs of aging are evident, cosmetologists will recommend the use of retinol (vitamin A). It will have an enhanced anti-aging effect and cleanse the skin.

types of mesopilling

To transform the face, several acids are used. Consider their action and determine in which cases it is better to use them:

  • lactic acid – suitable for patients with sensitive and very sensitive skin. Lactic acid is found in small quantities in the skin cells, so it does not cause rejection and any complications. In addition, an antimicrobial, therapeutic effect is characteristic of lactic acid;
  • glycolic acid – has a moisturizing and anti-aging effect. This component activates the production of collagen fibers and elastin, and prevents aging. Glycolic acid mesotherapy is ideal for patients suffering from dry epidermis, peeling. Glycolic acid molecules slow down the formation of natural melanin, this delays the appearance of pigmentation on the face;
  • Retinol supplementation is used for mature skin. Retinol has a high anti-aging effect, increases its protection and helps to lighten pigmented and stagnant spots;
  • salicylic acid – ideal for problematic and fatty types of epidermis. The main component fights acne, acne and inflammatory processes from the inside. Salicylic acid deficiency is a high risk of irritation compared to glycolic or lactic acids. Follow the recommendations of a beautician to minimize this risk.

Regardless of the selected composition, mesopilings can not be carried out at home. Only professional performance guarantees high efficiency in the correction of skin defects.

Technology of carrying out and leaving after procedure

According to the technique, the procedure resembles classical mesotherapy. No preparation is required from the patient before the procedure.

The transformation process is simple, but requires professionalism and skills in injection cosmetology:

  1. The face is cleaned of dust particles, grease or makeup residues. To do this, use a cleanser (milk, lotion).
  2. Using a special needle, the drug is injected into 1 – 2 mm into the skin. First, the beautician walks all over the face, and then wrinkles, scars and problem folds are separately worked out.
  3. At the end of the injection, the remnants of the product are removed, and a cream is applied to the face.

Before mesopilling, the beautician checks how the skin reacts to the exfoliant. When irritation and unusual effects occur, the composition is replaced by another.

Mesopilling does not involve complications and side effects, so the patient can immediately go home and do the usual things.

There is no rehabilitation period as such, but individual recommendations must be adhered to. For example, experts advise using creams and cosmetic products for the skin, contributing to the rapid restoration of the skin, and preventing peeling.

How many procedures will be required

Mesopilling is carried out by courses on 3 – 7 sessions, in some cases their number can be increased to 10. The duration of the course is selected by the cosmetologist solely from the features of the skin and the degree of defects on the face.

mesopilling effect

Mesopilling is necessary depending on the structure of the skin. It is allowed to perform such procedures 1 times in 7 days for patients with thin and sensitive skin. If it is bold, thick or problematic, then sessions are held every 3 – 4 days.

To increase the efficiency of manipulations, it is recommended to alternate mesopilling with classical mesotherapy.


Patients with contraindications will have to refrain from the innovative method of transformation:

  • An allergic reaction to the agent used;
  • Hemophilia and other diseases associated with poor blood coagulation;
  • General malaise, fever;
  • Herpes in the acute stage;
  • Tendency to keloid scarring.

Before performing mesopilling, read the reviews about the clinic staff and the qualifications of a cosmetologist well. Feel free to inquire about the availability of relevant documents (certificates).

Mesopilling guarantees the improvement of the condition of the integument without pain and unpleasant consequences. Immediately after the procedure, you will notice a fresh and healthy complexion, smoothing wrinkles and wrinkles.

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